Looking to make a surfing short.... Need surfers!

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mosescam started the topic in Tuesday, 18 Dec 2012 at 1:18pm

Hey hows it going,

Im looking to make a short 2-3 minute surfing film for no other reason than a bit of fun. I work as a camera operator and editor in Sydney and am looking to shoot something interesting and fun over a couple of days.

I have recently come back to Aus from living overseas and because i have been away for a while and having never lived in Sydney (im from Adelaide) i don't really know many local surfers in this area.

I have all the gear needed to shoot a great little film including high speed (super slow motion 240fps HD camera), go pro, microphone, lenses tripod light etc.

The film can be about anything to do with surfing really, maybe something like:

Do you live in the City? If so do you like to escape the city on the weekend and head down the coast for some fresh air, great waves and open space?

I feel living in Sydney heading down or up the coast is a great way to de-stress and not think about day to day things.
I really like this short film:

If you have an idea or you know someone who is doing something unusual in the surfing world and would like to make a short film about it or it could be something like you know a secret spot and want to make a film about how / why you found it (obviously we wouldn't reveal the location!)

If you or you know of a couple of guys or girls who live around Sydney who like to jump in the car on the weekend and go looking for waves then i would love to follow you for the weekend film a great little film.

As you can see basically i have the gear and am willing to put in some effort, all i need is some people to make it all happen!

I'm a 29 year old guy living in Sydney. I have been surfing for about 4 years but i haven't had the chance to lately having lived in London since 2010.

you can e-mail me at [email protected]
or call on 0426274766