Before they left for home, Chris Goodnow, Tony Fitzpatrick, and Scott Wakefield made a pact not to tell anyone about the waves at Macaronis/Pasongan Bay. No-one knows who surfed Pasongan after them, however it would be over ten years till the wave was exposed to the world via video....Read the full feature  13

In May 1980 three Sydney surfers - cousins Chris Goodnow and Tony Fitzpatrick, and their friend Scott Wakefield - became arguably the first surfers to visit the Mentawais. Among their discoveries was a wave that's now considered one of the world's best, Macaronis....Read the full feature  48

A volley of emails leads to a quick dash down underer where Ross Clarke-Jones hooks up with Doug Young and photographer Derek Morrison, the three of them motoring into New Zealand's deep south....Read the full feature  21

Time to throw off the bowlines...or kickstart the engine in this case, as vagabond Victorian Matty Hannon loads a couple of Corey Graham handshapes onto his steed and rides from the top of Alaska down the Pacific coast toward Patagonia....Read the full feature  18

They say that when someone has a near death experience their life flashes before their eyes. And if corporations are people - as the US Supreme Court says they are - then it's only fitting to revisit the forty-something year journey of Quiksilver.Read the full feature  12

William Finnegan is a staff writer at The New Yorker. In 1978 he travelled through Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji, where he and his travel partner, Bryan Di Salvatore, were among the first to surf Tavarua. In this excerpt from 'Barbarian Days', Finnegan's surfing memoir, he and Di Salvatore have just landed in Australia, a nation of "smart-mouthed diggers with no respect for authority." Best of all, Kirra is just beginning to break....Read the full feature  37

"Just come on over, there's been waves every day!"

The tone of the message was chipper but the reply required some tact. After all, as every surfer knows, there are waves and then there are waves, and for this trip we most definitely sought the latter. ...Read the full feature  32