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Mick Fanning // Behind the Sun - video

Stu Nettle

Mick ripping north of 60° latitude where the sun hangs low.

Heart of glass

Stu Nettle

Swellnet visits the Glass Hut in Wollongong. A factory adapting to the changing surfboard industry.

Phil Jarratt in conversation at Sandon Point

After publishing his memoirs, Phil Jarratt is returning to where it all began - Wollongong.

Wash and the Windy Hills upcoming tour - video

Stu Nettle

Proto punk rock, crazy horse jamming, and a surf film! Check the dates here.

Julian Wilson wins the Billabong Pro Tahiti

“It is so special to win. I am ecstatic and I have nothing left in me."

Asher Pacey // Water over sand - video

Stu Nettle

Evergreen Asher Pacey once again hooks up with filmer Matt Kleiner for a back to basics camping trip.

The Billabong Pro burns through to Round Three

Lots of action, not much drama as the final twelve are decided.

North Avalon rockfall triggers local 'earthquake'

Ben Matson

A large rockfall at Avalon, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on Friday afternoon may have been powerful enough for Geoscience Australia’s network of seismometers to detect an earthquake of 1.8 on the Richter scale. 

Jake Howard on 'First Priority'

Alex Workman

Jake Howard teams up with Chris Moore, father to Carissa, for some real talk on raising a pro surfer.

Mick Fanning sharpens his exit strategy

Stu Nettle

Mick becomes part owner of long time sponsor, Creatues of Leisure.

'On The Java Ridge' by Jock Serong

Phil Jarratt

Phil Jarratt reviews On The Java Ridge, a book that "reveals more about what it is to be a surfer" than anything yet published.

Aboard the Bintang

Stu Nettle

Shoot the breeze with one of the last Indo charter boats to hoist the sails.