Great Films for Surfers or anybody to watch.

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davywayback started the topic in Saturday, 18 Jul 2015 at 12:04am

My pic would be " Inside Llewyn Davis " directed by 2 genius directors - the Cohen Brothers.
A film addict myslef, I was spurred on to watch this great film after I received an email I received from MySpace notifying me that Justin Timberlakke had connected to my own MySpace page bearing my Blues CD recording and a classical guitar CD I'd recorded some years ago.
He plays a supporting role in this film alongside Oscar Isaac in the lead role, who gives due credit to the songwriters of the day ,absolutely brilliantly portraying an unknown singer songwriter mid 1960's Greenwich Village / San Francisco.
This poignant, touching film, brings home the realities of life on the road ,and is a superb reflection of an age we will never see the likes of again.
Equally in the surfing world during that time we were witness to a new highly innovative era in surfing.
All over the world the arts and creative fields explored new territory.
I'd highly recommend this film. It's modest , understated style kept me enthralled - start to finish.

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udo Sunday, 19 Jul 2015 at 5:17pm