Liberal Torries and war

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bondisteve started the topic in Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015 at 9:00am

Happy ANZAC Day guys.
As a duel Currency Kid here is Aus I feel very strongly about the countries "short falls" and I wish to bring to your attention to one that is developing in our Era. Including the Torrie Liberal policy of turning to China. Their "Opium Legacy".
I realise there will some disconnect here and I apologise.
I've noticed the media rush to the clown Bishop's trip to Iran to "share intelligence" and to try and reduce the Muslim Tide that is coming from that country.
Please take time to consider this.
Just before WW 2 the Torrie Liberals sold pig iron to Japan in the face of undeniable evidence it would be used as fuel for war.
The Liberals supported the Vietnam War and many say the Holt suicide was directly related to that decision. Anybody with cervical spondilosis would question swimming in those seas that day.
Before the removal of "Saddam" the Liberals and the "Farmers" contributed to Saddam's bank account managed by the son of the most senior official of the UN. Only $400 million.
Now just as we prepare to engage Iran of the coast of Yemen as they attack a close and valuable ally(Saudi Arabia) where are the Torrie Liberals? Kissing Iranian arse. Known drug runners and financiers of the nuclear bomb casing found being manufactured in Switzerland some years ago.
Some things don't change.
Good luck guys.