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etarip started the topic in Tuesday, 31 Dec 2019 at 8:28pm

Happy New Year Swellnetonians.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for keeping this site lively, entertaining and always keeping me thinking. A lot of great commentators on here, and even the ones that occasionally do my head in with their views add to the experience. Broad church and all that...

So many great characters. This year I reckon I’ll award the points to @ zenagain for always keeping the tone irreverent yet respectful, light-hearted but sincere. Cheers cobber.

And thanks to Ben, Stu and Craig for a our custodianship of this little corner of the net.

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etarip Tuesday, 31 Dec 2019 at 8:29pm


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Blowin Tuesday, 31 Dec 2019 at 8:46pm

Zen is always Top 5.

There’s other names that I’m always stoked to see on the register but I’m not naming them.

Every dog on their day . That’s what makes it interesting.

Most diverse , considered and least moderated opinions available in modern media ? Sure there’s dickheads - fuck knows I’m one of them - but that’s life.

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zenagain Wednesday, 1 Jan 2020 at 12:19am

Ha ha- cheers Eta, kinda feel like i've won the Gold Logie.

So many great contributors here that i wouldn't know where to start for fear of leaving someone out. I miss some of the old guys- whaaat, wellymon, shaun/morris, STF et al.

I'll chuck one out though- GaryG, gee that cat makes me laugh.

Special mention- Velocityjohnno.

Fark, there's too many.

Many thanks again Eta and all the very best to you and everyone else for 2020 and beyond.