Using browser with an in-app iPhone account

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Patrick G Tuohey started the topic in Sunday, 2 Jun 2024 at 9:55am


I have subscribed to the system in the iPhone app – I’m now trying to login on a browser but I can’t see how I can access the site with my Apple account – can you please help?


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thermalben Sunday, 2 Jun 2024 at 10:06am

Unfortunately, your subscription will only work on your mobile devices, not a desktop browser.

The reason being is that Google (Play Store) and Apple (iOS Store) won't natively share any user details with us - so there's no way for us to know who you are (via an email, or username). We are trying to find a solution to this but it'll be some time away.

To be honest, we'd prefer users to sign up via the website.. as your subscription will work across all devices and Apps (and, we pay much less commission too!). This means the website subscriptions are also cheaper than the App subs.

As such, I recommend you see out the rest of the month with the current sub, then cancel it and sign up via the website.

Thanks for your support!