Universal Anomalies

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truebluebasher started the topic in Friday, 11 Oct 2019 at 1:32pm

Planets Collide to reverse orbit in our Solar System.
Random hurtling Asteroids that defy the laws of physics.
Seemingly small infragravity Waves that rip up coastlines
Waves that freeze over...Morning Glory (Wave / Cloud Porn)
Rain / Fog / Moon Bows +Halos +The Glory + Auroras
Alternate spinning Fire Devils hotter than the Sun.
China's artificial Sun is seven times hotter than real Sun.
Societies that defy the laws of nature to live a lie.

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truebluebasher Monday, 20 Apr 2020 at 4:43pm

Please join swellnetonians in unravelling our World of Wonder.

tbb has long been unravelling #1 Downunder anomaly and is ready to share theory.

Downunder Backward Race,

Societies evolve around the direction of the sun for their very existence.
For the most part society reflects work hours mirroring the sun in the sky.

When facing the Sun the Sun Dials (Clocks) record time rotating with Sun.
Calendars reveal more as day continues to unfold so more can follow events.

Northern hemisphere writing, left to right naturally reveals more scrip with daylight.
Recorded work is then fed into the broadening light for live news of the day.
All Sundials Clocks ,Calendar in unison with the Sun a 100% natural resource.
Affording more body of work tailoring back from live recordings as the day unfolds.

Southern Hemisphere 'sundials' record time right to left (Counter Clockwise)with our sun.
Oz weirdly records time clockwise (L > R) Sunset to Sunrise continually shadowing work.
Shadow our own work thru morning then crowds cross the sundial then all race against nightfall.
BOM continue absurdity by reading weather N/E > S/W opposite to Sun's path SE > NW

Teachers explain to class that Class Sundial records Time while the Class Clock reverses it?
In this upside down world the community stands in it's own shadows being led into darkness.
For this world to make sense it must 2nd guess the World by having it's back to the light.

Readers here know, how this reflects our politics.
Our Flag underpins our Grandmother's grandfather clock.
Our downunder shoreline defends the world from our stupidity.
Ain't no Climate Change here mate!

We swear it's the World that is weird... never us!

Alas! We are as stupid as the World makes out.
Half crazed & tough enough to pick a fight with the Sun & still keep a straight face.
We're those arse about dingbats from Downunder, so what's it to you mate!

Australian EST Sundial.

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truebluebasher Friday, 11 Oct 2019 at 6:46pm

Atmospheric Optics reveals the Majesty of Weather Anomaly...truly a site to behold.
Here's a wonderous welcome


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truebluebasher Tuesday, 5 Nov 2019 at 1:31am

Surfing on Mars.

Ocean was twice as dense & only half as clear.
Waves & Tsunamis were over twice as Tall.
Waves were over twice as Slow
Barrel time is measured in minutes
Surfers could Surf over twice as fast or stall half as slow
Surfers could perform twice bigger Aerials or longer floats
Cut backs & bottom turns could be twice as fast or drawn out.
Spray arcs are over twice as epic like magical mall fountains
Wipeouts were twice as slow & long.
Returning to surface was twice as slow.
Temperature is twice as Cold. 0 - 5 degrees

Surfcraft would float but be weighted or slowed to suit wave speed for enjoyment.
Wetties need flotation to avoid drowning under own weight.

Oceans were home to an advanced alien race of one cell surfers.
So clever, that scientists are yet to discover any Wave Pool ruins...(Sounds Freaky!)


Mars Ancient Secret Surf Spot Tharsis is the likely home of Huey's Evil Twin.

Waves on Mars (Surf Clips)

surfonmars by Craig Halstead

surfonmars Photos

'Oceans on Mars' by Akkodha

'Waves on Mars' by Yrr

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truebluebasher Friday, 10 Jan 2020 at 2:27pm

Starlink Trains (Original- Jan 6 2020)

Milky way is viewed as an eternal life giving route between worlds
Constellation names represent moral codes or Travel Gods
Still Indigenous, Seafarers, Astronomers live by the 2-6,000 stars we see.

Sky writers, Fireworks, Fluro Drones, Laser Pointers grant brief ownership of sky.
Satellites shimmer also & launches are now exaggerated to attract attention

As such growing population consider the world is better off without the www.
#1 World Project is to get slightly better internet speed so one can rule the world.
Elon Musk plans to string 42,000 satellites (20 x now + 5x all space junk ever!)
In this corporate Age Media Moguls shoot first & never dare answer a question.

2018 Another launch bid failed for a large diamond like sculpture
2020 China wish to launch a fake moon ...8 x brighter than the real moon
2021 Start Rocket want 300 satellites to brand their name all night every night
+ A giant Peace Sign in the night sky...


May 2019 The first of Elon Musk's Disco Trains streaked across the night sky.
Imagine 10,000 of these internet trains forever cross circling overhead

And for sure the Astronomers are outraged as satellites glow as a row of stars.
Astronomer's Photos are now coming back with streaks.
Very much like cheesy Xmas lights but when complete a tacky disco ball heaven.

Note this display only shows one quarter of the 42,000...so yeah! 4x this mess?

World sized modem bulbs outnumber universal heavenly stars by 10 to one.
Yes ! Forever these intersecting arcs of 42,000 modem lights encasing our world.
One man's horror Xmas light show as our heavens. Makes a fool of God Almighty!

Mr Musk claims there is no law preventing him from running a Universal Disco.
But out of respect to Astronomy will consider experimenting with darker base.
Mind you his team seem to think this is beyond the pale & rule their way or no way!

Won't someone end this madness...if only for the kids to dream! Please!

PS: Anyone seen Tron!
Darklord SARK runs a social credit penitentiary inside his megadrome gaming modem.
Drones count on their A List stars to align and free the Blue Planet!
( Tron's All Star Telethon ) vs (SARK's gaming Modem )
(Jeff Bridges as Hero Tron) vs ( Elon Musk as the bad actor darklord SARK...short for Starlink!)

Tron Telethon Tesla (Here's the movie poster)

A List drones are trapped in Tron limos controlled by evil SARK's Modem.


(Late edition update...includes latest trial launch)
Jan 6 : Space X Launches "Dark Sat" to test for visibility & performance.
Jan 8 : AAS meeting ...
Wild west frontier Cowboys Space X will continue to hogtie Earth in 1000's of modem lights.

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Purplepills Sunday, 5 Jan 2020 at 3:03pm

TBB about a month or two ago i witnessed my first sighting of a spaceX / starlink train of satellite, they were moving faster than a normal satellite due to lower orbit (orbit height will be raised) lost count around the 20 mark heading north on a 035 degree bearing, a string of pearls in the night sky i was thinking WTF was that! started researching and has now made quite a few main stream articles.

First article was concern from astronomers second article linked below.


Whats next billboards floating in space?

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truebluebasher Monday, 20 Apr 2020 at 4:39pm

Don't it make yer Brown Eyes Blue...

[ #1 swellnet exclusive! ]
tbb is not taking credit as such, but has yet to read more a complete picture.

Eye traits are a surprising really really understudied field...
tbb had to delve deep & also add own observations to this scant offering.

Story starts as little as 10,000 years ago
People had small Brown eyes with large sclera...All foretell trusting intentions.
Meaning you could see if yer pervy neighbour was eyeballing yer missus
This enabled Larger gatherings of similar like minds.(Nothing Suss!)

Some Villagers with day / night predators feared sleeping at night.
Clearings in forest canopies also developed quick eye change from dark canopy

Naturally each lineage progressed iris size to see quicker & better at night.
At this point tbb acknowledges (Albino offspring as aside)

With different larger irises they became less predictable more animal like.
Soon the near populace would outcast these less telling untoward characters.
These outcasts already grew tired of unnatural sleeping in a heightened state.
Never needed much excuse to clear out...leave them all behind.

The weird eyed tribes were outcast to assimilated colder climates.
All the time each new born with lightening to change colour...
Some say the colour change was a rogue...but don't explain larger irises.

Ever vigilant X-ray vision people could live,work 24/7 in their new world.
If cold their vision was still adaptable to dark huts...(24/hr in that context)

It is thought that dark eyed people are more depressed in low light zones.
This being the reason only the changeable Eye sets had the motivation to endeavour.
The lighter eye is said to emit more light thus lighten the mood in a gathering.
Note: Eskimos as with Albinos are exception to rule again at outcast posts!

This meant the distrusted larger iris is balanced by the lighter warmth in dim light.
So tribe learnt to trust & cooperate where there was no deception.
Where there was deception they could easily & naturally separate to exploit it!
This ever heightened fear state was the flip side inherent in northern folk.
Forever running from an imaginary Beast gave them the "tripped out vision!"

Selfish isolation gave time to think + 24/7 vision lended more detailed outcome.
Harnessing this progressive thought in a secure village led to unlimited potential.
Ruling Classes in Fortresses...but always ever vigilant.
Industrialization led to today's 24 hour western cities

Note: Some Asian Cities are also 24/7. (Also work/study long hours)
On closer examination Asian eyes have similar Furrows (Expansion / re:Tree Rings)
In other words they too can slightly alternate in light dark along similar lines.
Another branch-line story only less colourful...a play on words so to speak!

Worldly Perception.
Large Sclera (Whites of Eyes) is trusting & emotive...
Notice animals that are trusted to hunt with humans have largest Sclera.
These same animals (Dogs) can illicit love from their masters by maxing sclera.
We even have a name for it...'Puppy Dog Eyes'...( Weird Science it is!)

Those with largest Iris & small sclera (Apes) we humans steer well clear from.

Institutionally Blue Eyed

Blonde Haired Blued Eyed Jesus ?

Not so crazy as Phoenician Eye of Horus mostly & unusually appears as blue

Eye of Providence is mostly depicted as Blue

5 Eyes again if any colour is likely to appear as blue.

Recycling this cold distant Blue Eyed Fear Factory.
Hitler & All current 5 eyes Western Leaders adhere to Blue Eyes Policy.
In times of Crisis these Leaders point the bone at others... (See: Slanty Eyes)

18-1900's Beady Eyed refers to marble black eyes from untrusting Mid East / Jews.
18-1900's Slanty Eyed refers to Asians as a whole.
1900's Blue Eyed - Devils / Boys - Fascists ("Seen as!" Hand picked elite guard )

1968 Teacher Jane Elliot's Eye Test

Movies / TV nearly every actor must have large Sclera / small iris.(Animated)

We see token Black characters overreact shock in surprise for emotive scenes.

Note: All envy Romantic Green Eyes & more so alluring set off against Large Sclera.
Dead Pan Eyes...Holding a Gaze so all can fall under the spell of Emerald Iris.
Now all are green eyed Movie Stars that we idol today, so perfect in every way.

Blue Eyes outcast lone hero takes on Evil World...(Large iris is ok for Action Scenes)

Albinos are the new Super Villains or were...until they sued Hollywood

Sci-Fi Aliens are given Full Mirror black 100% Beady Irises (Universal Distrust)

Credits: Thanks to the following...(Further reading)
*Large Irises
*Eye Surface Features
*Eye Colour

Song...'Don't it make my brown eyes blue'...is performed by Crystal Gayle

Weirdly 'Identical Twins' can be born with different Skin / Eye / Hair Colour.
Also crew know that a good many folk have two different coloured / sized Eyes.

PS: For the record: tbb & twin sister share blue eyes.

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Blowin Monday, 20 Apr 2020 at 4:31pm

Identical or fraternal ?

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 at 1:29am

Blowin, that's a very considerate question. (Twins Continued!)
Yes in extremely rare cases mixed sex identical twin sets live amongst us.

Parents naturally can't help dress & hair style we 'fraternal twins' as if identical.
Paraded in twin pram photoed together in matching mop haired tomboy outfits.
My sister & I would 2nd guess over who was who.( Always had long/ish hair!)

School sorted the clothes thing...
We'd always hang tight together from surf line-up to School...
My sister was the best Surf-Mat rider on The Goldie...Big Surf too!
School & Party invites were addressed to us as twins...(Fine with that!)
You'd always get matching school bags, gifts & Birthday Cake but our own cards.
Gotta respect our Mums side of the deal...if she plays the twin card.

Sister still stirs me for my Flexy Eliminator Skateboard vs her Wobbly Warwick.
She buys a Record Player so tbb hands her Artwork/Records of hers from '76.
Stoked! Weird nostalgia becomes double the fun + we can flip the gender angle.

No doubt i'm closest to her in the family...goes without saying...a twin thing.
The bond was is always closest when all around (Trust) breaks down. We're good!
Regards to similar traits...we both love the ocean also Save Our Spit front line.

Pretty certain i read swellnet has a few more twins hiding out there.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 28 May 2020 at 3:02pm

28 May 2020 [NEWS] ~Congratulations~
Oz uncovers a Universal Anomaly.
Oz astronomers find Missing Matter, solving decades long outer space mystery.
Baryonic Matter is the stuff that living beings is made of.

FRB (Fast Radio Bursts) National & Global Telescopes were triangulated.
100's of FRB's can now be used to unravel the birth of galaxies.
Note: Not to be confused with the 85% Dark Matter


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truebluebasher Monday, 1 Jun 2020 at 3:06pm

Cyclones, Water Spouts, Whirlpools, Hydrothermal Vents, Sea Stalactites...(now) ...
Undersea Sand Devils ? (Again Downunder upsets the natural order!)

22nd May 2020 ~ Moore Reef, Cairns Australia.
ROV: Clockwise deep sea twister trawls the seafloor with no vent or surface outlet.


Universal Anomaly or man made freak show?

Moore Reef is #1 GBR visited (Shallow water) site...
2017 Sunlover Pontoon anchors inside a cove.
Considerable intake & Water slide expels constant flow around the horseshoe cove.
The underside of Pontoon shapes as Submarine + lowers a Dive Platform.
In context, it generates a circular current that would release on incoming tide.

Due to Covid lockdown the Pontoon has been closed during this discovery.

Rather than tow Pontoon to Mainland for their Massive Renovation...
The Reef has become the Slurry Pit for the overhaul...(Mega GBR pollution crime.)

May - June 2020 Massive filthy horrid Toxic Reef overkill takes place.
Weekly Jobseeker crews have been ramping a major overhaul.
Best to view the vid & see this massive Pollution event unfold.
[0:20] Coral Cove > [0:40] Water Slide -Current [0:50] High Pressure (Fibre glass)
10 x High Pressure cleaning of Carpet Sludge / Decking Fibre Glass / Rail paint
All Pontoon & Boats Chem Cocktail sludge suffocating the Reef)
Range of Divers have cleaned all the Glass / Hulls

There is no Dry Docking or Pollution capture or boom containment measures.
The overpowering water jet flow near a fragile reef will surely add to it's demise.

1. Sounds a warning to what Qld Govt Tourism will let slide. (Simply Horrendous!)
2. It is highly possible that Sunlover Mega Water Blasting triggered turbulence.

Whether that turbulence penetrates deep in a Reef setting...tbb can't say.
Top side water slide stirs up a deep sea reef tornado? (Where else but Qld!)
Both do flow clockwise you know?

tbb likes to think we witnessed a natural anomaly but whiteshoes are lurking.
In any event this heartless GBR mass pollution crime needs reporting.

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 9 Jun 2021 at 1:41pm

tbb will share that it's not so unusual to experience Universal Anomalies in your local skies.

Several times during the Blue Haze Summer of 2020/21 Flocks of Egrets vanished mid air.
This was due to the Blue Haze reflecting sun rays back thru moisture laden frame & translucent wings.

Also of Late tbb spotted 3 Morning Glory Cloud/s a few km's long - roll thru the Gold Coast Skies.
Said to be rare as last time was 5 years ago...but with just the one cloud (Very similar size & shape!)
Oddly both times the Cloud/s shaped up around Burleigh Heads.
These clouds last for 10-30mins and can stretch a good portion of the seaboard sky.

Today 11:30 am was another equally majestic Cloud display that tbb had never ever imagined to see.
Again shaped up around Burleigh Heads...(Sea also often gathers oddities around Burleigh Heads)
The sky was relatively normal with patchy irregular lines of cumulonimbus Clouds.
The icy wind gusted & howled loud up high from a clear west sky to meet the Ocean.
From nowhere a set of 7 perfectly formed Curled wave frame Clouds ramped & rolled on by.
Like this ___/C.../C.../C.../C.../C.../C.../C___(Officially!) Kelvin Helmholtz Wave Clouds
The Gold Coast Wave set was Strong & Formed a Large 'Perfect' 7 wave set but only for a minute.
As the Clouds were moving south the wave train dispersed as quick as it Stoked up. (Bummer!)
Possibly keeping a definitive shape for no more than 2 minutes then slowly rolled back down.

Suggests the Waves in most photos would've likely presented better shape just prior to the shot.
These majestic wave clouds rolling along our coastline are indeed rare...
tbb waited 58 years to see Set Waves roll in Gold Coast Skies & if only for a minute...Magic Happens!

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truebluebasher Sunday, 13 Feb 2022 at 2:32pm

Starlink Shower of Shit (Cont from Above)
12th April 2021 Stu records Starlink Spacejunk (Scroll down the link for a fair run...)
tbb thinks perhaps blowin or some crew also sighted these Starlink Trains...

29th Dec 2021 China gets pretty pissed of near misses dodgin' Musk's cereal box of space junk

7th Jan 2022 > Falcon 9 Launched 49 Starlink Sats (Larger Pay Load?) Lower & less but More Visible?
31st Jan (Italian Sat)
3rd Feb 2022 The Falcon 9 launched 49 Starlink Sats into "Low Earth Orbit"

4th Feb China launch the Roman Candle (re: 3rd from the Left) clears our heavens of Musk's pop tarts.
7th Feb Puerto Rico showers in Musk's Starlink shitshow.

(Play whole Vid for dramatic changes in Spacejunk Trajectory)


YouTube may not load due to Solar Flared fireballs of space junk smashing thru yer roof.
Electroverse site link...

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batfink Sunday, 13 Feb 2022 at 5:01pm

Hey TBB, we had a form of roll cloud come in from Wollongong up the coast a few years ago, afternoon/evening, and rolled up past our place at Coogee. Got some nice shots of it, as did Stu I think down in Wollongong.

As for the Helmholtz clouds, I’ve been a regular watcher of these, always associated with storm fronts on the coast here. Quite a sight. Unlike the photos you’ve posted, I’ve seen them underneath the cloud front as well as on top. And no surprise, Craig told me they were Helmhotz clouds, although he was showing them in variations of water temps at the equator, which looked like - Helmholtz clouds! Cool.

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truebluebasher Monday, 10 Apr 2023 at 6:53pm

Dedicated to batfink...

Winter Westerly Wave Cloud Patrol Alert __/C.../C.../c.../c ....
tbb is starting to clock these & happy to share the Season & Watch Hour!
With more eyes in the sky we can soon surf these mega Barrels...
Kelvin Helmholtz shaped up today around 3:00pm...
Let's compare to last report...(Bugger!) BOM only goes back 14 months.

Ok! Nevermind...tbb's got this...can recall quite a few common features...
Sure this Wave train was lesser but it's the Weather conditions that we're after!
Will do that right now to record what fuels these gigantic wave trains before dream fades from view!
Again viewed from same swim Pool at Crossview spine of Burleigh Heads (5km inland)

Ok! tbb is running this on the fly to put out more info than not...
Please excuse the hurried nature & ignore any double up renditions!
Considering BOM is locking out ...We're aiming for max fresh wave train observations here!
Yes...a rough ride but worth it!

* A few days of strong N/W > Stronger W winds
* West sky was high & sunlit from behind & held high clouds slowly merging with seaward Cloud bank
* That's the trick here...High West Clouds weren't moving as fast as winds indicated.
* East sky held 'irregular _lines_' of cumulonimbus clouds...but not really out of the ordinary
* Kinda like odd battle ship shapes.
* West Sky stealthy overrides faster South moving East Sky at Coastal Junction Headland.
* High West gust combs over any irregular peaks along the lined base but also rolls the cloud.
* Now watch as it fires up yer Wave Train moving south...away she goes.
* Waves end by showcasing higher large Whip curled Skies back around to High west skies.

Best Viewing
* 5km from the west Observe the low/mid Northern sky meeting the Spine of the Headland.
* Holding perfect shape for just a few minutes until crossing the Headland but up high.
* From beach > offshore...one would need to gaze up above mid sky.
* The beach view would hold a similar but more conjoined or entwined view.(See batfink)

9th June 2021 __/C../C../C../C../C../C../C__
Mid winter wave was Stronger higher westerly howling wind resulting in higher stronger wave train.
You can actually hear this wind hum as it bends trees & takes out high branches.

10 April 2023__/C../C../c../c..c___
This Rolling Wave train was lower & smaller but could've easy stoked 4 x /C... or 5.
All down to how many peaks / height are set up when wind gust combs over it...matter of thermals?

Now tbb checked on these westerlies...kinda need a 2 speed system.
The lower north westerly front speed > starts the cloud rolling south...
The Upper Westerly Wind Draft climbs higher over west cloud bank each day
tbb thinks that as this West bank grows higher the Wind is spiking over then across.
Then combs over the faster moving lower north westerly pushing the east bank south.
As this higher wind meets any East bank thermal cloud spiked peaks it curls them over.
As the East bank is already moving south it now rolls these wave train barrels.
Then away she rolls...Surfs Up!

East Coast Oz Headlands
Think ya need "Neutral Climate" + southerlies to stoke up yer coastal cloud bank
As crew says...this resulted in Storm / Rain.
But instead of clearing they hang about as is our case here in long neutrals.
You'll notice a run of different level directional clouds shaping an everchanging sky.
Then flips to 2-3 day run of strong 20kt North Westerlies..
You will know as it slams yer doors & blows stuff off yer walls.


These Westerly Busters are your tip off that yer Wave Train is arriving soon.
These winds push against east cloud bank building the high cloud bank from the west
Noting it's not a storm front just differing levels of clouds rising higher...Sun Shines thru ok!
Now the high cloud topples over the lower straight but ruffled eastern cloud bank moving south.
tbb said that this western cloud bank rises high so too does the wind get forced higher.
Come the '3rd' day...You'll hear or feel an almighty 30kt ultra high Gust...above all.
No worries if yer inside...you can alternatively see it fiercely blow (Whoosh) highest points in town.
This will likely be late morning or early arvo...be ready...for yer calling card...(Camera)
Usually comes on after a minute or two...you are now a Wave Cloud watcher...

Then check out yer eastern sky to catch Huey in all his glory stoking up yer Dream Wave Train.
Man that Surf God just blows yer mind...crafty ol' bugger he is!
Took tbb all of 60 years to drum this up twice in last few years...
Just saying if tbb is to score a hat trick...he'd follow his own train of thought!

Gifting this recipe for Gromz & crew for a somewhat shorter lifetime lull.
tbb is confident this is the DIY recipe that fuels Huey's Gigantic set waves
Sight to behold it is...happy to share your next dreamy set waves!
Please share any Wave Train photos with swellnet...crew would be super stoked!
Yes! Agree with batfink...
Craig's insight would also increase our odds of timetabling these Wave Trains!
So far tbb can only relate these localized Wave Train weather conditions to mid east coast.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 14 Dec 2023 at 4:13pm

2024 Destiny mission to the ultra weird 3200 Phaethon "Apollo" Asteroid

(Rare) Geminid Asteroid Meteor Shower
Solar Charged random rotating increased speeding Geminid Asteroid

Yes! You bet...Best ever Meteor Shower (New Moon > Peaks Mid Sky) No telescope needed!
Need to lie down for 20mins if ya can to get the best view...so set a spot for family beforehand.

Hot Tip : tbb thinks the Southern Lights are a precursor to a brilliant light spectacular.
2016 tbb visited Tassie just missing the Southern Lights...but...
Late Nov was blown away by Meteor Shower directly above...(Had no idea!)
Recall sayin' to my big bro' ...Wait! Watch... here comes another one...bang on cue! Just like magic!
Actually thought they must be Satellites...clear as ya like not long after Snow falls above Hobart...
Start of Summer heavenly Aurora signals the Meteor Shower capped off with Snowfall...

December's star spangled sprinkling of Silly Seasoning showers.

(Yesterday) 2023 Outer this world Southern Lights spectacular!

Wait! Now replay spacey Vid @ .25 speed = Pause [00:25] to see the Shooting Star...Wow! OMG...It's like magic!
But! Wait up again...There's more...we're all in for a special treat...Yes! Same for us...Last night & Tonite!
Heavenly Ma Nature / Hodad / Gromfest awaits.

(Tonite) The Big Event falls upon us!
swellnet's best ever Shooting Stars Spectacular

Australia......Zone Timetable................# December Dates
City..........................Start ~*~*-* Peak ....14th....15th....16th
Adelaide.....ACST 10:53pm-3:13am 13/hr...35/hr...8/hr
Brisbane.....AEST 9:00pm - 2:13am 16/hr...45/hr...11/hr
Canberra.....AEST 10:42pm-3:00am 13/hr...35/hr....8/hr
Darwin........ACST 9:10pm - 2:43am 14/hr....63/hr...14/hr
Hobart.........AEST 11:31pm-2:38am 10/hr...30/hr....6/hr
Melbourne..AEST 11:14pm-3:17am 11/hr...31/hr....7hr
Perth..........AWST 10:00pm-2:13am 16/hr...35/hr....8/hr
Sydney........AEDT 10:28pm -2:52am 13/hr...37/hr....8/hr

Where to watch in Oz...

How to shoot stars for Dummies...
Here's a Beginners Guide...there are many to choose.
That's why you get this early tip off to get yerself set!

Here's what to expect in all the panic...this vid shares the happenstance...(re: Half way in!)
Happy to share Mother Nature's Dizzy Spell.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 14 Dec 2023 at 4:44pm

To the romantics...Yes! Tonight's that special Night...take a chance!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 15 Dec 2023 at 5:03am

Patient Stargazers get rewarded...Gold Coast was Clouded over...near impossible to see!
Here's our live Shooting Stars report...

tbb walked to top of the Hill & saw two smudges out the corner of right then left eyes...
Put in a good 20 -30 mins looking any all North sky to Above see Clouds & more clouds...bummer!
Slight breeze kicked in & blew more Clouds over scarce remaining Patches of part clear sky.

But! tbb is not givin' in that easy...not at 2:30am...bugger that...been waitin' all night for this show!

On the walk home it cleared just a little to raise hope for a quiet back balcony 2:30am Star Gaze...
Not much better but put in 10min effort thinking... if there's a lot shooting about...gotta get lucky...
Kept staring straight up high where clouds were opening just a little...(#==============================::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-------
Then a whizzbang rogue sidewinder shoots ultra low from the N/E headin' S/W like a meteor should.
Strewth...as low as yer like a blazing star streaks horizontal beneath the high cloud cover...
Yes! tbb could only peep thru above clouds but clearly traced this runaway long low freakish sidewinder!
Long enough to actually turn yer head with it...a real prized keeper it was!
Never seen nothin' like it...like a fireball you could casually pluck outta the sky at high speed right before yer eyes!
Kinda weird as it dazzled bright but also graceful & delicate like as if it were competing for Star of the Show!
Bloody Aussie artzy fartzy show off Star...Look at me...I'm gonna Star in a swellnet column...
Yep! That was the cheeky bastard that blew tbb's tiny mind...all hail the Heavenly Holy Grail...
Impossibly low Shooting Star lights up tbb's neighbourhood...Magic Happens!

Message to Gromz : "Can't rush Ma Nature....just be patient & you'll get yer reward & some! Stoked!

Bookend with Tonight's 'Northern Lights' Celestial Shooting Star Shower
Aurora Shooting Stars lighting up South to North Pole Majesty.
That's mighty special people...(Magic show Lighting up the whole World!)

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seeds Friday, 15 Dec 2023 at 9:37am

Yes TBB it was also disappointing up here. Last two nights I ventured out at 2am to find cloudy skies.