SUP fad

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seahawk started the topic in Monday, 22 Feb 2010 at 1:42am

SUP riders remind me of fat, balding middle age office workers dressed in bright, tight lycra, riding brand new racing bikes in groups five wide. I hope it’s only a fad and will burn out soon.

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dork Monday, 22 Feb 2010 at 3:37am

Nah man, amusing as the lycra wearing bike riders are ha ha
I hate this/your attitude (even if that was a troll post ;)), Ride whatever craft you like, the more variety of craft in the water the better. Might help get rid of the stupid attitude of "i ride a surfboard so that automatically gives me more rights than you" (just using stand up as example, there are users of all water craft that have similarly ridiculous attitudes).
So what, SUPs remind you of cyclists,
Bodyboarders look like frogs
most stand ups look like their taking a crap
longboarders are the fat bloke that eats all the food at a party

The only fad that needs to burn out is the elitist and competitive attitude in the water (in a non competative arena). Everyone just wants to have fun. And everyone could have fun even in a crowded lineup. Just that everyones is usually trying to be a greedy bastard

So long as the line up is operating correctly and those that sit outside the lineup (ie longboarders and sups)arent being the fat guy at the party then all is wonderfull and there are sunshine and lollypops :)

Ha ha my 2 cents