Biden...Crisis after CRISIS!

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quadzilla started the topic in Friday, 20 Aug 2021 at 7:33am

I'm sure he has his fans.

However,his Track record isn't very good after just 7months in the job.

Reversing policies that were effective just because they were initiatives by Donald J!

now, Crisis 1/The Southern Border.

Around a million illegal blowins detected(how many undetected??).DRUGS and weapons flooding in.Among the detected illegals around 10% are importing Covid.

Crisis 2/ Afghanistan is still unfolding but there are reports and images coming out of there.The US officials dont know how many or where exactly their citizens are.!0-40thousands has been mentioned.!00,000 Europeans.How many Australians???

Joe wouldnt take questions at his robot/teleprompter statement, just walked away.Kamala nowhere to be seen.

Is this the way we expect the "so called leader" of the free world to behave?

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quadzilla Friday, 20 Aug 2021 at 7:40am

I hope Crisis 3 isn't going to be Taiwan.

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peter.wiska Tuesday, 9 Nov 2021 at 9:36am

Just an update,

The Democrats got their arses kicked in the Governor's election in Virginia.

Despite Uncle Joe,cousin Obama and missing in action Kamala each visiting the state to actively campaign.

The Dem running was a popular former govenor and Uncle Joe's margin was 10% last November.

The Republican has never been in politics before to top it off and had no active support from Donald J.

So all in all a resounding but close victory which is obviously reflecting the mood of dissatisfaction of the Biden/Harris disaster.

Sleepy,also lived up to his reputation in Glasgow....while the world watched,America's so called finest fiddled about with ZZZZZZZ....Nice impression Joey boy,that retirement home is painted WHITE ,you just got the address wrong!