Duncan Macfarlane

Seeing Blue

The water I used filled with stinging cells and anywhere it dripped had the potential to sting me, even days later.//DUNCAN MACFARLANE If anyone would like to purchase a print or canvas of Duncan's images please contact us at Swellnet. To learn about bluebottles - what are they and where do they come from - and also find out what to do when stung read Bluebottles: The Scourge of Summer.

A Year With Duncan

So after completing what felt like an extra year of school I made a point to myself that I would do as much as I could in 2010. True to my self-made promise, I kicked off the year with a two week caravan trip around the South Island of New Zealand in February. In my last couple of days there the surf started to do its thing and I managed to get a few good sessions with an assortment of great surfers, raising my spirits somewhat. In between these trips I have also done more trips up and down the East Coast than I care to count, with various surfers for a number of different projects. I got better waves on these trips than I did globetrotting, proving you don't need to stray far from home to score epic waves. I've had a privileged year so far and am stoked to have gone where I have and met the people I have.