Bad day at Caba ....

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walrus started the topic in Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010 at 9:06pm

Caba is not renowned for it's hard waves (it's more usual name is Fatarita courtesy of local Glen Winton) but every few years it turns it on and although this weekend was not one of the "all timers" it was nasty behind the point with the odd 5' set breaking onto dry sand! The list of injuries to top surfers reads like a hospital waiting room:

1 broken neck
2 busted neck disks
1 dislocated/torn hip
1 dislocated elbow
1 broken wrist
1 caved in face
numerous lesser injuries

And that's just the ones that are known! There was a rumour that the broken neck was Asher Pacy but it turns out it was the other big wave Asher!

And you thought Snapper was dangerous!