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alexmagarey started the topic in Monday, 25 Mar 2019 at 3:04pm

hey guys i am a keen surfer and i have done a project on surf boards.
my question "to what extent can the design features of a surfboard improve performance and accelerate progression for a beginner”.
to do so i would like to find out some opinions on :

What did you start riding on?
Would you have changed anything when you were beginning to board design if you look at it now?
Was the fear of sharks ever a part of not getting time in the water?
Do you think having shark repellent would help get more people surfing and spend more time in the water?
What design features do you think are most important for a beginner (hard top)?
why is that?
How can i measure certain aspects of surfing?
Is there anything else relevant i should know?

thank you hope to hear back