Completely baffled - fruit picking and other farm work

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GreenCT started the topic in Friday, 3 Apr 2020 at 4:35pm

I am a touch confused
When the shit started hitting the fan and my business was I realised stopping for who knows how long I thought about farm work.

There had been articles abput potential labour shortages because of exodus of backpackers and not getting replaced.

I joined a fb group for a country town and the feedback was they were fine.

Then the press reported about backpackers stuck and farmers been over whelmed with enquiries.

But then A Current Affair I think it was ran an article with farmers saying they are worried with one quoting if he was unsure to put a whole crop in half.

So which is it ?

Are we facing a looming labour shortage in which case if done safely ie tested before, isolated etc is there a need for mobilastion of Australians to go farming for a while ?

Fuck I would sign up for that versus prolonged been couped up here.