Josh Kerr claims Todos Santos Challenge in massive surf

5127f5b6-2cd5-4b1d-8147-01c2d26d7a51.jpgTODOS SANTOS, Baja California/Mexico (Sunday, January 17, 2016) - Josh Kerr, longtime competitor on the elite World Surf League Championship Tour, claimed the Todos Santos Challenge today, besting a field of 24 of the world’s top big wave surfers in mammoth 30-to-40-foot surf off the coast of Baja California.

The third WSL Big Wave Tour (BWT) event to run in the 2015/2016 season, the Todos Santos Challenge attracted the marquee big wave surfers on the planet to the remote location of “Killers” off of Isla Todos Santos in Baja California. A solid West Northwest (WNW) swell tracking from north of the Hawaiian Islands delivered surf in the 30-to-40-foot-plus range today, building throughout the morning before climaxing for the six-man Final.

Kerr, who finished 11th on last year’s elite Championship Tour, put his big wave skills to the test today, resulting in one of the biggest wins of his career. Consistently navigating massive set waves from the opening round, Kerr opened the Final strong and stayed busy in this afternoon’s six-man bout, posting an impressive 7.87 and an 8.20 to collect his first Big Wave victory.

“I have so much respect for the guys on this tour and those that regularly commit themselves to surfing big waves,” Kerr said. “I have had the biggest smile on my face all day just getting to surf big waves with them. I’ve felt great all day and had complete confidence in my board. I’m really thankful for the opportunity to surf here today.”

Kerr’s positive disposition in the face of today’s dangerous conditions was notable through his three heats as the Australian (now residing in the USA) consistently positioned himself critically in both the lineup and on the waves en route to his impressive win.

“The goal was to have fun,” Kerr said. “I’m going through the Green Card immigration process right now and had a one-day leave pass to come down here and do this event. I didn’t have any expectations and just wanted to surf the wave with all these guys. To walk away with a win - I feel like one of those dogs with his head out the car window, I was smiling the whole time I was paddling around in the Final.”

Kerr’s fellow finalists represented a “Who’s Who” of the big wave community as well as Todos Santos specialists: Rusty Long, Nic Lamb, Damien Hobgood, Carlos Burle and Greg Long.

Long, a former Big Wave Tour Champion, was particularly impressive at Todos Santos today, putting his decades of experience at the venue to use and consistently netting high scores en route to his Runner-Up finish.

“It’s been a great day and I’m really happy that Todos turned on for the world to see,” Long said. “I’ve been coming here since I was 15 and it’s a very special wave for me. Unfortunate that the wind kicked up in the afternoon and I wasn’t able to find a second wave in the Final, but huge congrats to Josh (Kerr) who was charging all day.”

Today’s Runner-Up finish vaulted Long to the No. 1 spot on the WSL BWT rankings.

Billy Kemper, who entered the Todos Santos Challenge as the WSL BWT rankings’ frontrunner following an incendiary victory at the Pe’ahi Challenge on Maui in December, was in fine form in Mexico this morning but ultimately fell in his opening round bout to Long, Gudauskas and Hobgood. Kemper’s early exit saw him fall to 3rd on the BWT rankings.

Makuakai Rothman, reigning WSL BWT Champion and winner of the Quiksilver Ceremonial in Chile last May, was another to suffer an early elimination today in Mexico. Rothman, who entered the Todos Santos Challenge ranked No. 2 on the WSL BWT rankings, was eliminated in the final moments of his Semifinal bout to Kerr, Long and Berle.

Two events, the Oregon Challenge at Lincoln City’s Nelscott Reef and the Punta Galea Challenge in the Basque Region, remain on the 2015/2016 WSL BWT season with the potential to run, conditions permitting, before the February 28th close of the window.

Todos Santos Challenge Final Results:

  1. Josh Kerr (AUS) 24.27
  2. Greg Long (USA) 18.84
  3. Carlos Burle (BRA) 18.33
  4. Damien Hobgood (USA) 17.33
  5. Nic Lamb (USA) 13.51
  6. Rusty Long (USA) 0.20


caml's picture
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caml Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 1:45pm

Josh kerr the freak ! Go aussie ! Whoever would have thought

zenagain's picture
zenagain's picture
zenagain Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 1:56pm

Not that hard to believe, Kerrsy's proved fearless over the last few years. Good on him and congrats.

How do these guys get on the BWWT? Is it invitation only?

sirboonie's picture
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sirboonie Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 2:03pm

Nice. Great all round surfer. Did Slater end up competing?

stunet's picture
stunet's picture
stunet Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 2:04pm

Nup. Toweled it.

stunet's picture
stunet's picture
stunet Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 2:03pm

It's a confusing process but I assume the CT fellas register interst with Pete Mel (big wave commish) and hope they get a place. Here's the break down of invitees to Todos:

WSL Big Wave Tour Top Ten Seeds

  • Makuakai Rothman (HAW)
  • Gabriel Villaran (PER)
  • Nic Lamb (USA)
  • Anthony Tashnick (USA)
  • Greg Long (USA)
  • Nathan Fletcher (USA)
  • Grant Baker (ZAF)
  • Natxo Gonzales (EUK)
  • Patrick Gudauskas (USA)
  • Carlos Burle (BRA)

Injury Wildcard

  • Alex Gray (USA)

Video Invitees

  • Trevor Sven Carlson (USA)
  • Mark Mathews (AUS)

Event Invitees

  • Derek Dunfee (USA)
  • Rusty Long (USA)
  • Nic Vaughan (USA)
  • Coco Nogales (MEX)
  • Diego Pertusso (MEX)
  • Vincente Yazbeck (MEX)

BWT Invitees

  • Shane Dorian (HAW)
  • Mark Healey (HAW)
  • Josh Kerr (AUS)
  • Kelly Slater (USA)
  • Jamie Mitchell (AUS)

Video Invitee Alternates

  • James Taylor (ZAF)
  • Jamie Sterling (HAW)

Event Invitee Alternates

  • Chapman Murphey (USA)
  • Dane Gudauskas (USA)
  • Tanner Gudauskas (USA)
  • BWT Invitee Alternates
  • Damien Hobgood (USA)
  • Will Skudin (USA)
  • Diego Medina (CHL)
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staitey's picture
staitey Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 2:27pm

As mentioned earlier, good on him, great effort.

Just watched the highlights and definitely don't want to take away from how difficult it would be to surf that stuff but I personally don't enjoy watching it as much as the normal world tour.

I think for me watching 6-10 foot barrels is probably the most exciting. Although the sheer size of the BWWT is impressive I don't get as amped watching most of them taking the drop and getting mowed down by the white water.

Channel bottoms's picture
Channel bottoms's picture
Channel bottoms Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 2:28pm

No disrespect to the contestants or the size of their balls, especially as I wouldn't paddle out here.

Watching a few of the waves that were high scoring, apart from a big drop, they don't particularly seem all that interesting to watch. I'm a lifelong surfer and I don't see it holding my interest let alone a non-surfer. Especially on the back of what was achieved at Peahi on the weekend.

deckstrus's picture
deckstrus's picture
deckstrus Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 7:54pm

Couldn't agree more.

Maxing Peahi or Cloudbreak for me is a much better big wave spectacle - they aren't just drops - you still need to surf the wave (and get pitted off your head).

That said, total respect to them all - and big props to Kerzy!!!

stunet's picture
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stunet Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 2:34pm

Still, this is a great photo:


nickg's picture
nickg's picture
nickg Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 2:57pm


the ol' sphincter is a quiver just looking at that pic.

fitzroy-21's picture
fitzroy-21's picture
fitzroy-21 Monday, 18 Jan 2016 at 8:38pm

Pretty good effort from Josh taking into account he was considered a fly boy in his younger days. He has certainly matured into an all rounder.

Cookie1's picture
Cookie1's picture
Cookie1 Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016 at 1:47pm

What is the drop-in/interference rule on the BWT? Drop-in is ok, but please only when it is safe to do so? Seems to be happening a bit according to the photos.

surfman1000's picture
surfman1000's picture
surfman1000 Wednesday, 20 Jan 2016 at 5:36am

Nice. Great all round surfer.