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joining the dots.

Before the election Comey (FBI) had two political files: one on Clinton which was good as dead and one on Flynn which was very much alive.

Comey needed to keep his job if Trump won.
Comey needed to keep his job because he was very interested in Flynn's file.
So he divulged the ongoing action in FBI's dead case on Hillary. This was against all protocol.
But he was Trump's man.
So he kept his job.

After the election Comey started his run home on the Flynn file.

Because he was not really Trump's man.

And Trump sacked him.

Now the Americans might have this to contend to:

"Impeach means to charge someone with doing something wrong, specifically a high government official, such as the US president, a senator, or a Federal judge. Fortunately, very few presidents have had the dishonor of being impeached. Impeach comes from the Latin impedicare "catch, entangle.""

Good man that Comey, make a fine spook.