Newbys, the big and the small

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quadzilla started the topic in Sunday, 3 Apr 2016 at 9:32am

A couple of interesting mirrorless offerings have been leaked or announced.

the BIG mother is a costalotta $$$$ony, the RX10iii.A bridge camera that will president Trump the present status quo.

Weather resistant, sand/dust/salt spray and light rain shouldn't be a problem.
20mp with a 1" sensor(Sony know a bit about these)
Image stabilised 24-600mm optical, then will extend into digital which may be ok ( but as the range extends IQ decreases)
Video is 4K which is fast becoming the norm, it even looks good on a 1080monitor.
its a WHOPPER, weighs around a KG and is the size of a DSLR.
$1500 US, around 2K+ in Oz im guessing,but lots of bells and whistles.

A Panosonic new model,GX80, is being touted as the mini GX8.
Its a compact size 16mp shooter, micro4/3s sensor,that shoots 4K video and stills(you take a video then extract a still image in camera from the footage).Its the first compact size ILC with 5axis stabilisation which opens the door to adapting just about any lens.No indication of price at this stage but the GX8 is $1200retail, so i'll guess this body will go for around halfish.