Maldives...what a joke

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Oldschoolkook started the topic in Thursday, 19 Sep 2019 at 9:09pm

Just returned from an early sep boat trip to Maldives. My second trip (Only time I could go due to commitments). Oh my God. Oh my fucking god. The crowds. The crowds of European and South American kooks........were out of control. Counted 65 people, yes 65 out at sultans. Everywhere else jails chickens cokes etc much the same. Every wave saw a drop in of some type, be it a legit drop in, an over the falls drop in or a plain I see you but I'm gonna drop in anyway .Every bump on the horizon saw a frothing mess of whitewater and arms paddling to be top dog to get the best set wave only to guessed it, droped in on by some once a year Argentinian surfer, or I live 3hrs from the beach Spanish knob etc ect.
I managed to surf strike mission style 3 times a day after carefully watching and waiting for the crowds to head in for breakfast or lunch but still sharing the lineup with 20 or so people. I met only half a dozen Aussies who knew the ropes, ie respect sharing not snaking etc. but the rest.....they don't give a fuck. The worst of all I encountered.......drum roll........Basque Country surfers. These people have no respect for anybody. You name it they did it. Off the dhoni they jumped. Straight to the top of the point they went. No amount of Aussie abuse would change the way they operated. They even snaked and dropped in on local surfers. Fuckwits.
Well what do we do. Put up with it. Yeah maybe. Don't go to the Maldives. Possible. Yes no more nth male for me. It's all down south if......I go back. Tell the surfshops, tour operators, travel agents, shapers, world tour surfers, YouTube influencers, surf mags fucking tell your people 1. DONT DROP IN. 2. Teach them surf etiquette 3. Just because there is 50 people in the water, doesn't mean it's good. Look elsewhere.

Lessen learnt
Go back to indo next year

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Deeznutts commented Monday, 30 Dec 2019 at 1:12am

I went to the same area but maybe 15 years ago and it was packed then full of shithead Brazilians. Having said that I got amazing waves but knew I would never go back. Back then there was 20 plus on areas. I guess the basque guys are like the Brazilians now