Woolamai cam footage

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Phillipkay started the topic in Friday, 1 Jan 2021 at 5:23pm

Hi swellnet - great site - and I love the surf cams in Victoria - being city bound - it’s great to see the surf on the coast - I will always be signed to swellnet / but 2 quibbles/ 1/ the surf cam at woolamai on Phillip island in Victoria - is always foggy on the lens on the right hand side - obscuring the view - not being able to see the surf clearly - you should get someone down there to clean the lens on that cam properly / please do - now the cam is a spoiler - to compare clarity - see the clear Portsea cam and the poor woolamai cam / 2/ how much does it cost to install a surf cam at a beach - I wonder - I would love to see cams at bells beach / winkipop / point impossible / gunamatta / Pt Leo / and cat bay / perhaps we should look into a crowd funding enterprise to find these cams / I might pay for one myself / if I knew how much is needed !!! Regards from Phill K