Universal Anomalies

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Planets Collide to reverse orbit in our Solar System.
Random hurtling Asteroids that defy the laws of physics.
Seemingly small infragravity Waves that rip up coastlines
Waves that freeze over...Morning Glory (Wave / Cloud Porn)
Rain / Fog / Moon Bows +Halos +The Glory + Auroras
Alternate spinning Fire Devils hotter than the Sun.
China's artificial Sun is seven times hotter than real Sun.
Societies that defy the laws of nature to live a lie.

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Please join swellnetonians in unravelling our World of Wonder.

tbb has long been unravelling #1 Downunder anomaly and is ready to share theory.

Societies evolve around the direction of the sun for their very existence.
For the most part society reflects work hours mirroring the sun in the sky.

When facing the Sun the Sun Dials (Clocks) record time rotating with Sun.
Calendars reveal more as day continues to unfold so more can follow events.

Northern hemisphere writing, left to right naturally reveals more scrip with daylight.
Recorded work is then fed into the broadening light for live news of the day.
All Sundials Clocks ,Calendar in unison with the Sun a 100% natural resource.
Affording more body of work tailoring back from live recordings as the day unfolds.

Southern Hemisphere 'sundials' record time right to left (Counter Clockwise)with our sun.
Oz weirdly records time clockwise (L > R) Sunset to Sunrise continually shadowing work.
Shadow our own work thru morning then crowds cross the sundial then all race against nightfall.
BOM continue absurdity by reading weather N/E > S/W opposite to Sun's path SE > NW

Teachers explain to class that Class Sundial records Time while the Class Clock reverses it?
In this upside down world the community stands in it's own shadows being led into darkness.
For this world to make sense it must 2nd guess the World by having it's back to the light.

Readers here know, how this reflects our politics.
Our Flag underpins our Grandmother's grandfather clock.
Our downunder shoreline defends the world from our stupidity.
Ain't no Climate Change here mate!

We swear it's the World that is weird... never us!

Alas! We are as stupid as the World makes out.
Half crazed & tough enough to pick a fight with the Sun & still keep a straight face.
We're those arse about dingbats from Downunder, so what's it to you mate!

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Atmospheric Optics reveals the Majesty of Weather Anomaly...truly a site to behold.
Here's a wonderous welcome


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truebluebasher commented Tuesday, 5 Nov 2019 at 1:31am

Surfing on Mars.

Ocean was twice as dense & only half as clear.
Waves & Tsunamis were over twice as Tall.
Waves were over twice as Slow
Barrel time is measured in minutes
Surfers could Surf over twice as fast or stall half as slow
Surfers could perform twice bigger Aerials or longer floats
Cut backs & bottom turns could be twice as fast or drawn out.
Spray arcs are over twice as epic like magical mall fountains
Wipeouts were twice as slow & long.
Returning to surface was twice as slow.
Temperature is twice as Cold. 0 - 5 degrees

Surfcraft would float but be weighted or slowed to suit wave speed for enjoyment.
Wetties need flotation to avoid drowning under own weight.

Oceans were home to an advanced alien race of one cell surfers.
So clever, that scientists are yet to discover any Wave Pool ruins...(Sounds Freaky!)


Mars Ancient Secret Surf Spot Tharsis is the likely home of Huey's Evil Twin.

Waves on Mars (Surf Clips)

surfonmars by Craig Halstead

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'Oceans on Mars' by Akkodha

'Waves on Mars' by Yrr