The Ol Salt Mine

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wax24 started the topic in Monday, 30 May 2022 at 11:23pm

So, i am currently lookin out the window of my office. Sun rose maybe 40 mins ago and a beautiful morn is taking shape. I look out at the back parking lot of the hospital. It's much prettier than that sentence makes it seem. It's tree lined with grass everywhere and a vineyard stretching out back beyond it. I have been working alot of 12 and 16 hour shifts (yay, pandemic), which means i get to watch the sun set and then rise again, each shift. One of the little things i love about my job. How about y'all? What little minor perk at the workplace sets ya glowin? Do you work outdoors? (i have and love it) Do you drive around? Travel? Look out of a shop window onto a busy downtown street? Or out a second story window to a big, empty field? I'm not talking about the politics of the place ya work, or whether it pays well, you're treated well, etc... I'm talking about the little things about it that you rarely think to talk about (like me watchin the sunrise this morn).