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Laurie McGinness started the topic in Saturday, 3 Aug 2019 at 12:46am


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Blowin Saturday, 10 Aug 2019 at 9:45pm

“Yes, I Am Drunk, But Tomorrow I Will Be Sober, And You Will Still Be a Fool”

Winston Churchill

Now more prescient than ever as the Chamberlains line up to proudly present their acquiescence

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Tony Jack Clancy Saturday, 17 Aug 2019 at 11:38am

I've found Laurie to be sensible and circumspect. As my opinion of social media is mixed, what could be a good thing has so much downside that I think its demise would be a cause for celebration. I suppose I could say the same of day-trading. That he feels safer on social media than swellnet is worthy of our/my reflection. Surely Swellnet should not reflect the kind of abuse found on social media which would turn anyone onto it and away from Swellnet. I guess people have different susceptability and sensitivity but even if we make a blue or are simply 'wrong' I don't think abuse or provocation should follow it. Maybe I'm not on the same page there.

I thought Laurie's dissertation on climate reasonable, though deniers of it will generally justify their stance even if only a mistrust of politicians, the greens, the rainbow fascists, science itself and perhaps the consequences were they to not deny. A simple view might be 'imagine'...imagine the planet, had man never slithered out of the ocean, or whatever Darwinian concept is employed. Now look at it...after atomic tests, wars, toxic chemicals, nerve gases, defoliation, agriculturalization, industrialisation, mining, fracking, draining aquifers and arterial water for irrigation during the daytime, piping it across huge properties for livestock.. Hundreds of millions of tons of machinery-liberated topsoils annually blown past denuded landscapes into the oceans, leaving only aged be used as chemical beds to grow food.. space junk, ...and so on?

These are realties as are nations who's GDP is inadequate to meet even loan interest, so they exploit what they can to meet debt with equity, the Central Banker method of getting real estate for computer-numbers of printable- currency which has no basis in value. In just these areas, there are others of course could we have increased or accelerated any natural demise of the otherwise natural world?

If so could we fix it?. ..or does denial represent laziness and egoism. Is climate change stance a sort of personality signal...a feeling of empowerment through identification with a scientific, pseudo scientific group. Why should what bond us in survival see us at each others' throats ?...Will it be 'Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned' for us?

Some drive a car realising it requires maintenance and keep it functioning , others drive them to death then leave them at the side of the road for someone else to worry about. Justifying denial is not, in my approach, enough reason to do nothing or encourage exploitation. If in doubt, why not apply the precautionary principle?

The PP has one demand not met by climate change debaters....rapid resolution. That's a very serious apart of the dissociation, and perhaps one intended to maintain status-quo of wealth.

With that out of the way...I think the intelligence of Swellnet contributors which I have read is pretty obvious, with some occasional delving into foul mouthing and abusiveness. There's some 'damned smart' surfers 'out there' and I've found swell net quite inspiring. Two contributors on this forum I thought to mention, are Blowin and TBB. Blowin...reminds me of a student in my group always claiming to be on the whisky but quite 'sharp as a button'. From my viewpoint, Blowin is like that.

TBB...clever, yes... but I am interested in his recent self-exposure a single parent. From my own experiences I say "good on you TBB!!"...You likely do more than you realise (thus my parading my history in brief ) it's not an easy road, and there are degrees of loneliness or aloneness but at least you can form a relationship with one's children which few fathers have the time to do as well as reaching out to others. Good on you!!. I wonder if we could share some experiences there?

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Blowin Saturday, 17 Aug 2019 at 4:46pm

Sharp as a that a mangled metaphor or an insult I wonder ?

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sypkan Sunday, 18 Aug 2019 at 11:51am

Fast forward to 1:46min

no blame...

no shame....

Just lot's of same same