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Supafreak started the topic in Saturday, 31 Oct 2020 at 10:47am

Hello all , has anyone tried the H4 fcs fins ? I’ve seen reviews on you tube and read a few articles but just wanting to hear from someone that’s independent. The materials and finish looks first class but is it all just hype ? Expensive so they would want to be good and give something extra to warrant $229 retail.

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Supafreak Monday, 27 May 2024 at 11:32am
udo wrote:

Heres a Thruster Set

Thanks udo , I wasn’t sure what the alpha construction was so for anyone else here’s an explanation. https://futuresfins.com/pages/alpha-netplus

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udo Friday, 31 May 2024 at 4:37pm
kateontour wrote:

I’m loving my H4 Small Thruster after 2 Lost Mini Drivers always ridden as a quad.
One question - do your front fins leading edge of the base that should be flush in the fin box sit about 2mm out? On a canted angle like the base was machined for a totally different fin box - a more canted box like the old fusion?
Seems pretty lame for a Swiss engineered CNC fin, and defeats the purpose of an accurate symmetrical foil…. Maybe I’m not good enough to notice but for the money it’s kinda pathetic…
From all the marketing blurb it looks like the fin is machined separately to the base?

Did you Sort this Kateontour ?

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quadzilla Saturday, 1 Jun 2024 at 3:27pm
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seaslug wrote:

That would go mint SF, only ridden H4's as thruster but really liked them. Only have some small wave boards set up at FCS2 though.

Yeah Wayne questioned me when I put in an order for the DS with FCS2 boxes and I simply told him it was because I wanted to use the H4s . My other DS 7’6 off the rack has futures as does a 6’6 bargain I picked up of market place. I think futures have recently released a hatchet style fin .

Futures hatchets are the VECTOR 3/2...very similar to the older 3/2 Vectors which are great(imo).
The Futures have the same template for the trail TrustA fin whereas the FCS H4s have the SHARKY shaped trail fin.

@quadzilla , are the vectors fibreglass ? I have a old set of these from 2006 in a hard plastic, they went unreal . IMG-7452

SF, the Vector 3/2 originals lead fins had a kink in them, a very pronounced concave ....the trail fin was a low area hatchet(sets of 3 fins)...I still have 2 sets..code 467 a bit bigger than code 437...the numbers mean the measurement along the base...Four point 67 inch base(bigger ones)
The Vector II fins only have a slight concave, I can find 460 and 438 Flea quad lead fins, where the trail fins are I'm not sure.I'll guess the 460 is a Trusta set.

All are the hard cream /opaque plastic as shown in your photo...

The first 3/2 set I had was a black plastic that I think was stiffer than the cream, they drove like HELL!...I did have a blue fibreglass set too but the black was so far ahead, I sold them very soon after buying them.

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Supafreak Saturday, 1 Jun 2024 at 4:52pm

Thanks for the info