Calling Ballina surf forcast for what it is,

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gromfull started the topic in Wednesday, 24 Jul 2013 at 9:45am

when are you guys going to start calling the ballina forcast for what it is, The Byron Bay surf report, again this morning you show suffolk park, last time i drove back from suffolk it was 20k's away from ballina,

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thermalben Wednesday, 24 Jul 2013 at 10:17am

gromfull, all of our surf reports are "regional" - that is, they're meant to cover a wide range of coastline. Not a specific beach or town.

The Ballina report covers the North Coast between Brunswick Heads to Evans Head (Yamba report covers Evans Head to Wooli, the Coffs report covers Wooli to South West Rocks, and so forth).

We had a change of Ballina reporter some time ago, and when that happened we also planned to change the report name to Byron Bay (for a number of reasons, SEO being one of them).

Unfortunately there are major database problems that prevented us from doing this. For example, our reports and forecasts are sent to a number of third party websites (who have all coded up their websites with "Ballina"), so we can't just "stop" a report location.

Also, we've been rebuilding a brand new website and database for quite some time, so we figured we'd be better off waiting until it launched (which isn't far away now). As such, the easiest option is for us to keep the broad Ballina report and swap it over to Byron Bay when we the new website goes live.

Obviously, it's difficult for us to communicate this to the general public because our reports have never been beach-specific. And for what it's worth, our Ballina report has never been done from Ballina either.

I hope that explains things from our perspective. There are a couple of other location changes that will happen with the new site upgrade too.

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wellymon Wednesday, 24 Jul 2013 at 12:47pm

Hi gromfull, really the reports are an overview! I would say, make a decision on the overview and head to the beach and see for yourself.
What do you reckon?
@ Ben, About changing your web site! I know I'm new to the site Swellnet but I think it is really good, it did take me awhile to find my way around it. I find Craigs forecasting is pretty spot on, Im not sure if you have input on that as well, but its really good.
I love the surf cams up here on the Goldie i.e. Burliegh, Snapper and Dbah, they are better I think than Coastalwatch who I was using for years. I do have problems with the surf cams going stagnant for awhile , but hey they've got a better perspective.
I find your weather maps (swell height, swell periods, wind and synoptic charts) the bomb, they shit all over CW.
Mmmmmm.... The forums are great also, as everyone can have their little say on various topics and is very funny I have to admit. Especially after a couple of beers, so I do apologise from some of my comments but hey life is a great journey.

Changing your web site! I have told friends who live down Sydney ways, even up here and beyond about Swellnet, But they don't like it for some reason as of being too hard to find their way around. They still use CW, which to be honest I do too, pretty much to get two different opinions etc.
Wish you luck on the upcoming site, Good work, credit to you guys.

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thermalben Wednesday, 24 Jul 2013 at 12:58pm

Thanks WM. We're not so much changing the website but improving it. Can't go into too much detail right here but I guarantee you'll like it.

As for the surfcams freezing - actually we've had a mildly annoying, ongoing network problem on our Noosa, Burleigh, Snapper, D'Bah and Coffs cams for the last two weeks. It's still yet to be resolved. Probably best if I detail this on another forum thread.