Chris Lovell

Chris Lovell
Wave of the Day: Landon McNamara gets an early entry into oversized Pipe
Chris Lovell
Wave of the Day: Pipeline peeling towards safety
Chris Lovell
Wave of the Day: Sweet surrender - Indonesian style
Chris Lovell
Wave of the Day: Endless walls of Indonesia

Selatan Sumatra

"We had back-to-back swells which meant it was almost too big for most of the days we were there."

Too big? Not a complaint you often hear about surf trips - at least those outside of Hawaii. But anyone who was in Indonesia - especially the western end of the chain - during the first half of August will know the islands were pumped by swell. And that's what Chris Lovell and his mates experienced during their trip.

Green Seas

It's with profound and protracted jealousy that I run these shots of Chris Lovell's. Profound 'cos he just got back from Indo where he surfed 15 different waves in 11 days while the surf was flat here. Protracted 'cos the last time I ran Chris' shots he was scoring the goods somewhere down the NSW South Coast while the surf was flat here.

South Coast Slide Night

Chris Lovell looks back on a bountiful trip to the NSW South Coast taken in August. As Chris explains it the locals took the bulk of the sets - which is to be expected - but he and his mates got a travellers share of the swell.

Chris is now in Indonesia and by the look of the charts scoring again. Keep an eye out for more photos.

Jet-Assisted Take Off

Craig Anderson, sister Philippa Anderson, and another unidentified sky pilot hit the heights during a jet-assisted training run on the mid north coast of New South Wales.

All photos by Chris Lovell.

Green-Eyed Monster

It's about this time of the year, when the Indo season is winding down, that I again receive emails from Chris Lovell. I always open them with mixed feelings - keen to see what he scored, but dreading to find out just how good. You see, I'm as prone to the green-eyed monster as any other office jockey.

This year, Chris spent time in both Bali and G'Land scoring three back-to-back swells. Here are his G'land shots. Try and be happy for him - I almost am...