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In or Out. (Note that following text is sourced from ABC/Current News Articles).

No shortage of Oz Gov tech fail inquiries involving 3rd party rorts. Naive to expect different with My Health.
By smaller measure our paper trail is sourced easier. By doubling our Health trail surely halves our security.
Possibly only 10 or so entities can 'digitally access' or download files, leaving only 1001 ways to copy it.
Currently Oz only has 3 hospitals of 100% digital compliance. (Roughly around 1500 patients turnaround)

Society's most vulnerable are usually most at risk with change.
Combined Parents of teen girl may track sexual 'misdeeds'. Risk of tracking the sole parent/child is raised.
Past abused victims seeking abortions or drug treatment, once anonymously taken in by health providers.
Now same online victims leave a 'criminal imprint'. Booted onto Indue card as Lib Party Donor No...#.

Elderly are our most desperate patients but can't access My Health or opt out without risk of elder abuse.
Poor folk least able to pay health bills will lawfully have records manhandled by debt collectors.
Those on Govt Payments who scrape to pay Health bills will timely be droned a Robodebt Robocop.

Health Engine is an Oz Corp' but Foreign Owned, went about cold calling those still in grief of loved ones.
No 3rd party was left out of the frenzy...$1300/to on sell a soul's data for approx $14,000 slice of compo.
Note: Some of these calls were instigated some 60 seconds after onsite activation. So now you know!
This harassment was endless from A-Z practices ... leaving grief stricken in a constant grave state.
(Currently under investigation)

On the flipside many long advocates of My Health bitch about how empty their library is.
If you simply have a cold or dying of natural causes then your too boring for data & hackers will sue you.
For celebrities! Simply remove staple from your navel to unravel unbilical chord to your first fetus selfie .
Medicos hint that crazed stalkers may already be extras in of our Hospital emergency ward sitcoms.

Set the bar low on security then slate board scripts & every plaster-cast signature can be uploaded.
If you select very fussy then not even last weeks weight gain will appear 30 years after you die.
Oh! I failed to mention about that not being allowed to die contract with the devil. (Just a typo).
Those who try opting out are refused by devil. Another swears your file grows faster once you opt out?

Most doctors argue that Patient confidentiality is lost forever. Stating My Health is NOT a health plan.
Digital junkpile is sorted within the month. Whats the rush? Oz digital hospitals are still 20 years away!