The Alley Fish Fry

Swellnet Dispatch

This 5th anniversary of the Alley Fish Fry is fast approaching.

The Fish Fry is a unique event in that it is a non-competitive, non-commercial get together of like minded people. It's all about the fish surfboard and the shapers who make these fun boards. 

This years Fish Fry is shaping as an interesting one, in that there is a renewed interest from a number of younger shapers. There is an under current of young guys that are into surfing, art and music that want to express themselves individually in what they do. They are visiting surfing's roots and re-evaluating things from the past and putting their own spin on it.

The Fish Fry is a venue for those that want to showcase their experiments and experience what others are doing. A place where shapers have a chance to shine. And a chance for everyone else to meet these guys one-on-one and talk to them. Come along, take a new shape for a ride, then talk to the shaper and share the experience .

The 5th Alley Fish Fry is on the 6th March 2011 at Currumbin on the Gold Coast. To find out more click here.