Xenophobic about Kiwis? Why.

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wellymon started the topic in Wednesday, 19 Jun 2013 at 1:12pm

Ha thought I might make a subject, from reading the "Bring back the Biff down SA".

If you know what "Xenophobic" means.

Look forward to your comments.

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zenagain Wednesday, 19 Jun 2013 at 1:47pm

I think most people are past the trans-tasman rivalry wellymon. I myself love NZ and like most kiwis I've crossed paths with in my life.

From a recreational perspective, once spent a few weeks travelling the North Is. and the Coramandel surfing everywhere from Raglan to Whangamataa (spelling?). We got great waves, met really nice people, enjoyed great food and cheap beer, shared jokes and never once encountered any hostility, quite the opposite. One of the best surf trips in my life.

From a work perspective, I used to hire a lot of seasonal workers from all over. I'm not going to stereotype other countries, but I always preferred kiwis as they would work like trojans, never whinge, happily accept their pay, go out all night and spend that pay having fun and front up the next morning, on time every time, bright-eyed and bushy tailed ready to go again.

Come the Bledisloe, that can be a bit of a different story but I never get tired of watching the All-Blacks play.

Only one thing missing, gotta get over there and sample your powder one day (and not the dancing kind). I'm damn keen to snowboard the South Is.

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thermalben Wednesday, 19 Jun 2013 at 1:58pm

Yeah I've had nothing but great experiences with NZ folk.

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groundswell Wednesday, 19 Jun 2013 at 5:48pm

Same,kiwis seem like really happy folk in a lot of experience with them. A lot friendlier than a lot of Aussies ive met, especially a lot of inner city Sydney folk.

One islander I met however, NOT Kiwi seemed like he just broke out of prison on rape charges.6ft 3 and bulk as hell followed my girlfriend and other girls around all night in one bar,he drank our beer etc. I told my girl and her friends to go to a certain club to the north while I tried to drag the psycho rapist to another bar. Very strange night and im surprised the cops didn't show up. Not that makes it worth stereotyping one island race. It isn't.
But even the bar staff were scared of this guy and asked me to stay and keep him occupied, playing pool.I didn't realise how foolish I was until a few days later when I was sober. Maybe he was just too lonely.

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carpetman Wednesday, 19 Jun 2013 at 7:06pm

I've always viewed the Aus-NZ relationship (with each other and other regional nations) similarly to the USA-Canada relationship.

Guns-Maple syrup... what ever stereotypes you choose.

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sidthefish Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 6:52am

I apologise to insider, was a bit harsh.

However, I will add that SEQld found plenty of space and waves for the hundreds kiwi bros over the decades, some were visitors, many stayed for good then started families. Cool with that, trust they live good lives here. Pretty sure they do.

As said, having afforded and accomodated all of the above in goodwill, year in year out, !FOR DECADES!, all I ask is please don't NO KIWI start lecturing me what I can or can't do in my own country.

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shaun Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 7:16am

Yet Sid, you tell South Australians what they say or can't do in there own state, just sayin.:)

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shaun Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 7:18am

That"s can not say, sorry no edit button

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wellymon Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 11:57am

Fair enough Sid, good for the apologies to Mr Inzider, not that I know him but sometimes Ive noticed he does go off a little.

Anyways Sid and Salt from the comments on Bring the Biff thingy, you guys would rather have Iraqs, Afgans, Chinese or whatever, rather than Kiwis working in your country??
Thats hard, because it will bring down the economy of Australia really hard, these other nationalities are keen to work for peanuts, which really is not good. As "Gina Rienheart?" said why can't Australians work for $2 a day?? Would you guys work for that?? I probably would if a loaf of bread was 1/2 a cent , petrol was 1cent a litre, rent was $1 a week and a schooner was 1cent.

Ive seen this working offshore, with the big oil and gas companies who employ Philippines for $40 a day? Then they start at me saying you must be rich Welly? I say my wage in a day can buy 40 packets of durries? and your wage in a day can buy 45 packets from where you come from, trying living in Australia it is one of the most expensive countries to live in the world.

As for Kiwis taking all the jobs in the industry I work in , thats is not true at all, try looking at the Poms and the Scottish for a start.

Ive been living in Australia for 15 years and love it, love the climate, love the waves altho pretty crowded sometimes, get along with a lot of like minded Aussie blokes who crack me up, love the girls as I married one and I love my work, these things are really important in life as our life is so short.

Ive always got shit living here, being from NZ and I still do to this day, I always will be called a sheep fucker etc , but do you know how many times that comes up, "Boring". Lucky I have a good sense of humour and broad shoulders.

Anyways cheers for the comments.
Respect ✌

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salt Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 2:25pm

Fair enough wellymon, points taken. I have mellowed over night. I do reckon though if your gonna stay you should get naturalised make it official, not just Kiwis but all new arrivals, long stayers whoever, least then you could play for our cricket team, looks like we are gonna need some help.

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wellymon Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 4:36pm

Classic comment Salt,

I played cricket for 20 years, I'm pretty sure I would not make the Australian team, thats for sure.

The ball would be in the keepers gloves and I still wouldn't of played a shot.

As for the AFL, still can't make head nor tail of that one, but saying that, pretty good game and amazingly fit athletes.

I think I will just stick to riding some waves and love every day that I'm here living.

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wellymon Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 8:04pm

@ Zenagain, Best to stay in Japan for the best pow pow for sure.
Altho NZ is getting a nice storm at the mo, Mt Hutt just had 120cms, but so much heavier than the pow you get.
I will let you in to a secret tho, my most favourite NZ field would have to be MT OLYMPUS, in behind Mt Shut?? (Mt Hutt)
This ski field is a classic, old school for sure, book in for a week, stay up in a lodge on the field and if you get 30cms the road is closed for 2 days so if there is 20-30 people in the lodge , you all get to track the field out with no other people. Nut crackers keep many away, which don't take long to master, Its just a fat rope that is driven by an old tractor motor out of a shed, that runs thru railway wheels on posts every 75m, so watch ya fingers, An experience to remember for sure, put you ownr cd on and go shred, you can hear your tunes out on the field, even have night riding. Great hiking to some nice technical steeps.
Enjoy Zen as I think you would like, its such a great atmosphere.
For Real.

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zenagain Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 10:21pm

Hey Wellymon, I posted a reply earlier but somehow it got lost.

Thanks for the local knowledge, I'd love to check it out, don't mind some back country or the steeps.

Yes we are spoiled for powder here. Every season I start getting antsy around Novemeber, I can't wait, snowboarding is definitely a close second to surfing to me. I got some sweet tree runs that I return to year after year. Got one insane shute running through the trees at the edge of one of my favourite resorts in Fukushima. It's a bitch of a walk out, but so worth it. Untouched waist to chest deep diamond dust all the way down.

I had a great time in NZ surfing and I vow to get back there one day. My bro ski's NZ annually but last year he got his hire car window smashed and all his gear knocked off. He hasn't let him put it off NZ though.

That's what I like about Japan, no theft. The most honest people on the face of the earth. Sadly, the only theft at snow resorts occurs in places like Niseko and Hakuba and unfortunately usually by the hands of our own countrymen.

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wellymon Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 10:48pm

Those secret chutes Zen are timeless, especially chest deep, that is what makes the walk even better.

It is something else to brd in chest deep fluffy pow, where no else in the world except for Japan can you do that very often.

Japan has the best snow in the world and let alone the people with respect!, holy they have respect like no other.

Its probably something surfers all around the globe, could probably learn from with out a doubt.

Chest deep pow pow is like nothing else in my eyes, its one of the most trippiest feelings anyone could have.


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zenagain Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 at 11:14pm

Wellymon, you got me amped and the season has only been over for a couple of months.

Often I board here mid-week and the resorts are empty. It's eery lonely sometimes being the only person on a lift and the only one flying down a run. The lifties (who are all local rice farmers that work the mountains in the winter) quite often fall asleep in their little huts and don't even check your tickets- it's funny. Even the groomers have knee-deep powder and you can go all day making fresh tracks if you go on a weekday.

I usually keep an eye on the weather and if it coincides with a big overnight dump, I'll drive up and hit the mountain by myself. I bought a brand new Subie Outback 2 years ago and that thing is the best snow car I've ever owned.

I buy my lift tickets in November for $35, lunch no more than $10 fuel and tolls another $30 and $6 for the hotspring soak on the way home to soothe the muscles. A day is less than $100 and if I get 2 or 3 in the car with me, around $50 a day all in. A lift ticket alone at Perisher I believe is now $110 before you even factor in food and getting there.

Sorry, we should start a snowboarding forum, I could rabbit on about it forever.

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inzider Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 7:35am

no need to apologise sid I just think my point was lost in text. I have no hate for OZ some of my best mates are ridgy didge ockers, I have hate for travellers with no respect for locals and their environment, I can see both sides of the SA arguement on the other thread. Yeah I go off tangent but I;m proud our nations shared history. Out of all the travelling surfers that make it to my local in NZ the Ozzies know how to behave in the line up the best.Even the little upstart pros from the goldy. Not many Kiwis dont have family links in OZ. My grandfathers grandfather was born In OZ my grandfather was born in oz My mothers grandmother was born in OZ my sister was born in OZ my daughter was born in OZ. I dont want to become naturalised either, I believe in a world with no borders. Kiwis who come to OZ these days take a big risk, there is no welfare if you loose your job, no help if a storm trashes your house, kiwis have less rights in oz than refugees these days . Long gone are the days of flying over and getting the dole. Any ways its been a good wind up and a laugh all these threads. And yeah wellymon is right about olympus in the SI it is good. just make sure you buy your own nutcracker before you go, Vertigo surfshop in Oakura NZ have primo ones for about 150nzd. Shred on

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Craig Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 7:41am

New Zealand is getting blanketed in snow at the moment with this big low pressure system, the same one that's given Southern NSW 7 days and counting of swell!

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zenagain Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 8:34am


Wish I was there!

(PS- what's a 'nutcracker'?) scuse my ignorance.

Apart from Wellymon's explanation above, I understand that but buying one for $150?

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wellymon Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 9:42am

Nutcrackers usually get given to you by the field, they will have a spare lying around.

They are 5-6mm stainless wire shaped like a nutcracker about 300mm long, they open up and close around the tow rope(30mm thick rope). Grabbing the rope you flick the nut cracker around it and squeeze, The nut cracker bites the rope which is attached by a small 6mm chord to a harness that is wrapped around your waist and yeah ha, your shuttled up the MTN pretty fast.
Mt Olympus is set up the best with little down ramps to get the same speed as the tow rope which makes it easier, usually don't even un click just zoom straight on.
One day testing brds with my mate JG from Burton USA, we rode 37 top to btms (500m vert) all by 1.00pm, in really nice boot deep. Thats about 55,000 vertical feet by lunch time, that proves how fast the little nut crackers can go when the tractor in the shed is cranked up..

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zenagain Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 9:59am

Cheers Wellymon, checked it out on Youtube, never heard of it before.

Looks tiring though, 50k+ feet of vert and not sitting down for a rest.

How were your thighs that night? You must have been crawling back to the lodge by then.

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wellymon Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 10:48am

Yeah was pretty fit then, doing 200 days riding a year, back to back seasons at Red Mtn B.C, at TC, Rip Curl Heli Challenge Comps, Was testing brds for Burton USA in their Test Development Team, Hiking and snowcaving big peaks in NZ and Rogers Pass up by Revelstoke in Canada.
Those little pins of mine sure got a good work out.

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wellymon Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 5:42pm

Yeah Zenagain
Lets not talk about "Xenophobic", I would rather anyway talk about Subaru's and surfing the frozen water.
I got last years XV Subaru, what an awesome little machine, wish I had some snow to throw it sideways in, thats for sure.
Cheap as fuck to run and loves the revs, gives the v8 holden's a sure ran up my hill.
Maybe you could start a forum on surfing frozen water or the likes??

Anyways a thing that does crack me up, is when you pronounce "Xenophobic"? it sounds alitttle like you and BlindBoy, maybe BB is Zenaphobic??
No harm done all in good humour.

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zenagain Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 6:58pm

I love my Outback, got the new Eyesight, Black. Best AWD system for snow and that extra ground clearance helps.

Traction control off and a bit of empty carpark circlework- love it, ha ha.

A snowboarding forum wouldn't go astray.

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wellymon Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 8:41pm

Stop it

Empty car parks with snow and a Subaru, I know just the feeling.

Wait, if you go to NZ and drive up TC, Ohau or Olympus, its full on , radical switch backs with 1000 ft drop offs, lots of fun tho if your in control? I bet Inzider would confirm that.

My wife was shit scared the first time I took her up there, I hadn't seen snow for 3 years and was keen as to do some turns as you could imagine. Drove like a bat out of hell as if things had not changed, altho a hired Subaru Legacy did not help.

My best mate who was a patroller up TC left early at lunch time, driving down only to find skid marks straight off the switch back, which coming around the next switch back to see a car upside down squashed flat, with 4 Japanese people flung out everywhere, I think 2 were dead, not a very nice drive down the mountain at all, it still plays with his mind a little.

Just a little to talk about surfing the frozen water?

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inzider Friday, 21 Jun 2013 at 9:37pm

Rule number one about clubfields and nutcrackers, -never take for granted there will be spares lying around, and what is lying around might be dodgey as fuck and pull your back out of place or the cracker might be not clamping right on the rope and ruin your day. Just buy one with a good harness and and its happy days. My home hill has the steepest nut cracker in the southern hemisphere and the highest death toll in NZ, ignore this at your peril , you could just be stuck at the bottom watching the fresh disapear in front of your eyes.

Oh yeah the T.C road is epic especially in an Leone series soobee,snow tires on front slicks on the back (helps to counteract the sledging of the 50/50 drive) fangin into the first hair pin in high range 3rd and then rippin into low range before the corner so you can cane into the next pin corner with high revs, oh yeah soobees and T>C what a love affair.

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zenagain Saturday, 22 Jun 2013 at 12:33am

No relation to the late, great Possum Bourne are you inzider?

I have been skiing/boarding for 25 years and I can't believe I have never seen or heard of a nutcracker.

Pretty hard to get the new Subies out of shape these days, they just don't let you.

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wellymon Saturday, 22 Jun 2013 at 5:20pm

Im starting to realise who you are Inzider,

Staying down in the beacon point camping ground, with I think Deano? at that time, old school bro.

I lived in the asbestos mansion 97 Beacon Point Rd from 1992 till 1998, I'm sure you would know the little fibro shack?

I remember your Leone series Soobee, always pulled over halfway up the hill to put chains on because of slicks on the back.

I past you numerous times in the white 1979 little Brumby ute, 2 seater, one of the first of its kind, only to get 3 runs under the lift line of pow before you had arrived?
The good old days.

Which field do you call your local that has the steepest nut cracker ? It can't be Broken River can it? Or maybe?

You have me baffled as they are all very similar, maybe 1degrees or something different.

Anyways here to the good old times ripping the frozen water around the South Island.

When is "Mr Don the Weather Man" gonna get on this post, as awhile ago in some forum, he was pretty keen to get rid of the North Island because of swell not hitting the East coast of Ozzie, and was very "Xenophobic" at the time?
Poor old Don must of had a bad run in, with some NZ bloke or got divorced to some NZ chick?

Funnest thing is that with the low east of NZ the last few days, Lower NSW have had plenty of surf.
Wellington had 200kmh winds the other day, not far away from the "Whahine" disaster in 1968, now that is cyclone cat 3 at least?

Peace and slay those turns

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inzider Saturday, 22 Jun 2013 at 7:22pm

Wellymon , I was in QT 92, 93 was living rough up skyline with some fellow surf converts. 94 was back in my home land riding TE MAunga O Taranaki, (steepest vert lift in STH HEMI) 95 was back in Wanaka further out past beacon camping ground living rough in pine forest up on hill overlooking beacon point with a view straight thru to T>C. That winter it snowed us in and had to sleep in camp ground kitchen on floor with oven on for heating, Winter was cut short with compression fracture on vertebrae due to some bravado gone wrong off summit rocks. 96-99 was a scarfie in dunnos clocking mad speeds on skaties down the hills and surfing sick waves (that coast would be overun if it had warm water) with runs to t.c in winter. I hail from the breeding grounds of THC (these days I reckon it stands for try hard club) any ways our famed spots in te Naki are changing rapidly, famous right that rhymes with rent is a circus these days, it wasnt long ago the mid week sesh would be empty, the dawny empty, now its busy any time, us coastal surfers suceesfully stopped the ASP from taking their world tour event down the coast. The last thing thing that coast needs is a webcast with pumping waves streamed worldwide. it is under strain from freedom campers , and a rampant influx of just add water new locals. I know what those SA guys are trying to do and good luck to them.Why not try and preserve what you have so your kids can enjoy it like you did. look what surfing has done for places like bali, shameful really. The thread on it has gone mental and there are some muttonheads posting some dumb shit, that uplift dude for one, its better goons like him dont get into snowboarding there are enough muppets doing it already. Oh yeah I was only rocking soobees from 96 onwards so I
think you might have me confused with someother soobee lover. A white brumby you say, were you a hard booter by any chance, or dose your last name ryhme with house? No matter who we think we may be I know for sure we have crossed tracks, yeah and that stor tht blew thru at home created a sick windlip down number two on maunganui the boys reckon, cracker wasnt running so boys hiked the thousand feet for their turns, So jealous im lying in my donger in the middle of SA desert about to start my shift on a oil rig, worlds away from my groms the missus and my boards. Longing for a day in the hills or a trip over the falls.

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wellymon Saturday, 22 Jun 2013 at 9:50pm

Nice one Inzider.
Used to ride with is it Chris Blake from Taranaki, nice bloke and a strong rider.
You know Im having you on about passing you up the hill bro, another fishing lure.
Yeah I used to ride and race hard boots, you're on the ball there. Hard boots taught me how to ride an edge properly which a lot of softbooters can not do, they slip and slide around the show, like boogie boarders. Going to Red in 95 made me change for the better and ride steep trees with a nice feeling (soft boots).
Im not sure if my last name would rhyme with house, thats funny as, I see what your trying to explain tho, but it did not work at all ?
Yeah as for Stent i.e. you love your rhymes.Surfed that place heaps around 85 -90, used to hang out with Scott Rowley, who shaped Peak brds, then he moved to Oregon USA. Scored Waitra once way down south out of Kai Iwi, right hander that does not break much, holy heck what an amazing wave that is. Did you ever get to surf the right at Whiterock, Waiarapa?
Its not about who we think we may be, both yourself and I know who we are.
Not sure of the story at Maunganui? fill me in properly there, if you don't mind.
Wasn't familiar with oil rigs in SA desert either, anyways have a good shift on land bro.

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inzider Saturday, 22 Jun 2013 at 10:45pm

yeah welly mon, blainy is a shredder hes one of my bros, he hasnt been on snow for more than a decade, but he is surfing still super solid, he has 3 kids now and is still in NP. So your not greg prouse then, I do remember you tho from T>C . I remember one day out hidden valley and you came tearing past at mach 9 with a rooster tail like a shotover jet. I always thought hardbooters were gay but I dont think ive ever seen any one go as fast as you on a plank. You were the exception to the rule. Maunganui is the skifield on MT NAki . You dont want to be familiar with rigs in the desert its not much fun. About 2 hrs norwest of moomba in the cooper basin oil and gas everywhere, not all rigs are offshore. any ways shred on

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wellymon Sunday, 23 Jun 2013 at 8:23am

Prouse and Blainy , good cats for sure, had good times riding with them.

Well the funny thing is you don't get anywhere in life being a ski bottom, That and nearly killing myself numerous times, I moved on as well.

Whats your roster out there?

You must be an engineer out there or something , with all those years in Scarfie land?

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inzider's picture
inzider Sunday, 23 Jun 2013 at 10:08am

yeah that bit of paper I got from dunnos defintely was worth it , Im am MWD hand. We dont have rosters, we stay for the well and then leave, this year has been gravy, 3 months at home And 1 6 wek hitch in the NAki surfing while on standby gettin paid, oh yeah. This hitch is into week three with probly two more to go, hopefully back to the naki for next hitch. Might even be able to sneak ina slide. workin in NZ rules over this desert caper,
Yeah ski bums only last if they have a trust fund, sadly i do not have one. But I am getting to relive my youththrough my groms , haha

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wellymon Sunday, 23 Jun 2013 at 6:12pm

Still waiting for Mr Don the Weather Man about getting rid of the North Island?.

Why would you?
Even tho story is about a Sth Island break

An amazing surf coast, with amazing waves ,that Im sure a lot of respectable Aussie blokes would love to surf.

I remember surfing the Butress or what I called "A Bay" with a champion Aussie bloke called Stu, we surfed it 3ft perfect 150m lefts hander similar to Raglan on a full moon, on mushies, what an experience.
We returned to the white bait hut after 3 hrs at about 6 am only to wake to see "Stu still surfing out there by himself for another 3 hrs?

Legend he was for sure, by yourself surfing on a full moon and a 3 hour walk from the main road, got some balls that boy.
Cracked me up for sure that night.
Full moon and mushies does make things for Real?

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wellymon's picture
wellymon Monday, 24 Jun 2013 at 5:47pm

Zenagain Yo ,
Mt Hutt got 2.8m of snows over the last few days.
Thats a fucken lot of puke for NZ standards.
I was looking at that system and yeah for sure haven't seen one like before, that was pretty intense, Whahine type with 200km winds in Wellington.
Whahine disaster was in 1968 , 268km winds that sunk the Inter Islander Ferry "Whahine" killing 51 people in the heads of Wellington Harbour.

Even tho not Japan , for sure NZ gets some snow, that will set up a good base for sure, especially in the Canterbury fields ,OHAU, OLYUMPUS, BROKEN RIVER ETC, they have such nasty rocks, that it is important to have a good wet base to set things up.

Check out Moon Man NZ , weather predicator that predicated this storm but no one believed him?

I reckon hes on the ball quiet often?