P-Pass gets an A+

So far season 2010/11 is one that will go in the record books... El Nino, La Nina, we will never know what and why but the fact is that the surf has pumped nonstop for almost half of our season. Once it began it did not stop, for what seemed like a never-ending stream of swell under good winds and weather. Lots of places around the world are getting flooded with heavy rain or covered by snow.

Seeing Blue

The water I used filled with stinging cells and anywhere it dripped had the potential to sting me, even days later.//DUNCAN MACFARLANE If anyone would like to purchase a print or canvas of Duncan's images please contact us at Swellnet. To learn about bluebottles - what are they and where do they come from - and also find out what to do when stung read Bluebottles: The Scourge of Summer.

The Hook Up

The water photographer hook up... Unless the wave is a compact and predictable reef hooking up with a well-ridden barrel is one of the hardest things a photographer can do. For his part, Darren does his best to stay concentrated on the job at hand, knowing all the while that Steve has hooked him up on a screamer. Sequence by Steven Arklay.//STUART NETTLE