Kiama/Wollongong/Narrabeen etc. camera’s not working.

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Darksoda13 started the topic in Friday, 11 Mar 2022 at 6:11pm

Long time subscriber, first time posting.

What is going on with the camera’s not working lately Stu?! Seriously mate, I love Swellnet. It has been the goods for so long, except my families local spot (Narrabeen) camera has not worked, and now the south coast camera’s (Kiama/Wollongong) have gone over the last few days too (I guess from the rain)?

I have read through some of the older comments from mid 2021 and some of the fellas were asking about and reading for months about non working cameras and it seems the buck kept getting passed along. It seems it is always some problem that is completely unfixable, for the time being.

I pay by the month at the max rate, and my local cam’s AND my family holiday spot cam’s are out. What am I paying for? I honestly feel like this service is falling to pieces.

I feel that if there is no improvement to camera services ASAP than I will have to pull my subscription, and use the money for something worthwhile.

Thanks for the memories, Darksoda13