No current or forecast weather or tide info on cam pages

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Dan Zina started the topic in Thursday, 15 Oct 2020 at 11:06am

Hey legends,
I love your work. I'm a subscriber, a supporter and a promoter of your wares.
Why, though, can't I check the real-time tide or wind at a spot while I'm watching a cam? I mean you can but you have to open another tab.
I would love to be able to quick-check the pass cam for crowd-factor and on the same page see that it's SE at 8kn, mid-tide on the drop and only 147 people out without having to go to the pass forecast page or check one of the many other sites that have this info.
Being able to see whether the wind or swell is forecast to change that day would be amazing too.
Alternatively, could you put the live cams streamable from the surf report/forecast pages so the info is all in one place?
If not, no dramas. Again, love your work! Just approaching things from a kaizen perspective.
Thanks for supplying a quality product at a reasonable price too!
All the best,

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thermalben commented Friday, 16 Oct 2020 at 6:20am

Thanks Dan, it's a good suggestion and one that'll be rolled into an upcoming release.

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Dan Zina commented Friday, 16 Oct 2020 at 9:38am

Epic, thanks Ben!