Charter Boat in Sumba/Mengkudu/Sabu vs Telos/Banyak

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Pngy started the topic in Sunday, 21 Apr 2024 at 3:21pm

Hey everyone - wondering what people's perspectives are on doing a charter boat in the Sumba/Mengkudu/Sabu region compared to Telos/Banyak region?

Have done a couple of trips to the ments and ur favourite sessions were surfing the "b-grade waves" since they were still really good quality but less crowded. So we're keen to go to a region that is similar to this - less crowded, good consistency but still decent quality.

From what I've read, Telos/Banyaks is highly consistent, but a bit smaller than the ments and the best waves can be fickle. From reading forums from a few years ago, it sounds like Telos/Banyak crowds are relatively thin, but I'm not sure if that's changed over the years since. Couldn't find as much info on Sumba, but it seems like land camps can only access local breaks and there are only a handful of boats, so presumably it has relatively low crowds.

In terms of timing, we're tossing up between in August or early October. One of the Sumba surf charters we're speaking to reckons it's more consistent in late September, which seems odd to me since it's coming into shoulder season.?..