Scorpion 2 tufflite

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haggis started the topic in Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 8:50pm


Anyone got the scorpion 2 tufflite? I’ve been surfing the ECS drifter 6’6 for four years. Loved it, but they’ve stopped making it in a quad format I tried the 6’4 greedy beaver but didn’t like it at all. Surfed it as a thruster. I’m looking at a 6’10’as it is only two litres more volume than the ECS which is 47 litres. The big difference in my ECS drifter is that it has a pulled in pin tail like the scorpion 1. The scorpion 2 has a wider tail which will affect the ability to turn on a dime. Anyone got any reviews Thanks sandy