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The WA government wants your advice

Stu Nettle

Local surfers can decide where the SMART drumlines get anchored.

Watch: John John Florence // Space

Stu Nettle

For all those who missed the live premiere, here's John John's latest clip.

Watch: Wajung // Dave Rastovich

Stu Nettle

Watch Rasta ride a fish like a dolphin.

Study shows dolphins don't deter sharks in the surf

Anthony Pancia

The old wives say a dolphin in the surf means you're safe, but a new study puts the bite on that theory.

Watch: When the wave breaks there, don't be here

Stu Nettle

On Laurie Towner and the surf industry apocalypse.

Letters from the editor

Stu Nettle

The party is over, Webber's new patent, ol' Baldy's anniversary, Kidman is dreaming, and a few good men from Lennox.

Watch: Dane Reynolds // Bakerz Dozen

Stu Nettle

Dane releases thirteen clips from the vault.

What do Kalbarri and Coca-Cola have in common?

Stu Nettle

Prey to one of the most powerful forces on Earth.

A Golden Age beginning in Bondi tomorrow

Stu Nettle

Photos that mark an epoch.

Gabriel Medina and Carissa Moore win inaugural Surf Ranch Pro

Moore jumps into fourth place on the rankings and Medina second, just behind frontrunner Felipe Toledo.

Slater pulls out of Europe

Stu Nettle

Just seconds after exiting the wavepool Slater made the announcement.

Day One at the Ranch

They called it historic, so here, have a press release.