Bells Beach

Craig Brokensha

It has to be said, if you don't score decent waves this Easter, you're not trying hard enough!

The Australian continent will be bathed in swell ranging from the large and dangerous in Western and Southern Australia, to the still solid but more sublime on the East Coast.

Craig Brokensha

Victoria's Surf Coast is uniquely positioned with a broad swell window to the southwest, however incoming swells are refracted as they round Cape Otway. This narrows the apparent swell direction at the coast, so when viewed from shore the majority of swells appear to arrive from the south. So how can you tell if there's a westerly swell or a southerly swell running through Bass Strait if they all appear to be arriving from a similar direction at the coast?

Craig Brokensha

Early indications are very promising and there's even a good chance for a solid swell over the Easter break.

Flying On A Forecast

The Long Wave Trough had parked itself in perfect position, sending a large long-period sou-west groundswell towards the state, and the weather forecast was superb with light offshore winds and sunny skies.

A Victorian State of Mind

After a slow summer the Great Surf Coast Swell Drought recently broke providing classic conditions to Bells and Winkipop. By classic I refer not so much to the quality but rather the weather under which it broke. The swell was accompanied by a typically Victorian array of atmospheric conditions: moody clouds, squally rain, golden light and the obligatory rainbow.

Russell Charters planted himself on the headland capturing the surfers and their surrounds.

Craig Brokensha

There'll be plenty of swell, but not from Bells' ideal direction.

How does it feel?

and lastly, a big clean drop that makes the whole exercise worthwhile. All photos by Gary Parker.// STUART NETTLE To see more of Gary's photos click on his blog.
Stu Nettle
Parko was the form surfer of the Rip Curl Pro
Stu Nettle
Fanning was the form surfer on his side of the draw
Stu Nettle
It was sport as theatre on the grandest scale
Stu Nettle
Sharp surfing at the pointy end of the competition.
Joel Parkinson is a prince and a poet of Australian surfing

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