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Ive just learned of a campaign trying to stop oil exploration and drilling, in The Bight region of South Australia which could end in catastrophic results for our nation. This is at the hands of multinationals who are not Australian, and probably don't understand us, or our love of the ocean .
If you are not aware or do not know of this, please get informed and sign the petition at #fightforthebight website at the very least.

I am fed up with the big end of town shafting the little bloke. We need to tell those involved both directly, politically and in any other form. We say NO!!
How can our government think we believe that they are "SORRY" when they still allow the environmental abuse of the land they stole.
PLEASE. If you want to be heard...... speak up. If you want to be seen........stand up. If you want to be nothing........ shut up..... please don't be nothing.
Thank you.

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thermalben Thursday, 20 Dec 2018 at 6:48am

Hi mate, appreciate the enthusiasm. We've been covering this topic for more than four years now - plenty of discussion via the links below (so, I'll close this thread).

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