What's your view on voluntary euthanasia for terminally and older Australians

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mexicanonembutal started the topic in Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 at 2:23pm

Elderly Australians and terminally sick are joining forces to make the suicide drug nembutal or seconal available.These drug is not only used as a drug for euthanasia its also used as a sedative in minor quantities. This drug is illegal in Australia and this open act of civil disobedience puts these people at risk of penalties. I now ask why should they have to go through this when the vast majority of Australians want legal access to voluntary euthanasia? In the USA some states have it legalised and people go on on pains and agony each day..months back in USA ,Colorado heels council passed a.death with dignity bill, which allows assistance only to the terminally I'll, with less than 6 months at least that's some how reasonable and we can do better .
So we too in Australia can do it and should be mediated and controlled by doctors ,who are well qualified to determine who is terminal.I am based in melbourn and have suffered colon cancer for over 7 years,just imagine the pain I have gone through for years ,even though I am an elderly person ,why should i suffer that much in the name of law ,that's been cruel to the dieying ,I almost traveled to mexico, fortunately I saw a mexican merchant online by name Alan Miguel see mexicanonembutal(at)google(mail)dot(com). He helped me out and now I am sure ,I will be free of all the pains and agony .The only have to make sure they put down qualifying criteria ,that will enable doctors to determine if you are eligible for that . just imagine a child born of a rare disease which is terminal ,will have to leave all his or her life suffering for on earth ,what good do you think you are doing to that person .But the Australian GOVT will have to revise it's policies .see mexicanonembutal