Fraser island

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Dave ben chong started the topic in Thursday, 21 Jul 2016 at 9:56pm

Hey fellow surfers heading to fraser island for a fishing trip with some mates. Is it worth throwing a board in just not sure due to heaps of info on sharks. Has anyone surfed there? If so any good etc

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indo-dreaming Wednesday, 10 Aug 2016 at 8:24am

I lived there for about two years halfway up the island right on the open beach at Eurong, if the waves were even half decent id still live there as the lifestyle and fishing was great and i have good friends there.

Basically 99% of the island is one long beach with a very narrow outside bank very far offshore that rarely if ever gets a proper bank as too narrow so normally peaks up spills the backs off and then a shore break that normally closes out before you can bottom turn.

Off course like everywhere it has the odd decent day, normally on a straight east swell after a period of east swell that form some kind of banks, normally in areas where there is some coffee rock.

As you drive onto the island the beach where it bends looks like it would do a D-bah/stradie thing on its day, but sadly it never does it just teases.

Up towards Indian head - waddy point gets the best chance of waves, I've actually surfed waddy point pretty good, but even then you really had to pick your waves and most sectioned to fast.(high tide is the go, normally on the end section)

The good news is it's totally uncrowded when i lived there, there was only three surfers then one left so there was only two of us, use to see plenty of cars with boards on roofs, but only ever seen a few visiting surfers surfing.

The bad news is apart from the waves the shark thing is not an exaggeration, i use to see a shark on average once a month, I've seen them surfing once and once when paddling a ski but mostly when fishing from beach or boat, even seen small bull sharks almost beach themselves to get crabs.

Fishing on the other hand is amazing its got everything good beach fishing (not just tailor or whiting), estuary fishing on the other side, mud crabs, prawns and the offshore fishing is amazing.