END of an ERA: PBC Pool.

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sidthefish started the topic in Saturday, 18 Aug 2012 at 4:52pm

A chapter closed the other week in the Gold Coast's aquatic heritage, with Micheal Wenden and wife Narelle, losing the lease they've held for 35 years on the Palm Beach Currumbin Pool.

For all the folkes who've punched out laps, be it competitively, for general fitness, the generations that learnt to swim, prep for NS pilgrimage, help tackle the GC points sweep, trained under the nutty genius of Laurie Lawrence, to swim alongside Karla Gilberts' booty, or whatever, I'd like to say BIG THANKYOU to the Wenden's for their decades of hospitality.

The southern Goldie is forever in their gratitude, they helped build the community.