Advance Australia Fair

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Australians let us all rejoice

The Appin Massacre.

The Bathurst Massacre.

The Waterloo Creek Massacre

The Myall Creek Massacre

For we are young and free;

The Gwydir River War.

The Murrumbidgee Wiradjuri Wars.

The Rufus River Massacre.

We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;

The Evans Head Massacre.

The Nyngan Massacre.

The Risdon Cove Massacre.

Our home is girt by sea;

The Cape Grim Massacre.

The Van Diemens Land Genocide.

The Convincing Grounds Massacre.

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts Of beauty rich and rare;

The Faithful Massacre.

The Wangaratta Massacre.

The Campapsi Plains Massacre.

The Murdering Gully Massacre.

In history’s page, let every stage Advance Australia Fair.

The Gippsland Massacre.

The Warrigal Creek Massacre.

The Cape Otway Massacre.

The Hospital Creek Massacre.

The Butchers Tree Massacre.

In joyful strains then let us sing,

The Fremantle Massacre.

The Battle of Pinjara.

The Lake Minimup Massacre.

The La Grange Expedition Massacre.

Advance Australia Fair.

The Flying Foam Massacre.

The Halls Creek Massacre.

The Kimberley Killing Times.

The Avenue Range Station Massacre.

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross We’ll toil with hearts and hands;

The Whiteside Poisoning.

The Kilcoy Poisoning.

The Upper Burnett Massacre.

The Balonne Massacre.

The Condamine Killings.

To make this Commonwealth of ours Renowned of all the lands;

The Paddy Island Massacre.

The Massacre of the Yeeman Tribe.

The Water View Massacre.

The Medway ranges Massacre.

For those who’ve come across the seas We’ve boundless plains to share;

The Goulbolba Massacre.

The Bowen River Disappearances.

The Mistake Creek Massacre.

The Battle Camp Massacre.

The Blackfellows Creek Massacre.

The Cook District Massacre.

The Welwyn Range Massacre.

With courage let us all combine

The Cape Bedford Massacre.

The Battle Mountain Massacre.

The Diamantina River Massacre.

The Speewah Massacre.

The Barrow Creek Massacre.

The Florida Station Massacres.

The Canning Stock Route Killings.

The Bedford Downs Poisoning.

To Advance Australia Fair.

The Forrest River Massacre.

The Bentinck Island Massacres.

The Coniston Massacre.

In joyful strains then let us sing,

Advance Australia Fair.

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peterb Monday, 20 Feb 2017 at 9:52am


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Blowin Monday, 20 Feb 2017 at 10:06am


Keeping it happy.

It's a conscious decision .

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U still Gulliver travel getting waves blowin?

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I recorded this about the Myall Creek massacre about 10 years ago.