WSL Announce Cancellation of 2022 Quiksilver / ROXY Pro France Challenger

LOS ANGELES, Calif., USA (Friday, July 29, 2022) - The World Surf League and Boardriders announced today the cancellation of the 2022 Quiksilver / ROXY Pro France. Despite continued efforts to maintain the event, the WSL and Boardriders have agreed on the decision to cancel this year’s competition in Hossegor, France.

Caroline Marks. Photo WSL/Laurent Masurel

The competition was set to take place from October 12 - 23, 2022 as the sixth stop on the Challenger Series, the competition series where the next generation of surfing stars battle for the chance to qualify for the Championship Tour. In light of this announcement, the Challenger Series rankings for Championship Tour qualification will be based on results across four competitions.

Despite this year’s cancellation, the WSL and Boardriders are determined to explore opportunities to bring the world's best surfers back to France in 2023 and beyond. 

“We are disappointed to announce the cancellation of the Challenger Series event in Hossegor,” said Erik Logan, WSL CEO. “We were unable to secure the appropriate support to make the event financially sustainable. Despite this cancellation, we are committed to the French region, community, competitors, and fans. France remains important to competitive surfing’s history and future. We are actively engaged in conversations to return to France in 2023 and beyond." 

“Quiksilver and ROXY have had a long history of supporting the surfing industry in France, including on the Championship Tour level, so this is of course a very disappointing outcome”, said Arne Arens, CEO of Boardriders Inc. “Nonetheless, our determination to showcase European surfing remains unchanged and we are 100% dedicated to working with the WSL to bring the world’s best surfers back to the French beaches in the near future. In the interim, Quiksilver and ROXY will continue their unwavering support and sponsorship of world-class athletes and WSL events globally.” 

“We understand and acknowledge the inconvenience of this timing, and we know it adds difficult and frustrating repercussions on competitors," said Jessi Miley-Dyer, WSL SVP of Tours and Head of Competition. "Because of this, we have reduced the counting results to four from five for the end-of-year rankings. The 2022 Challenger Series will host seven competitions total, including the upcoming Vans US Open of Surfing, EDP Vissla Pro Ericeira, Corona Saquarema Pro, and Haleiwa Challenger."

The Challenger Series will host seven competitions total for the 2022 season, with four of seven results counting toward the year-end Challenger Series Rankings and Championship Tour qualification. The Top 10 men and Top 5 women on the Challenger Series rankings will qualify for the 2023 Championship Tour. The next stop will be the Vans US Open of Surfing (July 30 - August 7, 2022), followed by EDP Vissla Pro Ericeira (October 1 - 9, 2022), the Corona Saquarema Pro presented by Banco do Brasil (November 1 - 8, 2022), and the Haleiwa Challenger (November 26 - December 7, 2022). 


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freeride76 Saturday, 30 Jul 2022 at 6:46am

OK, so Quik/Roxy were committed.

Must have been the French Govt who pulled funding.

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crg Saturday, 30 Jul 2022 at 10:50am

Or it could be wozzle corpo speak for Quik has refused to pay the amount asked for as they don’t see the value and are happy to come back when the woz have a realistic price??

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conrico Saturday, 30 Jul 2022 at 12:10pm

Bummer. Very underrated event to watch

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belly Saturday, 30 Jul 2022 at 12:18pm

I reckon the pricing model would be pretty subjective (from the sponsors perspective) but that's probably marketing which isn't my expertise. And based on what I've seen of the govt advertising in the Aus events the WSL rely on this in their model.

What caught my eye in the article was the 3 throw aways, feels too many. I guess the logic relates to it being the 2nd tier and COVID traveling difficulties. I reckon get rid of throw aways all together.

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thermalben Saturday, 30 Jul 2022 at 3:14pm

Whatever the cause, it must have been an unexpected, very last minute decision - the WSL published a pre-event article just seven weeks ago: “Essentials: What You Need To Know About The 2022 Quiksilver And ROXY Pro France”.

More interesting is that the WSL decided to pull the pin (biz approach) rather than temporarily bridge the gap (philanthropic approach), which would have alleviated problems and maintained tour continuity.

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savanova Monday, 1 Aug 2022 at 5:52pm

Maybe there pulling out as their signature events are relegated to second tier tour.

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Hoodie Thursday, 4 Aug 2022 at 6:14pm


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truebluebasher Monday, 8 Aug 2022 at 12:10am

All say Aye...Le up close & personal in yer face surfing is to die for!

France Olympic Surfing ( Cancelled )
France CT ( Cancelled )
France CS Roxy ( Cancelled )
France CS Quicksilver ( Cancelled )
France Pro Junior ( Cancelled )

Le Poo Poo WSL updates...

1st Aug 2022 : France Detail Zero News
The Team (Quote) : "Quicksilver would have decided to stop the expenses (Financially) with this event to better concentrate on the sponsorship of 2 rounds on the CT."

1st Aug 2022 : Former Pro Jessi ~ WSL Vice Prez of Tours & Comp head
"We're revising Rankings down from 5 > 4 events on the 2022 CS + 2023 CT Qualification! "
So pissed off former CT > CS > QS rejects have less to spew, we're all good then...luv ya all!
Fans were reportedly frustrated...tell us about it!

2nd Aug 2022 Department des Landes claim that WSL had no talks with them before pulling out!

As 'Le Locals Only' knew nothing...
Wasn't even the a la carte reneged reelected ham fisted Macron bake off we all drooled over!
Now WSL are butter fingering their half baked approaching it's expiry date!
The only lame cowardly excuse we got left is Le Quicksilver's eyes were too big for their belly.

Not saying that's the end of it...Oz & Whole World are quivering in fear awaiting Le slap!
Le Prez : "I know ELO lied!"
Disenfranchised French might yet torpedo the Ooh La La ~ Le Club Exotic Olympic Ideal?
On account of owing their le pissed off Locals recompense for sweet FA.
Reckon that the locals deserve nothing less than an Olympic Dream run for starters!

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MGB's picture
MGB Thursday, 18 Aug 2022 at 7:07pm

oaktree not shelling out for rubbish any more perhaps? they pay for all the 'billabong' ct comps anyways