Ben Matson

Ben Matson
Wave of the Day: Alone at sea, Margo thrills the landlubbers
Ben Matson
Wave of the Day: Beyond city limits
Ben Matson
Wave of the Day: Joining the dots on the Surf Coast
Ben Matson
Wave of the Day: Tweed Coast heft

Aback Sabbath

The dawn patrol offered slim pickings with tiny waves across most beaches, but within an hour or two a new southerly swell began to filter into exposed Sydney beaches. By noon it was four feet, by mid-afternoon it was six feet and still climbing. 

Ben Matson
Wave of the Day: Late Sunday empties in Sydney

Tasman and Ita at large

With the swell's forerunners displaying periods in the 20 second range, there was never any doubt that we'd be looking at some seriously large waves - and many outer reefs came to light this morning, producing some of the biggest surf seen in New South Wales this year. 

Random Sydney Empties on a Very Good Friday

Well, OK - one bloke is paddling into a death slab, of which shortly afterwards he was annihilated - but for the most part, many Sydney beaches are dishing up empty barrels of luminance this morning. And on a public holiday no less! Go forth and seek out some barrels in this glorious weather.


"Any boss who fires their staff for not showing up today is a bum." So said Swellnet reporter, Pete Mitchell, this morning in a lovely ode to Australia's favoutite schooner sculler, Bob Hawke.

Ol' Pete is on the money, the surf in Sydney is firing and only gonna get better as the day progresses. So stop looking at the internet, get your work done and find an excuse to split early.

All photos by Swellnet's resident bum and boss, Ben Matson.