Need help choosing a new surfboard

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Larfymeal started the topic in Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014 at 10:15am

Hello fellow swellnet crew,

I need your help choosing a new board.

I am approx. 6'8 and110kgs

I currently ride a 9,1 southcoast longboard and have a 7,6 mini mal (which I dont use often due to my size).

I am looking at a performance board and something I can take into bigger swell whilst still having the bouyancy of a much larger board so a thick fish board has caught my eye.

The board I'm looking at is 7,10, 24"wide and 3 1/8" thick (groper fish from MCsurf in byron bay) it will cost about $1200 hence why I want some opinions before investing such a large sum of money.

My surfing level out of 10 I would rate at 4 or 5 simply due to the restrictions of a mal I haven't been able to do much and I recently moved to Maroubra in sydney and my mal doesn't really cut it at this beach.

I was also wondering what sort of fin configuration would be best for an intermediate surfer of my size, I was looking at the 5 fin setup to give me the best stability and speed hence making it an easier transition from the mal.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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The Shaper Friday, 14 Feb 2014 at 6:52am

volume is the most important point for you. The dimensions you have quoted would be adequate. Three points to look at , 1) if you want to use it in bigger waves you would not want a big wide tail 2) make sure it has a bit of nose rocker (lift) Fishy shapes with those sort of dimensions can sometimes be a bit mallish meaning that in bigger waves you will be fighting to keep the nose out of the water on takeoff. 3) not too thin in the rail.You can lose a lot of volume thinking you need low thin rails. .... .. By keeping the tail a bit more normal looking in width and bit of nose rocker it will feel more comfortable on the steeper takeoff of larger more powerful waves. As for the fin set up its not going to make that much difference to that sort of board. If you have a Thruster (tried and proven) that you can change fin sizes on you will find what feels best for you. On the other hand if it has quad options as well its covered everything. Cheers.