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Stu Nettle (stunet)

The new American Wave Machines pool is twice as long as their Texas Tub, and it's bigger and more varied too.

It was commissioned by property developers for, property development called Boa Vista - beautiful view - in the far western suburbs of São Paulo, Brazil, approximately 100kms from the ocean.

Apparently the pool won't be open to the public but is a private play centre for the people who buy into the surrounding apartments. Check the 0.30 second mark to get an idea of the scale of the project.

So while it appears to be the most user-friendly pool yet, the fact is such a build remains economically unviable unless underwritten by the sale of hundreds of expensive apartments.

Some serious ripping in this clip, especially from the young American aerialists, yet for my money Mig Pupo wipes the floor with his speed and precision.



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walkar Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 1:57pm

Shits all over Wavegarden. Dudes were shredding.

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Garryh Saturday, 22 Oct 2022 at 12:03pm

How fun is that wave.....omg lucky to have that in your city within reasonable drive time!!!

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andy-mac Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 2:25pm

These are the same guys doing the Sunny Coast pool ya? Any word on the size of the plan there in comparison to Texas and now Sao Paulo?
Looks fun ...

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DudeSweetDudeSweet Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 2:32pm

Imagine the strata fees on that puppy. Ts enough hearing my apartment dwelling mates tell me about the tens of thousands for unwanted window upgrades on their building. Bet the residents ardour for the tub cools a bit in a couple of years when it’s blowing another million dollar gasket every few weeks.

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udo Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 3:43pm

Shredding - How the fck could you put out a Vid showing loose Pool wall cladding Sloshing about.

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lost Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 8:14pm

I noticed that as well. Pretty lax construction standards vs Aus. Look at all those apartments going up. They are surfing in a construction site ! Reckon they can do this pool in Brazil a 1/3 or whatnot would cost anywhere else.

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zenagain Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 4:09pm

That was some next level ripping.

Looks fun too. I'd love to have a go.

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DudeSweetDudeSweet Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 4:31pm

A private locals only wave pool for rich kids. Well, I guess the dream of equality in surfing talent is dead. The days of pro surfers coming from a few kilometres inland are over I guess.

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Roystein Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 4:52pm

The waves and surfing great, everything else the pits.
Can only imagine the hell hole it’ll be when complete. And then a wasteland when it doesn’t work.
Notice the wall lining coming off already.

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conrico Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 4:53pm

Kelly Slater cry your eyes out. Same quality waves but now once every 10 seconds not once every 10 minutes

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memlasurf Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 1:54pm

Na nowhere near to punch of slaters pool that is a real, longer and bigger wave these are not much more than the Tulla tub. I must be old an cranky but it looks boring to me like a watery skate park that you would get bored of real quick....just like Tulla, great tub surfing though, make rate would be much lower in the ocean.

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frog Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 7:10pm

Kelly sold his pool to Ziff.

Kelly wins again. Ziff not so much.

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truebluebasher Sunday, 16 Oct 2022 at 10:31pm

Crew are onto hodad would throw $2 at that pile of shit eco disaster.
No company would ever dream of promoting this dodgy bros gig!
Perfect Swell rolling inside the Portaloo then get Clad by the Waving Wall?

Stab : { Footage of The Best WavePool in The World "leaks" from Brazil}

Whole place would turn into a red tar pit after first decent rain...( re: Turf Retaining Wall Corp...OMG)
Yes! The cladding is attacking them as they surf (Ongoing Marine Hazard should close the pool)
Like this shit would drag & tear into yer lining & close the whole pool ...
Red clay soil frothing with chlorine...A Red Sea Milkshake to bring the Holy Brazos to the yard!

Also check that the wall is leaking & eddies are forming around the base.
[ Surfing Cladding 3:15 - 4:15 ] + Wall of Shame [ 4:15 -4:50] Leaks / Eddies + Open Top Cavity.
During Heavy Rain the Pool Cavity would slowly Fill & gradually blow off more of the Panelling!
The fact that the dynamics of Compact Waterfall delay slammin' the pool level is a recipe for disaster.

Tracked down the usual Hodad Surf'n'Turf Promo


Below is the pre fill Site Tour Vid
Highlights the Massive Pit of Red Earth that threatens to entomb the Wave Pool.
Unsure if this was an old Basalt Quarry with all that Red Soil?
Shows the massive Pool Lining before the Fill.
tbb's eyes aren't that good...if crew say it's a piss poor Concrete pour...fine with that?

Trade secret : Failing to (Hammer) the Concrete Mix enough & Blow Holes formed in the Wall?
Resulting in Extra Coatings as shown in Site Vid > Note all manner of trial product at wall base!
Possible Minor leaking at low fill level resulted in these Goofball Stop Gap panels! So fucked up?
Neither of which option solved the leaks as Water Eddies form at these Blow Holes...
Also note the pool is still filling up? Any more water against that Swiss Cheese wall > Tsunami Alert!

Myrna Pool Stainless Panels are water proof & can retro fit where ya like & would have been best fix!
Sure! Pay for Quality but it's not too late to bring them in to sort it!
Consider all that terrain above it, soon with full length Pools...adding more & more water pressure.

A couple of decent day's rain & this joint is a Dinosaur Tar Pit...(Get out Now!)
Dodgy Hwy Fencing should've spelt warning...reckon a few fiery wrecks might roll down into yer pool
Only know that hanging yer Logo on that wailing wall is a major set back for the Company!
Here's that Site Foreman's Dry Docked Surf Flick...

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juegasiempre Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 4:15am


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truebluebasher Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 10:24am

Furthermore to wot tbb was saying...if viewers want the ultimate shoddy example > click pause @ [4:14]
Note the Cement wall form-work or pressure from behind has left an uneven kinked face.
It is an extremely long wall by industry standard & expansion gaps may have been compromised.
This adds to tbb thinking the wall was too large to fully vibrate the mix (Not enough extension gear!)
We could be looking at longest fill of a wall pushing industry standards to breaking point! (Agree!)
Something/s had to give > Wall naturally blew out in shape & or with air holes.
This would've been in the backs of minds during the fill.

Most likely this inevitable & clearly visible buckling was considered enough to deviate the wave flow.
We may not see it but the wall could be out by quite a large margin with survey lasers.

Note: Over 100's of years of 1,000's of Wave Pool walls...can't think of Cladding ever being needed?
Especially considering the attention to detail in the Site inspection Vid.
That's clearly a lot of fussin' over the Wall & fine finishing gear & compounds only to clad over it?
Makes zero sense to spend that much effort & cost on best ever shiny Wave Wall finish to then hide it?

Crew can see that these Vert slats of varying thickness were fastened to the new beaut Concrete Wall Face.
It's possible that each slat also varies in thickness upon it's own profile as if laser cut to suit uneven face.
An expensive attempt to correct the already expensive buckled Wall for precise wave dynamics.
Hence the wobbly looking vert panel lines mattered less than a more even full length face.

Clearly the cladding fix failed...& the wall still has kinks that will only buckle worse under pressure.

[DISCLAIMER] tbb has worked on several thousand building sites....
Seen all these tricks and more...while that wall stands as is ... this is a huge ongoing problem!
Crew don't need tbb to example that...all can spot the Elephant in the Pool.
That Pool Wall also anchors the development...should investors see that Wall come down...better run!
Qldurrz call this Fly by Night...first signs are the supervisor has a change of clothes on interior car hooks.

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memlasurf Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 2:10pm

No structural engineer even in Brasil would have designed it without the proper specs as most of these standards have been around for ever. Maybe design build and the contractor will carry the can and the can will be dissolved so there will be no comeback.

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truebluebasher Monday, 31 Oct 2022 at 3:02am

2018 Vila Velha Condo Pool Itaparica Beach Brazil
22 April 2021 @ 9:56pm...Basement Tsunami

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smokeydogg Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 6:18am

Wow the wave looks way better than wave gardens, looks just like an ocean wave based on how the boards go when they're pumping.

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frog Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 6:49am

I had a relative who lived in one of those closed off exclusive residential places with golf course for the very rich. Guess how much the annual golf club membership cost (pre 2008) ... $500,000 per year!

So the Brazil development would have more than a little in subscription fees each year! Not in the reach of the average brazil nut.

As an aside, all was well for the relative until the GFC hit then he and many others at the place lost a lot because they had all been sold no risk mortgage backed 10% returns in a mass investment seminar - seemed to good to be true to me at the time. It was. Nice big dollops of juicy subprime mortgages presented on a silver platter to rich oldies courtesy of investment experts from the US. No more golf for many after the GFC.

Boa Vista may be the future or a sign of peak economic madness.

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Sheep go to heaven's picture
Sheep go to heaven Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 8:00am

You would have to surf it to be sure , but at first glance that looks WAY better than the Tulla tub . Better wave shape and able to come off the bottom harder , and the barrell - looks more natural with the line you take across the wave as in the ocean , . The tulla wave you really have to angle hard towards the shore to make it

frog's picture
frog's picture
frog Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 8:44am

Yeah, the Tulla tub mostly sort of looks like a standard rip channel beachbreak on an ok day. Often the water movement looks to detract from it. Fun, but not something I'd froth over.

The Brazil one is a quality wave.

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Rubicon Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 1:49pm

Pool access granted to the guests of any of the 300 poolside apartments operated as Air B&Bs?

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northeasterly Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 2:24pm

The wave looks great but why box it in between apartments and a big embankment? Weird.

I read the comments above and had a look at the concrete wall issues at the different times on the video. It's doesn't look like precision engineering and will likely fall apart eventually but it's surprising how perfect the wave is considering it comes out from under that wobbly lump of concrete. Obviously that wall has nothing to do with the wave dynamics. Though they must have been stressing when they saw the builder's wall and were yet to see a wave come out it, especially after some of the Brazilian builder efforts for the Rio Olympics.

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stunet Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 6:25pm

Instagram tells me URBNSURF have a new air wave program:

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truebluebasher Monday, 17 Oct 2022 at 10:10pm

Right you are Stu...Urbnsurf have been tweaking "Advanced Turns"
Urbnsurf "Advanced Turns" (NEW WAVE SETTING) New high performance Turns waves!
Seems to be a Mach 2 on original .
Just posted this insane Chix action shot on the same left hand wave!
No matter wot...this a quality Wave Pool action shot...Best of it's kind!
It seems surfers can source extra speed to hyper extend their turns ahead of the wave.
Photo paints this surfer as a WSL Pro...see for yourself...
Mind you...Layne is onboard & might know just wot the girls want.
Read the side caption...sums up this new speedy advanced turns wave perfectly.

$89 New Advanced Turns Tulla Timetable
6:am Sat
7:am Tues/Thurs
9:am Hol/Sun/Mon/Wed / Fri
2:pm Everyday
9:pm Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs

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Justonemore Tuesday, 18 Oct 2022 at 1:40pm

More Perkins Paste required for the cladding,but it could blow the budget.

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Seaweed Sunday, 23 Oct 2022 at 11:55pm

Maybe keeping the Amazon the Amazon and the waves in the ocean would bring more joy

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truebluebasher Monday, 31 Oct 2022 at 4:10am

Here's a few more Village Clips...

Village Idiot Toledo models the Wave Pool Model [0:57] Vid

Check the same Page for Alt Day One footage [1:01] Vid...(Got that!)
[0:45] "Testing it out for the 1st time!" (Wow!) Those waves crumpled the cladding on day 1 (Big News!)
All is fine in the morning! Film Shoot goes ahead as planned!
As day filming goes by the Cladding fell apart around them! That open comment now explains everything!
Once the cameras caught the Shit Show on film, it was too late & too costly to fudge a 2nd delayed Hollywood Edit.

* Huge Wall blew out & kinked, then needed cladding which started peeling off on same day as Promo! (It's a wrap!)

(Alt) Off The Wall Barrel (Showcases more of that fancy open air Wall Cavity)

Follow Up Vid (Dated the Next Day)
[0:21] More Cladding goes missing for longer & now higher up the wall...(How many do you do!)
[0:28] Flapping Wall panel waving about (Lucky Dip wave dynamics commercial continues!)

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 31 Oct 2022 at 10:23am

Check out the very start of the Wall Video...

This sequence was not in the main edit...
Note how "ALL" are huddled together > closely monitoring the Wall.
Even to the extent of seemingly crouching at eye level to gauge waves at water level.
This ain't no normal Surf Vid...more like a plumbing inspection.
All trying hard not to draw attention to the problem...Oops!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 2 Nov 2022 at 8:24pm

Sao Paulo Surf Club is contracting Perfect Swell for their "CBD Pool"

What is not said here, is that this Pool is in the "1st Phase of Testing"
We're led to believe all this stuff flying everywhere maybe part of the Test Phase?
Guessing they might trial all manner of Wall Cladding to perhaps save on concrete wall all together?
Noting other firms are moving away from maybe this is a test centre for affordable options!

Crew will notice the CBD wave pool sketches actually show waves hugging a Garden wall.
tbb thinks the open cavity serves two purposes...
1. Level out the wall ( 3 notable blow out sections )
2. In doing so, realized the Struts & cavity may prove useful to trellis a Garden Wall
3. How cool to have a Wave Pool in a grotto setting...(This may happen!)
Check the CBD Postcards of Wave Pool sketches
Wave Wall does appear to be part vegetated or natural + Indoor seating is also vegetated.
We may yet see this or these ultra long Perfect Swell Walls being vegetated.

Site has a very clever re edit of Vid to iphone scale to remove any unwanted distractions.

CBD Wave Pool Plan / Sketch (Click) [Masterplan]
CBD Sketches of Perfect Swell Sao Paulo Surf Club (click for 'Perfect Swell' text)

Posh Sao Paulo Tennis Website has all these Wave Pool links (Click top left real estate link..)

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 5 Dec 2022 at 4:02am

Apparently the Wavepool Test only lasted 2 days
Still trying to figure out if the pool was drained immediately after this 2 day testing.

However, there are a few rare Clips of equal or better surfing getting about...well worth sharing!
Possibly just different angles of same rides..most likely!
17 Nov 2022 Profile Vidz of the Park Pros...(Some are from the Main feature + Add ons)
Crew can isolate yer Park Pro to replay their signature maneuver!

*Rob Kelly testing a solid Left Slab...slotted real sweet.
Plus this Aerial share ride from the Flick.

*Eric Geiselman's Aerial acrobatics (Over the 2 days) You'll get dizzy!

*Gabz Twin Air

Construction Flyover Series
Jan 2022
This Vid Xrays the highly technical construction process of the wall itself.
Resembles a giant harmonica which requires absolute precision.
There is a lot more going on here that would test a lot of Site Foremen & tradies. (Very tricky!)
tbb understands that either block laying & or filling are more problematic than industry standard.
Easy to see how kinks or blow out could occur just by over designed innovative wall.

*There is another earlier even more ambitious fluent Structure re : Iconic { 2005 Zadar Sea Harmonica }

March 2022 Construction Site Flyover
[0:04] Numerous aligned Caissons may compromise load bearing to possibly blow out the wall.
tbb is saying that as Caisson Wave flow improves it likely sacrifices or undermines design strength.
In other words by offsetting caissons may produce poorer waves but a stronger wall. (A Compromise!)

Noting many Heavy Stacks of Concrete blocks are stacked along the Pool Base near the Wall.
Concrete Pump is driving over the Pool Base to operate over the Wall..
This Indicates that the deep water wave forming / break zone section likely has thicker concrete
(Surf Lakes spoke of Solid sound base lines for heavy Cranes but also Wave Impact zones!)

"End Section" of Right Wall is notably built later + Base is still being thinly laid as separate!

[0:32] Perimeter Road is too tight to access > Multiple Heavy Vehicle Tyre Trax lead into the Waste Pile.
re: Waste pile but fence has been smashed back to afford Heavy trucks to drive over the waste pile.
Meaning access was never considered & Operators have forced the issue to reach Wave Pool Wall.
Hence the tyre trax only at this location (Access Road was always too tight for space!) Go thru...sorted!
[0:48] Count 3 vehicles on pool base.
[0:51] See Water test flows to Pond on the left side pool base

March Site Vid from ground view
[0:50] Skip on top of Wall Edge View + [1:07] Note Block Stacks seen from drone
[0:53] Mystery cast Half Pipes being retro fitted into / onto the Wave Wall?
[1:20] +[ 1:39] Wall Edge (Looking Right) Notice massive weight of Steel on wall edge.
That would kill any below should one of these Night trucks above nudge it!
Top of Wall has no fencing / railings or Lights ( Accident waiting to happen)
[1:37] Note same Water > Ponding as Drone Vid.

April 2022
[0:17] Large Pal Finger Truck hugging the Wall > Likely transferring Blocks to the far end)
Pool Base is completed & likely curing to delay the last section of wall.
[0:35] Site Entry Waste Pile has a skip & now affords adequate pool access (Finally!)

Start shows Wall completed + Caissons Tested
Crane on top left corner on pool base indicates all concrete near wall is strong enough.
Massive concrete Truck & Pump operating from mid wall base (Must be thickest Strongest Concrete Zone)
Turf is finished + Trees going in.
[0:30] Entry access is fine but aside a few logs.

[0:20] Wall is Completed
[0:36] Site access is fully cleared for Landscaper access

August (Pool is Filling) Without outer lining
[0:05] + [0:58] ***Full Wall view shows cladding aligned with side Caissons (Correct!) Watch next Vid!

September (Pool is Filling)
[0:38] + [1:00] +[1:10] Pool Lining +
[1:17] Whole Pool view
[1:30] Whole Wave Wall View + Flotsam about the pool looks like cladding...reckon it is!
*** ( Notice Wall Cladding is now 1m above Side Caissons?) Think that's Weird? (Check Opening Day!)

Opening Day (above feature) has Panels down below the Side Caissons (The 3rd change in height in 2 months?)
Now they're just blasted over the Pool & surfers & none give a shit as the Test only lasted 2 days!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 5 Dec 2022 at 12:55pm

Jan 2022 Vid (Overview)
We see the build & later testing from one end across to the Other.
At first this makes no sense as Construction bundles similar process & access for speed & economy!

In the case of an innovative untested design the builder chose to first sample then fully test one side.
We see this in the March Video where the first end was fully tested as opposite end wall was delayed!
This also economises & improves any technique before reaching the opposite end.

Salute the share of these Vidz...It's not just about the Wave Pool but innovative construction technique.
Here we can run thru the thought process in the Spirit of Human endeavour.
Example :
Build 2 Rockets to save money but both may / may not explode on launch (As recent Aussie Rockets)
Alternatively Launch & test one Rocket before building the 2nd (Avoiding 2 costly fails in a row!)
Having launched a Successful Rocket, one can improve & economize building of 2nd full proof Rocket.

What technique was used for the Kmart Cladding Tests?
Aug : Cladding sitting Level with Side Caissons
Sept : Cladding removed & raised to sit 1m Above side Caisons
Sept Open Day : Extra Cladding added to now bizarrely extend 1 metre below side Caissons

Batshit crazy & makes zero sense whatsoever...How best to explain this on a construction site?

tbb has worked in construction from start to end process & has often experienced this absurd process.
Firstly these last minute changes are not determined by Engineer or Builder or Contractors!
Then buy Who?
In tbb's onsite experience.. these late addition or last minute or 11th hour aesthetics are by Chix.
You know...the Self Appointed Design CEO is usually the wife of Developer (Oops!) tbb never said that.

Example tbb worked on Prize Homes (Show Homes) where everything batshitcrazy rules..
Glazed Lounge Rooms with no Walls or Power points > Like who gives a fuck about a Couch or TV?
Cushion zhoosher would often waltz in on eve of Open Day & demand a total rebuild for a Pot Plant.

tbb is explaining how greatest constructions are totally redesigned to suit Girlfriend's Day Glow!
Check out History of Castles / Pyramids...all Marvels were redesigned to win over the maiden / Queen!

Long & short of it...Cladding was likely some high powered couple's tryst playing out on Wave Wall.
We again see this in (Above) later CBD sketches of Vines & Plants climbing over the wave wall.
Most definitely we have an outside "Elegant" influence bossing the Developer! (Not saying Wife!)
So! Wife shows up & demands Vogue Catalogue Cladding > Wife Leaves > Cladding gets pulled back...
Wife returns with steam coming outta her ears & demands Cladding to now kiss the the Waterline.

Blokes say yer crazy lady but must do as instructed or lose yer job...Ok lads! You heard the Boss Lady!
tbb swears he is not making this up...this is everyday real life Construction Overrule playing out!
Lady flix thru Surf Magz showing her friends cushions to match her Wave Pool decor...Wot else!
So much so that tbb struggles to find alternate rhyme or reason but ye olde traditional love triangle.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 22 Dec 2022 at 12:51am

New Vids with some super hot tracks...
More on-site Series > Construction Postcard Punk/Rock Vids - (Not Bad!)

AWM Ambassadors share their best Sessions to date...
Wow! New Surf Park looks like an Apocalyptic Junk Yard.
Looks & sounds pretty creepy but tbb thinks crew will be stoked with AWM Dystopian montage!
Gotta a soft spot for this Retro Derelict Communist Block Surf Park with shit hot Punk Hovel Wall hangings!

Next Mixed Vid (Menu)
Note cladding is stripped back to pre opening Sept > Highest level setting...much easier on the eye!
[0:00] (Lefts) > Chix + Long Boards
[1:18] Red Tide (tbb spoke about Red soil issues > re: Surf Lakes > More wave action stirs it up!)
Review this below...
[2:05] (Rights) > Mixed Boards
[2:40] Lefts + SUP > ( Finishes with more inshore Red Milkshakes! )


See Red colour is emanating from inshore lining meeting the Concrete Base then Deeper water is Ok!
[1:15] September Site Vid see where lining starts / ends. (Note it's designed for still water shoreline!)
Machine reverberates waves more & splashes further as day goes on > rising wash over this breach line.
The longer the session the more Red Soil enters the Shore break mixing a deeper red each Wave.
As said...not unusual as Surf Lakes Plunger stirs up the soil to create brown town.
Choose Flavour ~ Waco Lime Shakes ~ Surf Lakes Chocolate Shakes ~ Boa Vista Strawberry Shakes

Pause: Companies have stated all these Surf Parks are Trial sites...despite planned usage!
Possible it's written into contracts to address issues as they arise & all are doing that as exhibited!
Kinda like buyer beware as product is still under development...maybe why all are Ok with hiccups!

Only fix is to reduce wave size or Sessions so no Wash breaches shore line allowing pool to filter!
One would imagine each night the Pool filter removes enough Red Soil to appear Clean...(Not Ideal!)
Reckon each session settles more on the Pool base that regurgitates more & sooner each session.

The leaching of heavier Red Iron in the Soil is too excessive to Filter... just like Waco Clay Loam Shakes.
Really can't see this operating many hours a day at Pro level amongst VIP resort clientele!
Project is massive on every scale of design > construction > inspections > maintenance!

tbb pointed out that the tight beach entry looked unkempt or unplanned...the weakest link!
The foreshore needed to cater for Wave wash but there was never any room for that...see site Vids!
The concrete base needed to run at least 10m further up the foreshore...we all can see that now!
Very little cost, compared to serving up Midday Strawberry Milkshakes > After School Thick Shakes!

Perhaps Water proof Foam Spray where Waves overlap concrete into the lining? (Very Tricky!)
Good Luck guys!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 22 Jan 2023 at 12:47am

Most recent Highlights are pretty much as predicted...(Read above!)
Resort build is moving on...with everything looking worse for wear!

[8:50] Lofty dilapidated Roadside Fence can't prevent Grom'z raids.
In part explains all the Turf sliding down the red muddy hillsides!

Once the Arvo comes the pool turns Red...time for Chix sessions!
[5:00] Looks like a Red Tide Lunch Session
[9:40] See Red wave stain on the Wall grows more noticeable each session.
Last Vid showed only one Red patch...can see whole wall is taking on a red tinge!
This after only 4 months operation...sweating on the 1 year warranty!

Rolled Razor wire lines the opposite wall, keeps out pesky town Gromz!
Matches the machine gun bullet holes peppering the wave wall...
Can see the holes & glue muck where the Kmart cladding was ripped off.

Wobbly Lamp Posts are tethered to Wave Wall Fence to prevent a shock.
Reckon they're also tied off to prevent distortion of Cam image.
See up high on each end Wall & also Lamp Posts have Cams!

tbb can't track down any night vision of this pool...
Power Lines are threatening to topple into the pool but no Spot Lights
Perhaps some lights are mounted later on the Finished Resort Facade.

Anyhow! That's the Resort Body Corp Tour...rubber stamped!
Should be all said & done...but!
Just noticing how the cams shy away from close ups of New Resort buildings! Why?
Surely they'd want WSL Pros to sell the Condos...All say Aye!
re: Body Corp privacy act > Likely Ban any Vids of private Balconies!

Like Google Earth > This explains the heavily edited Resort Surf Vids!

Vid reveals some residents may have moved in...looks that way?
Possibly just claiming their beach space...until their Condo is ready!
Resort management will likely pull down any shots of resident's Pot Plants!
Bodycorp will likely hose down any thought bubbles of an Olympic Village.

YouTube Comments are stoked with Wave & Surfing quality...
Comments come with a dig & replies about slack Aussie Pools?

tbb salutes all the Pools equally!
Ignore the Razor Wire securing Last Resort from disappearing each week?
[0:50] Rare Good sized Barrel.


truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 22 Jan 2023 at 3:12am

tbb's Tradie Talk...this gets real boring...talking about bathymetry & the like!

Warning Intro : "Video was shot in 12 hours"

Notice when the Pros rock up... the pool starts busting at the seams...literally!
Dead giveaway!
We see Tradies re-sculpturing the Bathymetry during the Pro session?

[5:41] Tradies are driving a series of 2ft long stakes thru the Pool Lining...(Ouch!)
Forming a 1 foot elevated curved bay / Pool Surround against the wave wall corner.
Exactly where it meets the former lowest cladding base line (For a reason!)
Can't help but notice the worst ever Cladding of little concern to any.

See how they kept the very end beach cladding below pool level cladding?
They want water kept out of this corner & cladding is fine...until...
Once the Waves are ramped to Pro Level the wash rises up & seeps in...

Just guessing it's about machinery or electrics maybe also the pure white sand?

Emergency Tradies were called in to form a 1ft Levy against the wall.
Seemingly to re-sculpt the Pool surrounds to account for Pro Level Wash.

Yes! Drool! This should Wash back up the face to fuel the Left barrel.
The right barrel already ramps back off a tiered soon the left.

Crew will notice that this formwork only appears once in the Vid...meaning!

(re: above 22nd Dec 2022) Part 2 continues on from Longboarders Takeover.
Noticing no tradies have arrived & no sign of any formwork...
Part 1 is filmed then continues on from end of earlier filmed Part 2
End of part 1 clearly marks the end of 12 hr session with tradies arriving at end of Shoot.

Reason being that tradies can gauge max overflow level needed for new bathymetry.
Yes! We see that timed to perfection as Pro leaves, the formwork is now completed.
Only now can they pour the cement without Waves washing over it as it sets...well durr!
Yes! Of Course...this is the end my friends!

If the crew are keen on timeline detail...
Watch part 2 first then Part 1 for the correct session sequence!

Bonus Tradie Tip...
Recall those Holes left over from the Cladding mounts...
Well...the red tide leaches in & red stains seep down from each weep hole.
If one pauses the Vid in parts...can see this process beginning to take hold.

Not the best look for a Resort but it was stated this is a Test Wave Pool.
Kinda like buyer beware!
This piece of shit puts out shit hot can't have both!

Yes! They could simply plaster up the holes to prevent Red seepage stains?
Considering the whole wall is turning red...well...good money after bad they say!
Take a good look around the's well down the list of re-do priorities!

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truebluebasher Sunday, 12 Mar 2023 at 10:30pm

10 March Update...
JHSF only target Exclusive Clientele > 0.23% of 216.5m Brazilian Pop or Top 500,000 wealthiest!
JHSF may have hooked a few suckers to hit the surf soon.
A lazy introduction to Trendy Beach Utilities-Board Hire / Lifeguard Tower / Deckchairs

List of recent Vidz (Below)
Pro Bodyboarder Barrel
Miguel Pupo (Background Highside Fence + Palings are constantly smashed thru!)
Samuel Pupo
*Rob Kelly (Rides in & out of next best Wave Pool Barrel to The Ranch)
Italo Left Keg
Seems likely that 2 more Panels are starting to lift at Village Logo.
Meaning : If they run the pool at this max height they'll need to strip away 3 more Panels.
Max Height = Rob Kelly Barrel...(2/3 panels above current line)
Be interesting to know if that Wall / Cavity Lip acts like a Slot Car Groove.
Coz when the wave rises closely to slot this cavity it ramps powerful clean long barrels.
Check Vids in Same set
Earlier > Watch the Flapping Panels warp (Flick) the Lip of an earlier long Barrel

These solid Keg Vids led to Wave Pool Barrels (Line Up Interference)
Ranch = 0
WG NLand = 3 staged approaches over 330 metres (After surfer passes)
Noting the Foilies have longest but less hollow tubes.

Perfect Swell = 0 (Boa Vista Test Phase)
Waco = 1/2/3 Queue behind each other at Take off zone!

WaveGarden Cove = 18 surfers foul each wave Line before & during each ride.

Closer check on Wave Curtain to Barrel Lip deviation on Wave Garden Models...
Urbnsurf say the barrel may or not come on at mid ride? (Not real flash..Huh!)
18 crew block & prevent any hope of a barrel flowing true & direct from source to surfer.
As the wave trawls further from source the crowd thins and only then shapes up a smaller barrel.
But we do often see some good barrels...Yes!
Wave Garden Coves of just 4/6 Pros in Promo or Comps afford waves to barrel & spit earlier
Can recall a complete wave Train huff & Puff as recent QS Chix finalists paddled out.
Vidz show that Wavegarden empty Pro sessions are more hollow than common mosh pit mush.

Are Surf Parks really selling Real Estate!
Watch the promo for Boa Vista & make note of what you seldom if ever see!

Real Estate is selling gentle waves lapping on the Pristine Resort beach.
More often no waves at all are needed...they just ruin the perfect postcard.
Never ever seen a decent wave or line up on a Goldie Postcard...scare off the tourists!
The Waves comb the White Sand & then get turned off please...they're too messy & noisy!
This in not a Surf Resort > It's a trendy beach Resort with gentle soothing waves.
Here's a series of 'Perfect Swell Promos' with non threatening 2 cm waves cleansing the pristine sands.

Reckon if Resident surfers wanna start stirring up the Red Tide > Bodycorp will unplug their Wave Machine!

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truebluebasher Sunday, 26 Mar 2023 at 10:04pm
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truebluebasher Friday, 21 Jul 2023 at 8:49pm

Launch Date...
(Reads as Stu's Main Feature Part 2 the open day!)
Hey Ho Let's Go...plenty of Promos / Stats / Vidz!

Another Drone Flyover Construction Vid in the Series...No surfin' in this one...
Next Drone vid (below) will be Launch Day with the Surfing..

Rare maybe a first > "Nite Lite" Vid of Mike Stewart Keg > Shorter Punchy Slab ride!
No Light Stack Towers > Loads of inbuilt Lighting on Resort Sports Club.
Click Perfect Swell to bring up Gallery...
Links to Recent Pro Demos by Ryan C / Mateus H / (12 sec barrel ) / Ribero / Carissa / Pro Goofs

Boa Vista Wave Pool Stats (Thanx to WavePool Mag)
3 wave sets
Line Up (12 surfers on L or R session are shown in Demo) + [L]
Lull : 1:10 - 1:30 mins
Waves : 120-160 / hr
Wave Length : 120m
Ride Time : 20-25 secs

Gabz + Supergrom featurette
Wall now has numbers (Possibly Safety as in Beach Numbers!)
Also a secondary fence to prevent Upper Blowins snakin' in.

Launch Day Drone Flyover ends the Boa Vista Construction Series Vids.
Complete with apartheid line in the sand
Waves for Barbie's Pool Toy Party (vs) Dregz for natural Surfers
[0:00] Left Demo (Dozen riders)
[0:35] Centre Shoreline {Presentation Table} Trial Comp?
[0:35] Split Peak [L] Whitewater Surfer Demo
Note Split L/R are un-surfable with no wave faces?
[0:50] Heating Elements for inside lagoon? (Shows large mats being laid here)
[0:58] Full Power solo Left / Ramp (Note no Line Up)
[1:25] Full Power solo Right / Barrel (Note no Line Up) Speakers draw in the Pro Surf crowd!
[1:43] Left Demo (Dozen riders) Crowd are drawn towards (Speakers) WSL Pro Wave Wall...
[2:05] Crowded Lagoon queue for WSL Pro.
[2:30] Possibly Gabz [10] Perfect Ride!
[3:30] Split Peak [L] No Face riding
Seems like a lot of premium real estate for a hornswoggle of kooks!


Take the Open Day tour

Bonus Vid > Surf Club + [L] Session + Italo / Gabz in Laid back user friendly edit

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 29 Dec 2023 at 12:48am

2023 Behind the Scenes Wavepool Safety Design Upgrades.

Village Wavepool Rules (Part 1) Barrel of Laughs!
Possibly only a basher will pick up on this major overhaul in Boa Vista Wavepool Safety Design.
World Surfing enters Turbulent Lockdown times...
Perfect Swell & "Global Surf Lagoons" present / past times all now ban bodybashin'.
On opening day (Vid above) World goes crazy over Mike Stewart manhandling a Boa Constrictor.
Question remains how VIPs can single-handedly breach World Wavepool Rules...if so...then how!

Surfer { Look } Longest Bodysurfing Barrel Ever [17 Seconds] + Many Accolades from Champs!

tbb :
'Streamlined low profile surfers will always slot longer deeper barrels than any surfcraft rider.
However...all are banned from surfing wave pools!
Ride is more remarkable in being the first and only example of freehanded surfing in a pool
Plus blowing the delayed lazy barrel roll is not Mike's signature...more an anomaly for rare VIP access.
Wave keeps barrelin' along without Mike's dud Roll...not a keeper! "No Bluebottle Kiss..a Fair call!"
Main reason to switch to bodysurfin' is to get pitted deeper & for longer...this ride is no standout!

However! Let's get real here! (Hero claims of 'Look Ma no board') [ Bogus Surf Sticker # 100,001 ]
Mike is not Bodysurfing...far from it...Mike is piloting not one, but 2 rear Viper surfcraft/s.

IBSA would disqualify & likely ban Mike for fake "No Board/s" claim while sporting 2x Viper Craft.
Mike's rear limbs are each artificially assisted > lacking infinite wave sensitive signature engagement.
How does an able surfer claim a wave they refuse to universally's an insult to true surfers!
World can procreate without sexual intimacy...where's the fun in that...Love WOTD or fake the Orgasm?

Please don't feel tbb is picking on Mike...Mike would be an excellent surfer if he dumped his shop cart!
How else could the world know how good Mike surfs unless he surfs a wave without rubbery assist!
No Bodybasher is ever gonna Like Mike's rubbery wavepool toyboy fail > [This way to Wading Pool ]

Old Salt Surfers will easily see why tbb is exampling this partly able surf session as a turning point.
Coz the world is changing fast & right here & now is the line in the sand...Is this such a big deal tbb!
Ordinarily tbb would pay it lip service but it's the Wavepool owners that are up against it!

2023 Boa Vista Video Series very much details its the massive #1 Deal breaker but few will see it!
If ya surf whole waves then this is #1 news (vs) If ya ride boards on wave surface, it's a speed bump!
Just ask Boa Vista why they massively rearranged their Deck Chairs to end year on a precarious ledge.

It's the elephant in the Wave Pool that hides in plain sight...constantly on the move but never settled.
(Parts 2/3) Will further unravel this anomaly that tbb first sussed back in (Above) Jan 2023 Session.
Simply observe those that Patrol the Wave Pool to see how this shit show unfolds.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 29 Dec 2023 at 12:54am

Wavepool Rules : (Part 2) Skinny dippin' Rainbow Unicorns ride Village idiot's Seahorses.
The day the Circus came to town and rewrote the pool rules.
Govt / Surf Industry privatize all non Patrolled / Turbulent risk thru Zones > (No merch = No Surf)
World Surfing's > Pay 2 Surf Policy (No free Surfing by free loaders > End of Surfing as we know it!)
Essentially an ongoing Global ban on off leash surfing in all turbulent shared waves of consequence!
Rules clearly mandate leashing to a hand float as minimum entry merch to Non patrolled zones!
We see same rules to Rock Fishermen etc...(No Surfing allowed outside the Flags) Surfcraft assist only!

Water Park Wavepools were always well patrolled but as pool wave size increases...rules change also.
Surf Lagoons offer various Wave Shapes & Size that now hide Surfers from Lifeguard Patrols.
Murky Wave Lagoons ban full immersion surfing without all Wave Lagoons banned surfing!
Simply mandated No surfing or full immersion, by adopting Surf industry Leashed Surfcraft Policy!
Mandatory [L] + Buy or Auto debited Surf Merch hire from newly installed Wave Pool Shack.
All surfing is outlawed without assist...demarcation Buoyed lines are now norm in risk wave zones.

At this very point in Time & Place whips up the Boa Vista Lifeguard Patrol Crisis.
Original Plans never even considered a Lifeguard Patrol of any design...(Not unusual for Wavepools)
Recent Wave Pool was approved on Gold Coast never once mentioned Residential Village Patrols.

The shift from set Hours in secured premises to 24hr open access Village Wavepool is new to all.

* Does the open central wavepool require 24/7 Patrols thru the Night
* Is the Pool Wall lit 24/7 or does the Wall cast a dark shadow over Drop off into deepest water!
* Are o/n maintenance Wave Checks timetabled and gazetted ahead of time.

We all see the unloved unused Hamptons Style Lifeguard Tower...but why such waste of money?
Distant Patrol Tower can't patrol hidden Wave Zone & fails to service a '24/7 residential' Wave Village!

Sept 2022 Lifeguard Tower + Wall Panelling + Cams (Wall mounted CC Wave Zone patrol by monitors)
Oct -Dec 2022 Feature Article Vidz "Oared Boat" is standard for self patrolled lagoons! (re: Surf Lakes)
Panelling may have been to hide equally timed Cam wiring + Topped with same height Mounted Logos
Explains why lower panels changed height & were jettisoned as superficial surplus of no purpose!

Important : Cam Guys have no Float Device to enter off limits Perfect Swell Wave Zone
Oct-Dec 2022 Cam guys 'wade' with Selfie Sticks
Each Surfer has a Cam Guy that alternate each Surfer's Boards as Floats between Sets.
More Pro surfers hides more unleashed risk swimmers along deeper swell hugging wall
Requiring extra Lifeguard/s to patrol wall line but from higher up grassed bank on Stools

Dec 2022 Boat is gone > No Logo on LG > Jan 2x LG's
* Patrol Stool on Left bank grass patch ...(Away from the Built LG Tower!)
* Wave Wall fencing is finished
* Wall is fitted with 1 gate (White Bollard) above @ Logo
* This Gate opens down onto highly dangerous stepped 1ft wide maintenance ledges!
Possibly a second gate was installed above other @ Logo but not often used.

Jan 2023 Unused LG Tower becomes VIP Pro Change Booth / Hang.
* 2x LGs / Floats / Stools in Same spot on L Bank Grass < > fitting Flippers near Left Wall Shorebreak
Note : Wave Lagoons often mandate 'Swim Fins' + Leashed Floats in Wave Zone
22 Jan tbb Tradie Talk...(Above)
This session marks the urgent start of walled inshore pegging out of Bathymetry during the session.
Both flanked inshore bathymetry was level at this time...soon to be altered with a slight rise.
This rise seems to part water to both ramp the wave Face & clear the wash as one design.
Either it was changed to pocket more red tide into the corners + regenerate wasted wave Power.
Shoreline vidz do show wasted wash surging afar over the beach area.(Perhaps also to limit that!)
But this additional Work serves a more important safety function...( Read Soon)

Feb Lifeguard Tower presents as nothing but a Hamptons showpiece..
This is due to it's remote location far from wave said...was never even on the plans!
But it's late inclusion was paired with the Panelled > wired Wall Cams as an after thought!
Just as the lazy Wall Lamps & gates to drop off ledges on top of the wall...all were afterthoughts.

2 mixed Lifeguards sit under umbrella on opposite Right shoreline for first time.

April Makeshift "Ladder tower " appears on Right Shore Break

June (re : Above) Gabz Vid shows the stilted level platforms over newly bunded bathymetry
We see LG's operating from a Platform (Left shore Decking Platform is built > Right in progress!)

June : Opening Day (Above) Massive spend on LG compliancy
* All new 4x "Level" decking Pads are completed
* Now each Pad able to host LGs Laddered Towers to see over wave shoulders into the Lineup!
* No LG ever goes near the LG Tower > VIP / Media Hang.
* LG temporarily wades the central Shore of Swim / Surf Demarkation Lined Buoys.
* 4x LG perched on 1 upper tier Gate crowded in...above surfers looking down into the line-Up
* Max Mobile 4 LGs / Event strictly ordered to Patrol the Wall Lineup in the Zone.

At this can assume Life Guards are operating an exclusive service to Boardriders! Why?

June-Aug The setback Lamp Lighting is a fail for residential Pool incident Patrols / Response
The lamps only light the wave face & little else.
Fact remains that between wave troughs along wall are still pitch black.(Full length 3m dark shadow)
The decking can also hide lighting cable to light up near shore exit points is so desired!

Interesting is an Ambulance Bay on the Left Shore > It's always parked there from now on...
This Vid shares Lights + Dawn Patrol Chick LG on her Wall + Ambo + Dinky Ladder seat on new Deck.
Other LG on other Wall Gate (Surf side) LG Chix stay on inside of Left Gate (Blokes tip them off!)
Again...everything is honing in on this wave wall...the expense is mounting...quite incredible!

Above Vid also share Wave Types and Pricing for (Guests only) $180 First [L] session + $600 / hr
Wave menu changes & Residents book their fav sessions...+ Guest (Prices)

Wavepool Rules: (Part 3) Lifeguard's lives are on the line...

Next Family Vidz now lock in all 4 Lifeguards evenly spaced (Perched) along the Wall
Again tbb is suspecting uber service or some VIP Exploitation of Pet Slave Lifegaurds.
Also see the undulating bathymetry as opposed to original Level beach...
Now also the front decking boards are also falling off as with daggy hanging panels...
tbb also back checked other timbered LG tower > Just for show as Rails have weakened aligned Joints!
Grade 8 Manual Arts Grom 'd get his arse kicked for buildin' that Tower...It's a health & safety hazard!
Either there is no carpenter in Brazil or this mob take lowest dodgy bros quote everytime! (The Later!)

Dec : THOR carved up Toy Town & now lives in the Boa Vista Lifeguard Tower ...
"EPIC! One of the best Wave Pools ON YOUR PLANET!" ... It's mine Now! Kicks sand in their faces!

Dreamy Vid shows new Dual set wave mix + Shares all new LG aspects...

Vid shows Right Ladder that also hugs the Wave Wall to peep over the Line-up into Wave Zone.
Clearly shows the Work started in Jan...could be some kinda Mangrove planting beneath decks? Huh!
Maybe a trial for their City Wave Plant Wall ...(See earlier for other plant Wall project Above!)

This Brotherly Vid shows Wall LGs sweating while new Deck chair LG is chillin' (Big Changes!)
Again...more LG's surrounding the surfers...soon see why by end of the year...Shocking it is!

This Super Session brings crew up to date ...
Here's wotz goin' down...Pros take over the Thor's Tower...Too good for Slave LG smoko shed!
Each Pro requires more hopeless retarded Film Crews that can't swim let alone surf..
No way should they be in the Line-Up so Lifeguard Slaves are hired to give them a life-line...
Think tbb is joking...these arseholes lock out Bashers but Teabag cheap slaves for Pro Posters...

Here's the whole Lifeguard Exploitation sequence with LG tea baggerz perched on a 12 inch ledge!
This is pretty shocking work place Bullying...count this as a report...Save Our Lifeguards!
[4:04] Cam Slave hangs onto Bird Brain Lifeguards Tea bag to stay alive...bloody well drown otherwise!
[4:28] Next wave...can't let go of his life line but gotta Shoot the Pro for the sticker album...well durr!
Teabag Slaves earning $2hr to serve VIP's $600 / session..."Where's my Pro Vid! FU slave dogs!"

Slave Trading at the Coalface of Global Surf Industry 2023...gotta luv that fuckin' shit! Die Yuppie Die!

Please these jerks spent a whole year on lifeguard shape yer new Dr No Surf Hang.
Went thru all this just to cook up death defying VIP Pro Pizza Delivery slack lining!

That's why tbb regurgitated that dodgy share new Pool Rules in a Wave Pool Village...
Just whistle for yer slack LG chick to fetch ya Chiko Roll & that other Slave LG to spew up yer Breaka!
Stop this shit before ya kill someone's greedy fuckin' Slave drivers!