SUP injuries

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1963-malibu started the topic in Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011 at 10:45pm

So a large SUP washes into the beach the other day and looks like taking out this small child who was playing in the shallows. Fortunately the kid was ok, she got out of the way and limped off with a sore foot.

What if it hit her in the head?

Are these SUP things classified as a boat or a surfboard?
Do they need to have a license or something?
Where does the maritime authority draw the line on what is a vessel and what is simply a surfboard?
Could i paddle out on a 15 foot SUP?

personally, i really dont like SUP's i think they are dangerous and ugly. The only use i can see for them is for fat boys paddling up a river to get some exercise because they are too fat to lie on a surfboard or knee paddle.

if one took out my kid the operator would end up in court.

i think they should stay at least 50m from surfers and swimmers at all times.

all surfers, if you see them in the water, give them grief. SUP are ruining the surfing experience for many surfers and i DO NOT CARE for the 'some people ride them really good', the whole thing is a total joke.

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bigwayne Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 at 10:14pm

mr malibu, i concur, i have a couple of old logs, pre65 and they all have rego stickers so the owner could be found if god forbid a grommet gets worked by one of those 50lb torpedoes! maybe that sought of thing can be revived and used on sups . maybe a dedicated part of the beach for them? one thing is for sure that are a big problem. we have a couple of sup riders at ones local and once the swell kicks up a little read 3ft they have real trouble handling them , although there is some guys that rip on them they are few and far between. one thinks they are the lazy mans way of getting waves. and because of the lazyness they also tend to not hangon to their peices excrement when caught inside therefore endangering the very existance of humankind.

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1963-malibu Thursday, 21 Apr 2011 at 7:11am

excrement hahahahah
you are classic wayne.

the serious issue is, who is going to step up and introduce some legislation to get them away from surfers and swimmers.

can you imagine how irate you would be if one took out a small child in the shorebreak?
they are a death trap mostly ridden by raving kooks!
I have seen ones with 4 fins, what on earth is that all about?
the SUP is the most ugly and dangerous fashion board yet, it wins the prize for that.

has anyone been injured by these fkn hideous SUP's?
or do you know of any injuries?
I am gathering evidence to take it to the authorities.

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bigwayne Thursday, 21 Apr 2011 at 9:49am

mr malibu, one imagines alot of things! (delusions of granduer?) , one, mr malibu is the formost authority on all things surfing, and as such will have to school you on the finer points of SUP evolution. the mighty polynesian family man who needed to feed his lot, needed one of those things and they served a very good purpose for this fine gentleman, although it seems we have an outbreak of sentimental folk who think that by trying to get back to their "roots" of surfing should also realise that what they have under them can be very dangerous watercraft,

the chances of introducing legislation i think we both know is futile , BUT, and its a big BUT , the ever so kind folk who wish to spend their hard earned on said excrement can see that they more than likley will not cutback or even float so as in the imortal words of EASY-E the "gangster rapper" if you cant deal with the size.......parental discression's advised.....advised....advised... 'nuff said

who , mr malibu, are the "authorities" ? you have not approached one for guidence on this matter? need one remind you that one is the only real "authority" on all things? ones better judgement has precluded you from a g.m.r.c. semipro mal comp ,the "dream tour", setting up at your local and claming you as the major sponno and send in the royal water parol to clear the lineup so we can have a pointscore round .

one hopes one has not been hard on you mr malibu, but , one has to remind the admires and various hangers-on that one is their feerless leeder , the one all can lean on, all round ladies man and self appointed swellnet club captain read reserve wax caddy HRH bigwane

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1963-malibu Thursday, 21 Apr 2011 at 10:16pm

Hey Wayne, i have read your post several times and still cannot understand what you have said.

I am gathering material about SUP injuries to take to the Maritime Authority.

Me personally has NO claim to be anything other than a concerned citizen who fears for the welfare of himself, other surfers and particularly innocent swimmers and children who could be injured by these stupid fashion boards.

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eternalbeginner Friday, 22 Apr 2011 at 8:30pm

Hey 1963 mal.

Have not been injured by a S.U.P but have had several close encounters with them while boating in my local area. Sneaking up the creek pre dawn or post dusk i have had several close calls with guys on sup as you simply cant see them..... I mean boaties have to have nav lights for night time water use but these guys are paddling in groups of 2 or 3 and are basically invisible until you are within 10 - 15 mtrs from them. have copped a spray twice now from these idiots when i have driven past them, waving their paddles at me and carrying on.

Oh and dont get me started on the pack that clog up the rivermouth at the alley.......

some form of regulation is needed... there are smaller "boats" than some of these logs out there and they need to be registered....


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1963-malibu Friday, 22 Apr 2011 at 10:07pm

i have several reports of SUP problems at Currumbin Alley.


Valid point EB, they do need lights if they are in that boating zone.

Thing is, if a SUP gets taken out by a boat the SUP rider will complain and try and sue the boat operator, but will the SUP operator wear lights and get registered? Prob not.

What else can we do to slow down the SUP thing?
Maybe a renaming of the vessel? SUP /PUS

They are not 'paddle boards'

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bigwayne Friday, 22 Apr 2011 at 10:13pm

fear not mr 1963, one is partial to ones own voice so one tends to ramble occasionaly, ok most of the time , the gist is mr 1963 that these "boards" did serve their purpose at some point in evolution but now are just a nuisance to all! getting the thing rego'd will be near impossible and the nsw maritime dont give two flying rats arses about them! at ones local they have had to clear the "bar" of this river just so the deep sea fisho's could get home!!! and just incase you have forgotten or god forbid you did not know, i am bigwayne you are not, one is king excrement of turd hill , all round nice guy and lover of mrs bigwaynes bank account,so before you refudiate ones credentials one will exept your apology and all will be well in bigwaynes wonderful world wich you mr 1963 are inhabiting. one has plenty to claim and one will even claim a head dip as a 10 second slab!! so mr 1963 i hope it is as clear as mud and you can go back to your little life.

mr beginner, cant say ive had the pleasure of nearly causing the demise of these vermin at night but undobtedly will at some point so yes nav lights would be a necessary thing for their very survival

this was bought to you by the all singing and all dancing bigwayne

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eternalbeginner Friday, 22 Apr 2011 at 10:49pm

Any day it is under 2 foot go down and have a look for yourself. It is a fricken joke during the holidays when you have in excess of 60 boats going out and then having to come in through the bar. Very surprised that there has not been a reported incident.

Yes Nav lights would be a great idea, any light would be good just so you can see the buggers, but unless it is regulated and that they have to comply with the same rules as registerd vessels I cannot see it happening.

Really dont know what could be done to slow down the whole thing.... Just seems to be getting more and more popular.... Maybe a designated zone for these guys?

My Bigwayne, it certainly gives you a scare when you find yourself within spitting distance and you have to take evasive action to avoid running them down! I hate to think of the damage that one of those tanks would cause to my prop!!!!


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1963-malibu Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 at 12:12am

Right on EB.

Not sure what you were saying, again, big wayne. but full respect.

Lets just wait for an SUP to kill a small child, lets see what the authorities do then.

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rushy Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 at 12:13am

I paddle an ocean-going sea kayak, and often train at night for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic (it's a 111 kilometre race which is held over night). Although I'm not required to run with lights, I fit small flashing bicycle lights (red and white) fore and aft. These are really cheap, yet can be seen for miles. They're the size of a 20 cent piece with LEDs. Why can't SUP riders fit one of these to their padddle? At least they'd be visible. I also keep well out of the boating channels. BTW, I've often seen runabouts on the water late at night without any lights, so it's not just SUPs doing it.

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eternalbeginner Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 at 2:45am

Yeah Rushy a small flashing light like that would be perfect! I have also seen many unlit boats on the water at night, These guys are required by law to have lights so can be prosecuted for flouting the law. the problem is that there are no laws in regard to SUP'ers.


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1963-malibu Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 at 3:23am

navigation lights would be a step forward. Might encourage them to get off these aircraft carriers and back onto a SURFBOARD and go SURFING, instead of bringing their BOATS into the waves.

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rushy Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 at 4:10am

SUPs seem ok in small surf. But for the skilled few, they're just too much of a handful in surf over 3 foot. Common sense would tell you not to go near other water users (surfers, boogers, small kids on the shore etc) in the bigger conditions. But as the saying goes "you can't legislate for common sense". There will always be the few who ruin it for the majority, whether it's surfing or anything else, really.

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batfink_and_karate Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 at 7:10am

SUP's need to be regulated in the same way that jet skis are.

They should never be ridden within 50 to 100 metres of any other surfcraft or swimmers. I don't give a flying fuck if they 'really ride 'em good.' It's bull. They only need one wipeout to become a disaster zone.

You think you're ripping on a SUP? Get over yourselves. You are anti-social sociopaths with no understanding of the danger you present to everyone around you.

Worst of all, they are invariably pilotted by aged gents who are long since past their best days, whose eyesight is failing, whose limbs and balance and co-ordination have long since peaked.

They are as pathetic a psychological cliche as taking off with the secretary leaving their children and wife, buying a red sports car, bicycle pants and the latest $5000 carbon fibre bike with all the accessories.

Gentlemen, take a look at yourselves, go find a mirror, and when you have done that, torch those damned things and go get a life that doesn't endanger everyone around you.

You know I'm right.

I do hope a few stories get around about SUP riders losing their house and red sports car on the payout for injuring some hapless individual.

Insurance should be required when buying one of these damned things as an absolute minimum, but if I was in charge, they would just be banned from anything other than rivers and lakes.

Wake up to yourselves you pathetic narcissists.

Was I too strong there?

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1963-malibu Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 at 7:46am

That was bloody brilliant.
well said BATFINK!

Education could be good here, for these unfortunate SUP heads. Maybe and correct me if i am wrong, but i get the feeling some of these SUP riders used to ride 6 foot 2 inch thick pointed nose thrusters that didnt float, trying to ride them with their 'ageing frame' as you say Batfin.

They were too 'fashion conscious' to get on a malibu/longboard, but when the SUP fad/fashion came along, they hopped on and went 'whoa, something that floats.'

maybe we need to educate them that there are surfboards that float too, that are not 10 foot, 3000 inches wide and 25 inches thick with weird fin systems.

maybe we can get them off their 'boat' and into something that floats that is not as dangerous, or better still, encourage them to take up swing dancing to lose some weight?

maybe education and sympathy can help this problem.?

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fitzroy-21 Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 at 6:43pm

I can't quite remember whether it is some places here or the US, but I read somewhere not so long ago that they where banned from certain areas of certain beaches because of the safety risks they posed.

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bigwayne Sunday, 24 Apr 2011 at 12:01am

mr martial arts, once again you have a succinct and worthy post, and as far as your feerless leeder is concernd not stern enough words in hindsight!

mr 21 , i am not sure if its still this way but at pipe, they asked, read told to move, not now or ever will i condone mindless thuggery but a little bit of "localism "does work even when the offender is local him/her self! it only takes one or two of the "local heavies" to do what they do best.and you will find that they will move to a different peak that is more out of the way of everyone else.

SUP riders are the "tools" of our beloved trade and should be treated accordingly.

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fitzroy-21 Sunday, 24 Apr 2011 at 7:23am

Appologies if I was misread wayne, but I believe that I read it was the local council that banned them from certain areas or certain beaches, rather than thuggery. But I could see that could also work at places like pipe.