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Japanese surfer rescued six kilometres off Wollongong

Stu Nettle

A Japanese tourist has survived an improbable ordeal, being rescued by a container ship after 16 hours adrift off Wollongong.

Tom Carroll on the Occ-Cast - video

Stu Nettle

Two goofy foot World Champs sit down in the latest episode of the Occ-Cast.

Jamie O'Brien camera swap - video

Stu Nettle

Cop two angles of a Jamie O wave: from the channel looking in, then from the barrel looking out. No seams, no jump cuts.

Shark attack victim Brett Connellan returns to the surf

Stu Nettle

Brett Connellan not only returns to the surf but to the very site where he was attacked by a shark ten months ago.

WSL CEO Paul Speaker quits

Stu Nettle

In a surprise move Paul Speaker has quit as CEO of the World Surf League.

An Aussie surfer in the Kingdom of Norway

Stu Nettle

You can take the boy out of Oz but he's gonna go slab hunting. Chris King does just that along the wild, forbidding shores of Norway.

Parko's single fin swing at Burleigh - photos and video

Stu Nettle

With a Hot Stuff six channel underfoot, Parko unleashes on the Burleigh dancefloor. And to Billy Idol no less!

Live From The North Shore - video

Stu Nettle

The circus has left but the fun continues in Hawaii.

How big do tsumamis get? - video

Stu Nettle

And you thought swell forecasters talk up wave height! Click to hear a few tall tales about tsunami.

Mason Ho's feel good hits of the summer - video

Stu Nettle

Happy days, it's the latest Mason Ho edit! This one is a best of selection from his Hawaiian season

Ethan Ewing and Macy Callaghan are the new World Junior Champions

Australian duo Ethan Ewing and Macy Callaghan have capped off their stellar competitive seasons, taking out the World Junior Championships in Kiama.

Drowning doesn't look like drowning

Mario Vittone

Think you know what a drowning person looks like? Most people don't. As the summer death toll mounts this is a timely read for all surfers.