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Antarctica is the Highest, Driest, Coldest, Cloudiest & Windiest place on Earth
Largest > Wind Driven Current / Hole in the Ozone / Desert / Glacier / Volcanic region
World's largest Stores > of Fresh Water 70% + Ice 90%
During Summer the Sun never sets opens up World's clearest Observation window to Space.

4b y/ago Mars ~ Antarctic Meteorite ALH 84001 contains Fossil Life...sparks long debate.

65m y/ago Dinosaurs made way for Giant Penguins 60-65m y/ago (Wildlife)

85 > 30m y/ago Antarctica starts and finally separates from Australia
30m y/ago (Circum Antarctic current forms)
7.5m y/ago Antarctic world's largest Volcanics begin.

Australian Aborigines refer to Deities from Antarctica as it became ice crystals.

*Chilean Yughan tribe story of Dinosaur migration to Antarctica (Likely a raised land spine hopping reference)
Lone reports defy all other reference of no indigenous inhabitants...(It seems odd but presents genuine!)

Polynesians say several nations peopled Antarctica before Ice era.
Maps also depict a land without Ice...(Consensus being People lived & traded in pre ice age)

55-60,000 y/ago Traces of settlement in South America
55-60,000 y/ago alludes to Tasmanian Aborigines ~ Antarctic Surf Safari to South America
Jan/Feb 2023 Ortelius Research Vessel (Similar Route / Stops) $30-40,000 Ticket ( 33 days )

13,000 y/ago Sth American Luzia Woman of Aboriginal Race.
South American Aboriginals in turn likely navigated on reed canoes along island spine to Antarctica.
Accompanying Map also indicates similar Southernmost Tasmanian Aboriginal Antarctic Reed Canoe Route

6-7,000 y/ago : Greek scholars seem to have resourced Antarktike surveys without Ice.
These skins or parchments were referenced for later pre discovery era maps.
Antarktike (No Constellation of bears)

*2,300 y/ago Anthropology reveals other South Americans arrive to live on Antarctica.

*650 Polynesian Hui Te Rangiora with Women crew onboard overshot (pre) NZ on the Te Ivi O Atea
Hui named Antarctica "Te tai-uka-a-pia" ( Frozen Ocean / Sea Foaming with Arrowroot)
12-1300's Maori Seafarer Tamarereti sailed far to the Southern Lights
12-1300's Maori Burning practices on NZ pollute Antarctica (Fires Peak in 1700's)

1421-23 Admiral Zheng He discovers Antarctica (China do not seek claim on said research)

Sensational Greek sourced Maps attract skeptics...ALL depict an Ice free Antarctica (6-7,000 y/ago)
1513 Turkey ~ Piri Reis Map
1531 France ~ Oronce Fine' Map
1737 France ~ Philippe Buache Map

*1819 Chilean 21 y/old woman (Story) was either first onto Antarctica or a native girl.

*Indigenous Antarctica ( Rare look at an Indigenous claims Map )

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truebluebasher Friday, 18 Feb 2022 at 1:43am

Antarctica Heroic Age timeline (Continues / Additional links from Above)
Map of Territorial Claims


1760-1770's French Women Botanists pass as men to join crews about Antarctic Circle
1772-75 Captain Cook voyages in & out of Antarctic Circle but fails to sight land.
1819 - Chilean woman may be first ashore from Wreck. (Her skull is found in 1985 > re: above)
1820 - Russia Bellinghausen on Vostock sights Antarctica + (Circumnavigation)
1820 - Irish / UK Bransfield on Willams also sights Antarctica just 3 days after on Jan 30.
1821 - UK/US Sealer J. Davis on Cecilia ashore (possibly) mystery woman to land first here.
Notes: Ship Women (locals) were often used as interpreters to equally calm hostilities.
Many ships had one woman the 21 year old lass was on either of the ships or local.

1839 Australia First Antarctic Dog "Sydney" hitched a ride on US ship from Oz.
1902 UK Balloon
1911 Norway Amundsen ( South Pole) on Fram (Oz / C.Archer) 1st & best Ship to both Poles.
1914-1947 - Women are banned from Blokes World.
1928 OZ/US Plane flies over Antarctica + 1960 Oz Helicopters (Note Oz earlier Crashes / both)
1946 US Sub ( Operation High Jump) Claims swathes of Antarctica...
This bizarre underwater claim may just be what China is doing with sub Antarctic Passage claims.
This actually took some searching...(Equally quiet as mention of Antarctic Indigenous peoples!)

Antarctic Women
1931 Women join Whaling Ships to see Antarctica
1934 Norway 1st recorded Whaling Ship Woman passenger on Antarctica
1947 US Protests when 2 Wives go along for the ride on Antarctic Trip.
1956 Russia Marine Biologist is 1st woman scientist invited to Antarctica.
Women Cont...SA 1959 > Oz '60 > Chile '63 > NZ '67> Argentina '68 > US '69 (Lift Ban)
1978 Argentina Silvia gives birth to Emilio the first recorded birth on Antarctica

Crew respect sister Seafaring's only fair they get to share their Antarctic endeavour.
Do yourselves a favour...Old world cliches being relived over & over & over until one day! Say Wot!
1983 UK First Woman (Finally!) smashes thru...Salute! (So dire it needed a heart crushing Podcast)

Many Antarctic sites are named after Women.

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velocityjohnno Friday, 18 Feb 2022 at 5:19pm

TBB you've left out stuff.
"The ship was trapped in ice and sank, camp's untenable, we only have an open boat, and we're hundreds of miles from help," Shackleton: "Hold my warm beer." One of the most incredible survival stories ever.

Also no mention of Hitler's Antarctic Hannenbau UFOs ;) and supply U-Boats washing up as late as 1947...

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bluediamond Friday, 18 Feb 2022 at 5:30pm

VJ i watched that Shackleton movie. Absolutely incredible story.

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velocityjohnno Friday, 18 Feb 2022 at 5:38pm

& for TBB, something stone age that hints at a connected global world over 10,000 years ago + a bit of stone age tech for when the skies didn't behave:

if only we could accurately see that far back.

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velocityjohnno Friday, 18 Feb 2022 at 5:41pm

& again a bit off topic, but yes, they had precision drills and lathes that could cut stone very efficiently:

Wonder what the power source was...

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velocityjohnno Friday, 18 Feb 2022 at 5:49pm
bluediamond wrote:

VJ i watched that Shackleton movie. Absolutely incredible story.

Yep the bit that blows me away is when they land after this ordeal, they then walk over South Georgia and it's glaciers and mountain ranges thousands of feet high and damn cold and windy to boot!

some bright spark has made a 3d printed "Endurance,"

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truebluebasher Saturday, 19 Feb 2022 at 5:18pm

Never missed a beat...very reason tbb posted this thread was to unearth a world of wonder.
swellnet has touched on Antarctic current & Surf but world is spinning & all keep landing here!

Crew are already making waves & all are freaking out.
Huge welcome to good friends & future friendly crew.

Before we push on...
( Very important fact about Australian Aboriginal People )
They have the best vision in the world & can see 4x better / further than non Aboriginals.
tbb has stood atop Bruny Island Light House & spotted backwash 25km away.( Aborigines > 1-200km)
Tasmanian Aborigines would easily see the whole island chain to Antarctica & 4x closer journey thru their eyes!
What looks impossible to our modern eyes was simply straight forward Island hopping to Indigenous Peoples.
There was no need to navigate or 2nd guess if land was in could better provision for voyage.
Perhaps early seafarers could visualize most Pacific routes as their world is 4x more encompassing than ours.

Simple overlooked facts that open up the Pacific like never before...How could we not see that!
This in part explains the immediate need for indigenous navigators...
They would easily see navigational Stars & distant smoke or shores from far at sea.

tbb trawled thru many buried civilizations of Squared footings & Pyramids & stone paths.
Had to admit...was very tempted to confirm one or two as evidence of such...However!
Most can be explained away...said most, as eye sight is obviously not the best!
(Antarctic Desert Pavement) is caused by Soil deflation (As ground sinks pebbles compact in line.)
This rare site deals with both ancient geoglyphs (1,000's year ago) to natural formations
(Pyramids) Cirque + Cirque lake glaciers = 1 Arete > 3 Aretes = 1 Glacial Horn or 1 Pyramid Glacier
(Footings) Square Shapes > see square pattern form mountain side to sea (Likely the equal current)
Note tessellated / cube rocks on Tassie south coast (tbb has one) so it must represent on Antarctica

Like we're surfers & none of those above images are perfectly clear us.
Yet all are seemingly frozen from another time just like the weird stuff that confuses us on Antarctica.

These natural nerd shapes are naturally confused for Ancient civilizations / Ships / Secret Bases
We ever see Civilizations of pavements & Pyramids while the Planet laughs at us...(re: Cloud Shapes!)
tbb left many Antarctic secrets buried for the crew & lost civilisations
Massive Sand dunes to be surfed?
That really gross slimy Martian Red stuff messin' up the pristine white backdrop.

Surfing example...
We see cross swells form square shapes on the Ocean...surfers get that, but other folk freak out.
Imagine if those perfectly square inshore urban cross swell waves freeze over.
To a non local the cityscape extends to Mass frozen Municipal Wave Pool Arena...
Laughing & Skating with Local yelling to come in from the ocean...(Think he said : "Poetry in motion!")

With more access & natural recordings one can easily confuse ocean for wave pool for land.
To think, many would blur our own place in we gotta keep an open mind & that's cool!
Luv the Polynesian Arrowroot claim...well over our heads...whatever floats yer canoe or ice cube!

No Bermuda triangle but can share that tbb is resurfacing mysterious Antarctic Circle Ship incidents.
Crew rightly point out, there is a long history of such but tbb swears recent ships are most mysterious.
Plenty of weird ship shapes of late..Antarctic Site will double as a Political arena! (Watch this space!)

Oddly it's mostly been plane incidents in the history of Antarctica!

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velocityjohnno Saturday, 19 Feb 2022 at 6:09pm

Awesome TBB, I would not doubt their vision capabilities. My Ms grew up on a big farm, without too much TV distraction so her eyes were calibrated "further out" - always amazed what she could pick out - never really won a game of animal spotto driving either... "Wedgey, 30 points to me, 5 games to none now." "Where?"

Also have a look for 'way finding' - the way Polynesian navigators used the feeling of swell direction to navigate, it's phenomenal.

Lastly, with my eyes, I was working on a radio tower in Tassie on a very clear day - I knew the shape of the mountains in the distance, so with the map, worked out I could see a quarter of the state in the panorama - south, west and north.. One of the more remarkable days at work. Imagine what the indigenous Tasmanians would see...

Oh yeah, Bruny, did you see the view from the cliffs at the S side of Adventure Bay... wow.

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troppo dichotomy Saturday, 19 Feb 2022 at 7:19pm

TBB, an old friend of the family claimed the Egyptians had maps of Antarctica found inside the pyramids thousands of years old.The only thing I could find in relation to ancient maps of Antarctica is The Piri Ries map.

V J interesting article, the possibility of "ultrasonic machinery" regarding building the pyramids.

You guys got any interesting info regarding the Gympie pyramid?I've heard a story.Is it a hoax/conspiracy or were the Egyptians in Oz?
The Aboriginal cave paintings on Wessel Island,thousand year old African coins found??Indiana Jones stuff...cheers

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velocityjohnno Saturday, 19 Feb 2022 at 9:11pm

re: ultrasonic machinery, here's a hypothesis:

could be true
could be woo
would be fun to test out

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seeds Saturday, 19 Feb 2022 at 10:16pm

Gympie pyramid is just a hill with some old stone terracing that created some gardens for wine viticulture at the end of the 19th century
Edit. It’s now part of (or soon to be) the Gympie bypass of the Bruce

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velocityjohnno Sunday, 20 Feb 2022 at 1:02pm

The Secret Land - Operation High Jump 1947

go to 49:00 - spun out

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velocityjohnno Thursday, 10 Mar 2022 at 9:46am

The wreck of Shackleton's ship, Endurance, has been found after being crushed in sea-ice and not being seen for 107 years. She is 3000m down and is INCREDIBLY well preserved:

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thermalben Thursday, 10 Mar 2022 at 10:19am

Incredible story, and gobsmacking that they've found the ship in such great condition.

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seeds Thursday, 10 Mar 2022 at 10:29am
velocityjohnno wrote:

The Secret Land - Operation High Jump 1947

go to 49:00 - spun out
That’s amazing the snowless land and unfrozen fresh water lakes. Is this permanent? Never heard of this before. Seems hard to believe

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Craig Thursday, 10 Mar 2022 at 10:38am

Wow, incredibly preserved.

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Rabbits68 Thursday, 10 Mar 2022 at 11:33am

Yeah the story of that Endurance wreck is amazing. To still be in that condition after all this time is mind blowing.

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Island Bay Thursday, 10 Mar 2022 at 11:44am

Incredible. More than a 100 years at 3000m.

Just getting started on Ranulph Fiennes' Shackleton biography. Should be good.

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velocityjohnno Thursday, 10 Mar 2022 at 5:34pm

Footage of the ship's last day on the surface. It's been reconditioned, and looks like yesterday. Given the ship is so well preserved, it's like time travel seeing this.


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truebluebasher Tuesday, 7 Jun 2022 at 11:50pm

Unbelievable how exploration continues to amaze in Antarctica.
Never even dreamt the crew would post even more amazing discoveries...Salute!

Impossible that Antarctic Oceanic / Prehistoric / Volcanic anomalies & discoveries are now the norm.

tbb is stoked to share another amazing Antarctic discovery that's resetting new parameters.

World's largest Ross Ice Shelf Time Line

530,000km2 x (100m -1km thick) + Mt Erebus Volcano

1841 Sir James Clarke Ross ( Ross Sea > Ross Ice Shelf claim for UK)
1917 British instruct Aust / NZ Antarctic Claims ( re: Under their nearest Ports )
1923 NZ Ross Dependency > Declared by Empire under NZ Commonwealth Governor General
1926 NZ Whaling regulations ...Political policing motive to stake Ross Ice Shelf claim.
1929/30/31 BANZARE ( British Australia New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition)
1929 NZ foolishly permitted US Navy entry to the Shelf.
1934 UK royally told US to P... Off.
1938/39 France (Ade`lie Land)+ Norway (Queen Maud Land) back-doored their claims from NZ.
1955 US Mail came back for a 2nd Bite...All a bit Wishy Washy!
1958 Sir Edmund Hillary South Pole (First Motorised) + Crossing!
1959 NZ signs Treaty
Scott Base / McMurdo Stations + Italy > Germany etc...

1983/4 (Winkie) 2001 ANDRILL 2006 (1,285m) >2007 (1,140m) Deepest ice coring.
2003 Drilling for Climate Change Secrets
2007 NZ Ice Core Facility
2010 -2014
2015/16 CCAMLR Marine Protected Area + NZ Strategy

NZ Victoria Uni modelling > Loss of Ross Ice Shelf > Rise in Ocean Level

Nov 2015/16 NZ Acoustic Imaging of Ice Shelf begins...

Nov 2016 { Rosetta Project } > Magnetic Radar (1,200m Altitude x 10km Grid Scans)

Feb / Aug 2020 Summer/ Winter Hot Water Drilling
2021/22 Drilling to measure Climate Change impacts
Ross Ice Shelf Drilling location Map.
Jan 2022 Life beneath the Ice

June 2022 (Today) 10km long river 1,600ft below Antarctica is full of marine-life.
River measures 800ft deep x 900ft wide & full of shrimp.

Other Worldly discovery unearths another of greater Magnitude!
Recall Tonga's Volcanic "200 megatonne nuke Explosion"
Recall WR Exploding Volcano is still intact but 80kms of Telco Cables were obliterated. (Bummer!)

NZ Navy Water ship diverted to assist flailing Antarctic supply ship Ocean Giant [ Made in China] Doh!
Chinese sponsored Greek CG ordered Mass Antarctic Oil Supply Hulk delay to backtrack for dighy?

Just as well China stood ready to offer Water to Tonga & Cable repairs for shoddy AUKUS NBN !

Nuke Test will do that sort of thing + Eject a readymix Quarry, perfect as a base for a "Rock Solid Island"
Any nation kindly scooping up mess to rehabilitate the marine-life would be rewarded an Island...surely?

Tracking back to the same Story...
NZ team had just deployed their mooring at time of Hunga-Tonga "Nuke Test"
Detecting a sizable pressure change as the Tsunami rose up the cavity!"
Another nation playing games in the South Pacific is so sorry that Volcano debunked yer Climate Tests!

April 2022 : Bit of a shame but we can still run with this cool Antarctic Climate Change Model?
Antarctic Sea Ice has been increasing 1% / decade since late 70's > We'll need to offset that! Right!


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truebluebasher Thursday, 5 Oct 2023 at 11:01pm

Australian Antarctic Division
April 2023 (2nd Damning Report into Sexual Abuse)
Enviro Minister Tanya Plibersek uncovered Scomos ex ADF Mates Exploitation Club.
Poor Leadership > Bullied 41% > Too scared to report it 43% > (Women 24% sexual Harassment)
Women Advise : "Don't wear Active-wear!"
Awards : The Corgie
Terms : Lumpy Jumpers / Antarctic Princess / Antarctic 10

So...swept under the carpet ...Update of Selection checks

None expected this...Govt just pulled $25m from Annual budget.'s not wot it seems...the money is needed to fix a bigger past problem!

27 April 2016 ~ $1.9b / 30 year (Serco) package for $528m RSV Nuyina (Southern Lights)
Nov 2020 North Sea Trials
Feb 2021-2022-2023 Dry Docked for repairs
May 2023 In Service
Aug 2023 $2.5m Rescue @ Casey Station.
Aug 2023 Nuyina is banned from entering it's 30 year $1.9b Hobart Port lease .

True...Nuyina can't Navigate Tasman Bridge without Total Port redesign / relocation.
Sounds like #1 Oz fuck up on the World Oceanic Stage.

Original engineers accounted for height / length / beam...all Ok!
So wotz the problem tbb...

Initially it was a height concern for High sitting Flat Bottom with high Instrument restrictions.

Indeed Hobart initially permitted access...continuing to accommodate the ship...

Feb 2023 Nuyina is not goin' anywhere fast.

Bridge authorities were made aware of 25.6m initial beam had bulked out to 35.1m...
Still it just slots a dead straight central run thru Tasman Bridge into Hobart Port...(Just!)
However...Port/s have swing basins for departure...(Here lies the problem)
Fully Laden Nuyuna can't Surf out in a true line thru the massive Columns!
In fact it don't even meet minimum Risk assessment...It will take out the bridge on a windy day.
Harbour authorities chew off fingers each time it departs...Please No...not on my watch...That close!
Secret whispers say a fish tail nudge may have woken them up! (re: Shades of '75 Mega disaster)
In otherwords... a little nudge from a 3,000 tonne vessel is Ok!...(If ya Hand out Muffs & blindfolds)
3,000 tonnes to travel a further 300 miles to Burnie for 2m Litre refuel / refits / parts
Crew know what that means...
Hobart #1 Southern Ocean HQ > (Cargo / Bio Security / Science Population)

All Antarctic supplies specimens need Storing / Double Handling in a warmer Port.
New makeshift (Being for 23years of remaining 30 years Serco Jerks Antarctic HQ lease)
Hate to think of cost for cancelling a 23 year premium lease in Hobart...(Could ask for a Footy Stadium?)

Antarctica is now essentially 2 days further travel to nearest Australian Port.
Major setback gives massive competitive advantage to rival Global researchers.

4 days extra Peak resource added for each return expedition for major impost.
150 Expert pass/crew = 600 extra premium days wage bill burnt each expedition.
1200 Tonne x 600 miles extra fuel resource

Shifting Oz #1 Antarctic #1 Shipping HQ to Bass Strait Burnie just for One ship.
28% Cost blowout for next 23 years Expeditions (Without costing HQ research / Ed / Port transfers!)
Brings us up to date to here and now Senate inquiry over $25m Govt cutback.
Govt are clawing back a mere $25m = comparative 600 miles 15x $1.5m rescue expeditions
Average 5 trips a year or about 1 Govt term = $25m extra Antarctic transit cost for Niyuna.

Greens / Libs ordered Senate review...
Waste of time ...(Big Ship in tight windy port (Bang) Bridge $350m / 2 years span repair costs alone)
Just forget it...All fucked up...suck it up for 23years or compensate Hobart an AFL stadium!

Before ya ask...tbb knows this sneaky crew well enough & know what yer dirty minds are thinking...
Why not simply extend Antarctic Ship trial research up Tassie East Coast to Bass Strait...
That would very cleverly save face & hide insane $1.9B / 30 year [L] Serco fuck up!
Lesson for swellnet Gromz..."It's fine for Experts to polish a turd, as long as it's in the name of Science!"