reshaping rails of a pig

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groundswell started the topic in Monday, 6 Apr 2015 at 6:43am

One of my boards wasn't cheap. I'm embarrassed to say exactly how much it cost. Well I I had a couple from the same shaper that each time got better and better of the rack, then the custom cost double, for resin tin, good glass job and rounded tail rather than the usual wide swallow on fishes.

The board looked good but in the water had too much foam, way too much, too loose, the fins had too much toe in.
The rails are the worst bit. No edge under the front foot, and too thick not hard enough near the fins.

It goes OK sometimes but for a small wave board the rockers too curved and rails don't provide response quick enough to pump or drive out of a bottom turn.

I put the board for sale in a shop but now thinking I might have a go at either,

A)lowering the rails and hardening up the edge underneath (this part slides too easy in tubes with no hold under front foot until you keep placing it higher on the face up front.)

B)something ridiculous such as cutting off the tail and making it more of a mini Simmons
With fins right on the tail.

Is a really doable?
I don't expect to get more than 300 for it probably more like 250. But the boards almost a gem yet not quite due to no response.
(The fins are good for turns and got better for drive with controller's (futuresbig quads)

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thermalben Monday, 6 Apr 2015 at 6:52am

I'd keep the board as is and stash it in the rack.. there'll come a time when it might be really well suited to your current surfing approach, and it'll be a blast to whip it out for something different.

But don't modify the board.

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stunet Monday, 6 Apr 2015 at 3:17pm

I'm with Ben, find somewhere to stash it and store it there. Revisit it in a few years when your surfing has changed or you're looking for a fresh approach. I often do this and have had many pleasant surprises when revisiting old boards, even ones I thought were total dogs. Sometimes the key just all of a sudden fits.

Also, glass off modification on a resin tint sounds like a recipe for a mess.

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wellymon Monday, 6 Apr 2015 at 3:22pm

Maybe try medium quads or a thruster combo Groundswell.
I had a good mate who brought a Black Diamond DHD,
He hated it big time, he had too bigger fins in it and it felt and went shit...?
He took it back to Tinm at Aloha in Manly, he gave him some smaller fins and its gold now!!!!!
Weird shit eh, fins do make a difference for sure.

But not sure about no edge around the fin area....??????

I had the same kind of thing with my short board, quad set up Vectors 2 450...?
Went well in Samoa
Back on Stradie was shit, changed to a thruster and OMG, wow went wicked as, weird as.
Good luck try different fins;)

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udo Monday, 6 Apr 2015 at 4:35pm

Get a hard edge added to it ,3/4 of the board around ....lightly hand sand and an inch off the edge at a time till it feels better.......Brutus is the hard edge specialist ..Brutus?

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groundswell Thursday, 9 Apr 2015 at 11:12am

Thanks. I'll just sell it actually. I had it for a few years and its just not as good a small wave board as others around. Think I'll sell it and go a Gary McNeill alien like Rastas Bollywood. Gary's rails are some of the best I've seen for fishes.and that board in castles in the sky looks too fun.