Help me with my step sons first board

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Welder57 started the topic in Thursday, 21 May 2020 at 9:10am

Hi , I’m sure this has been asked many times but here’s the deal
My now step son moved in down here in playa del Rey And seems to want to surf like crazy. I took him out 2 times and he barley stood for a few seconds on a 6’ fish twin so I’m now looking to buy him a cheap used board . Here is where I’m a bit confused. I grew up in SD surf PE skating all the time and I was 5’5” and started on a short board maybe 5’7” ? But again I was around more experienced people and had a skate background and picked it up pretty easy . I’m now 46 and there are these soft boards and everything ells . Everything I read says 6’6” or larger for him. He is 100 lbs 5’ . Just a soccer background . I hate to waist money on a foam board or a board so long when I know once he learns a bit more he will want a shorter board but I also don’t want to discourage him . I’m thinking a 6’ - 6’2” fish non foam ?? I also have a girl 14 100 wanting to surf also Sorry for the length of this but any advice or input would be great thanks people .