Maldives report and photos - September

Stu Nettle
Swellnet Dispatch

Welcome back to the Maldives Surf Report brought to you by World Surfaris and curated by Richard Kotch at Hudhuranfushi.

September 2016 was ridiculously good. We had solid, back to back swells all month with light winds and amazing weather. And I guess that's why my take on September 2017 isn’t as rosy as it might be, yet after looking through all the photo files for the last month I've gotta admit it was another really fun month here at Hudhuranfushi.

September kicked off with the visit of Gabriel Medina, he took an instant shine to Lohis. The fact that it was 4-5ft and barrelling with just three other guys in the water definitely helped. “Anywhere else in the world waves like this would be packed”  mused the 2014 World Champ after a very satisfying three hour session of tube to air combos. He then hooked into the Lohis buffet and paddled straight back out! 

There’s something about watching pro surfers in real life, it really makes you think more about your surfing and, dare I say it, try a little harder. For the next week the guests were frothing on the Medina factor and adding a bit of pizzazz to their turns!

Through the middle of the month things went a bit quiet but it was still surfable every day. Things really improved later in September with a couple really good S/SE swells with great conditions and perfect weather. Great times were had, especially with the high number of Lohis regulars on hand to keep the good vibes rolling.

October has started with some smaller windy days and funky weather, but the forecast is for an improvement over the next few days. Longer term we are really looking forward to the quieter days of late October and November - smaller swells, but still super fun in the ocean that never sleeps!

See you soon,

Report and photos courtesy of World Surfaris.