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Ben Differding
Wave of the Day: Grand Nationals
Ben Differding
Wave of the Day: Yesterday down yonder way
Ben Differding
Wave of the Day: Money Trees of the Antipodes
Ben Differding
Wave of the Day: Empty wave, full colour palette

Weekend Delivery

Victoria was again kind to the weekend warriors when, for the second time in three weeks, a lovely swell hit Saturday and pumped right through to Sunday afternoon. The working week is that much easier following two days of waves like these.

All photos by Ben Differding.

What Google Earth Doesn't See

When you rove Earth's coastline, as Google Earth allows and which many surfers are want to do, certain points and coastal kinks stand out as unmistakable locations for good surf. Think J'Bay, G'Land, Lennox, where it's clear swell will peel laterally as far as the coast will allow.

And then there's the less obvious stretches of coast which the Google satellite orbits without betraying the presence of a good wave. Straight beaches with underlying reef offshore, well-aligned rock platforms, or in this case, a small gap in a reef with a fortunate sprinkling of sand.

Payback on the Surf Coast

The recent swell on the Surf Coast was one for the weekend warriors. Hitting late Friday arvo, peaking Saturday, tapering oh-so-slowly on Sunday, with offshore winds all the way, it was a straight up weekend affair. So for all you 9-5 Monday to Friday crew, the surfers with no flexibility who rely on the weather Gods to deliver on the only two days you get to surf, that swell was for you. Hope you gorged yourself stupid.

All photos Ben Differding.

Southern Comeuppance

After one of the worst Summers in recent memory, a season when for many surfers only their SUP received any action, Victoria's Surf Coast has received a comeuppance. The first series of swells hit just prior to the Bells Beach Pro in March and continued for a week or two after. The most recent swells began last week continuing over the weekend just gone.

Ben Differding was on hand to capture the Surf Coast in full flight.

Shift Works

Victorian photographer, Ben Differding, has just started shift work and last week he used the work hours to his advantage. While everyone was driving to work, grim-faced preparing for a day at the office Ben was heading the other direction for a peak hour that lasted all day.

Vicco's 50-Year Storm

The swell that hit the Victorian coast on the weekend peaked at 25 foot+ west of Cape Otway and 15 foot+ on the exposed coasts of the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island. It was a rare set of circumstances and it had swell forecasters marvelling at the result. Yet as impressive as the weekend waves were they were still fell short in size and shape of the Easter swell of '81, and it makes me wonder exactly how big the Southern Ocean storm was that created that incredible swell and when, if ever, it will happen again.