Kochi South

1ft (Knee High)
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0.4 m @ 9.5s ESE (107°)
0.3 m @ 11.4s E (90°)
0.4 m @ 8.1s S (187°)
First light: 5:28am Sunrise:5:53am Sunset:6:06pm Last light:6:30pm
Current: - Min: 23°C - Max: 24°C

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Kick stalls on a lonely coast.

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A definitive statement from an ambiguous identity.

Not surfing, drowning


"According to the survey, 20% of surfers self-report as unable to swim in the surf."

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Media statement from the North West Surfing Alliance

"NWSA call on the support of everyone to respect, protect and preserve Jakes Point, Gnaraloo and Red Bluff."

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Get your whomp off, get your whomp off, honey.

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Local surfers can decide where the SMART drumlines get anchored.

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The old wives say a dolphin in the surf means you're safe, but a new study puts the bite on that theory.