Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, who's had it?

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stunet started the topic in Monday, 29 Nov 2021 at 4:36pm

And, more importantly, how'd you deal with it?

I've been diagnosed with it. Thought at first it was something to do with mountain biking as I got a new bike recently, maybe Handlebar Palsy, but I had a nerve conduction study and, as he read the results, my doc looked over his glasses and said: "You have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, my friend." Not sure, but think it's RSI-related.

So I got a cortisone injection, but that was two weeks ago and it hasn't worked.

Now taking some mild painkillers: paracetomol, which does bugger all, and Nurofen when I can handle the gut aches.

Bought an ergonomic mouse but it hasn't arrived yet.

Doing mild stretches that don't involve flexion.

Scored some lidocaine cream for nerve blocking. Tried it while surfing this arvo and it seemed to go OK, but only worked for thirty-ish minutes. Pretty toxic stuff too. Can't use it too often.

Gimme some advice if you've ever been here.

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Craig Friday, 4 Feb 2022 at 10:47am

Awesome, thanks Dave!

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blackers Saturday, 5 Feb 2022 at 5:37pm

All good advice for you Craig. I find an elbow strap / pressure band on the forearm, just below the elbow fixes it really quickly. Cheap, non invasive and effective if you can get one that fits well. Good luck, it is a shitfull thing.

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Craig Wednesday, 9 Feb 2022 at 4:12pm

An update for those curious.

As the physio diagnosed it was just a strain and resting it for three days while doing some exercises and getting back into it slowly seems to have done the job. Stoked.

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truebluebasher Monday, 3 Oct 2022 at 11:33am

Untold History of Carpal Tunnel unravels the untold History of our troubled World.
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Carpal Tunnel + Cubital Tunnel + Dupuytren's Disease all resort to wrist cutting for relief.
All disabilities affect Anglo races then further along females.
Very rarely to Asians & Africans suffer these disabilities.

Medical profession are at a loss as to why?

Just so happens tbb & family like others here suffer horrifically from the above.
Dear mother's fingers are inoperable & amputation was recommended...that's the cure!
The common terminology is Viking's Disease!
Yes! The Anglo race are born with these syndromes but also inherit that lone resourceful mindset.

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Either outcast by tribe or climate wars or by adventure a new race is born.
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Any visitor is alien & considered an outcast...often by race.

In the beginning was no different so outcasts or isolated people lived with real life danger 24/7.
So much so, their bodies naturally assimilated to these harsh environments.
People slept less & grew larger Irises to run thru dark forests during the night or simply be eaten alive.
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Sleeping restless with their weapons close to hand & the need to clasp them to one's chest!
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These tribes with less sclera moved north & sunlight changed diet so did their eye & skin colour.
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The long dark periods of the Arctic required lighter eyes to reflect warmth to ward off depression.
Clasping heavy axes their skin tags thickening across their fraught nerves making their blood boil.
Always still 24/7 in the Dark Winter ever fearful of invaders they build their Castles / Walls / Moats.

Being ever fearful of marauders the Leaders retreated whole Cities well inland from warring ports.
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The needle point & cuts are to relieve tension & the ink / ash is used as both anesthetic & antiseptic.

We see this self needle point & cutting cures continue on artifacts representing such thru the ages.
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The forced bending of wrists & elbows creates blockage in the blood > Hyper tension & heart issues.
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Keep on further expelling ourselves from a notorious already outcast pack.

Steely eyed outcasts with a taut overlay pressing on forearm nerves requiring DIY surgery!

Back to the here & now Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or any of the aforementioned forearm conditions.
Neuro Muscular Physician prescribed tbb with Wrist Splints & future surgery ( Wrist Slashing )
Wrist Splints don't seem to be working real well after 3 wot gives?

Recently tbb's forearms keep blowing up like balloons thus bulging up blood back to heart issues.
This also deprives blood to hands & fingers & back to biceps leaving the victim weak & helpless?
Look like Popeye but would snap my wrist if asked to crush a leaf of spinach.

tbb swears he fights 100 warriors a night & wakes depleted & defeated..each day is worse.
Often tell the doctor the pressing desire to cut through to the bone even the hamstrings as such.
Yes! Often as in a real desire...thinking of it as only relief therapy not at all ever considering it madness.
Yet the doctors cringe each time tbb begs for this pretty simple request!
Now the whole elbow is ever aching & swollen but never ever red or injured as such?
Never wake with any indication of sleeping or pressing on the arm.

Revisiting this cross armed sleeping technique of grasping weapons tightly to one's chest!
Tried to buy Elbow splints (Braces) but not one chemist sells them...only get them online.
Can buy all sorts of 100's of limb relief for sorts of appendages but not an elbow brace?
Might try to adapt small size knee splints.

So last night cut off socks & inserted a tennis ball in each elbow nook as an experiment.
This was of course to prevent any elbow crushing action to keep nerve open & functioning.
Right Arm was seemingly a success & woke to a whole new world of loose flexible pain free motion.
True! tbb can feel a massive lively sensation towards fingers once again, but only short lived...(2 hours)
Hold Up! That can make all the difference with a short nap before a big event to have hands working!
Consider it homework...reckon with time one could relieve the tunnel syndrome to an acceptable width.
Obviously to get onto it sooner than in hope.
We could see these elbow / Wrist splints integrated into White Trash Fashions...don't laugh.
Think of go to self harm Young Chix thumb hole in sleeve fashion to hide the very same scars! (Correct!)

However! tbb's Left arm is horrific & woke thru night to rip off the sock's a real shocker.
Essentially, each night tbb was crushing his Left Ulner Nerve to death awakening more disabled daily.
Pretty sure by freeing this higher Cubital tunnel should in theory relieve the lower Carpal tunnel.

As it stands...tbb is left in limbo part right side cured but left side mostly worse off.
Gonna hunt down some Knee splints for Elbows...No, they don't sell such! Perhaps a suit of Armour!
Still better than gnawing yer arms off with yer worrisome chin strapped Viking warrior mouth guard.

So if doctors can't track Tunnel origin then Pharmacies will refuse to stock the one wearable cure.
But! It is essential to share that those suffering Carpal Tunnel might be wise to check their Ulner Nerve.

Off to see a Chemist about knee therapy for tbb's dead aching fingers...all starting to make sense it is!
But can tbb's dodgy knee / elbow splint thingy save the world...
Sure! tbb will buy one splint for each knee then experiment with one on each elbow!
Knee splints mounted on elbows + wrist splints + Chin strap + CPAP Harness + Mask + Mouth guard.
Such a huge sacrifice should save mankind or further entrap tbb in his sarcophagus...Pleasant dreams!